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Chapter 1198: Sun Slaying Bow

The Golden Crow Crown Prince stood proudly in his war chariot, exuding domineering valor.

The red sun behind him and the golden light flickering all around him made countless people subconsciously feel the urge to bow down.

Of course, without his bloody nose and swollen face covered in snot and tears, the scene would look even more impressive.

But even those with higher cultivation who could see what he looked like at that moment weren’t in the mood to laugh, because there was a bow in the Golden Crow Crown Prince’s hands.

The bow had an unusual shape, and its entire body emanated a mysterious power.

The Golden Crow Crown Prince drew it halfway, aiming an arrow right at Zu An.

The surface of the arrow flickered brilliantly, surrounded with overflowing killing intent.

“That’s the Sun Slaying Bow, the Sun Slaying Bow!” Elders White and Blue exclaimed, greatly moved to the point that their voices shook.

“Grandpa, what’s the Sun Slaying Bow” Little White and Little Blue asked.

“That is the Fiend Emperor’s weapon! It is said to be able to shoot down the sun itself.

The Fiend Emperor used the Sun Slaying Bow in the great war between the fiend races and humans to kill untold numbers of human experts.

We did not expect to be able to witness its glory once more for ourselves today!” the two elders explained.

Meanwhile, Yan Xuehen’s expression wasn’t too great.

Some of the White Jade Sect’s elders had been wounded by this very Sun Slaying Bow.

“I wouldn’t have expected the Fiend Emperor to have even given that weapon to him,” Yun Jianyue said, sounding upset.

“It’s a pity that we’re seriously injured right now.

Otherwise, even though there’s a grandmaster watching over this crown prince, we would have been able to steal that Sun Slaying Bow by working together.”

“It is senseless to think about such things that will never happen,” Yan Xuehen said with a serious expression.

“Let us try to figure out how to help Zu An out of this disaster.”

Yu Yanluo became even more nervous and worried when she heard what they were saying. Even Yan Xuehen feels that Zu An is in danger! That means he really is in trouble now. Her eyes gradually began to change color when she thought of that.

Yan Xuehen stopped her and said, “Do not even think about using your Medusa’s Eye.

You are too far away from the Golden Crow Crown Prince, and he has the Red Sun Domain active and the golden war chariot’s protection.

Your eye technique will not be able to do much to him and you will only be hurting yourself for nothing.

Don’t tell me you want Zu An to save you through that method again”

“Then what do we do” Yu Yanluo replied with a blush.

Perhaps it was her imagination, but why did she sense a hint of jealousy in Yan Xuehen’s tone

Yun Jianyue commented, “Don’t feel despair yet.

The Golden Crow Crown Prince can only draw this Sun Slaying Bow halfway, so he clearly can’t use it at full power.

Besides, his injuries aren’t light either, so his fingers on that arrow are shaking.

His present cultivation won’t allow him to fire a second arrow.

As long as Zu An can avoid this first arrow, he should be fine.”

She had arrived at that conclusion using her knowledge and experience as a grandmaster.

“Then what are Ah Zu’s chances of avoiding this arrow” Yu Yanluo asked.

Yun Jianyue remained silent for a moment.

Then she replied, “Fifty percent at most.”

“What!” Yu Yanluo exclaimed in alarm.

Only fifty percent Then didn’t that mean Zu An’s chances of survival were…

Yun Jianyue was beginning to feel annoyed.

She said, “Stop making a fuss over nothing.

True experts always emerge through blood and flames, amid situations of life and death.

Fifty percent isn’t even that low.”

There was nothing she could do at the moment either.

If she interfered, forget about the fact that she hadn’t recovered yet, even if she weren’t injured, that other grandmaster would definitely step in.

At that point, Zu An would have an even smaller chance at survival.

Her words were directed at Yu Yanluo, but she also seemed to be consoling herself.

The people of her Holy Sect had all grown stronger through repeated trials, and she was no exception.

So why was she so nervous at the moment

Yan Xuehen said, “I believe he can receive this arrow.”

“Why do you say that” Yun Jianyue asked in surprise, assuming that she might have overlooked something and searching for another trace of hope.

“Intuition!” Yan Xuehen replied, staring fixedly at Zu An. This man was even able to survive my full-force pursuit, so this trial won’t be a big deal at all, I’m sure!

“Your White Jade Sect’s people are all crazy and delusional!” Yun Jianyue harrumphed, but she wasn’t in the mood to criticize her rival any further.

She watched the situation in the skies above.

The Golden Crow Crown Prince didn’t fire the arrow immediately.

After aiming at Zu An, he said, “I’ll give you a single chance.

If you kneel and kowtow ten times, acknowledging your wrongs to me, I can consider sparing your life!”

The battle had really dirtied his reputation too much.

Even if he won using his father the emperor’s bow, it wouldn’t be all that glorious if news got out.

On the contrary, if his opponent kneeled down and kowtowed, he would redeem all of his dignity.

He would even earn a glorious reputation.

As for the human who had offended him, the crown prince would have more than enough chances to slowly torment him later.

There was no need to rush things.

Zu An roared with laughter and replied, “Are you drunk If you said you were willing to kowtow and apologize to me, I would be the one to consider sparing your life.”

With the way things were, neither side could shrink back anymore.

If they did, they would suffer a tremendous mental blow, and they wouldn’t be able to advance any further in their life.

They might not even be able to keep their present strength.

The Golden Crow Crown Prince’s expression turned cold.

He spat coldly, “You’re courting death!”

You have successfully trolled the Golden Crow Crown Prince for 444 444 444…

He didn’t hesitate any further and let go of the bowstring.

A streak of black light tore through the air like lightning, delivering a world-ravaging blow.

The arrow seemed to shatter all notions of spacetime.

It had clearly just been fired, and yet it was already in front of Zu An an instant later.

Even though Zu An had already been prepared, all of his fine hairs stood on end.

He instantly used Grandgale, moving a hundred zhang away.

But the arrow once again appeared behind him, sticking close like his own shadow.

Afterward, Zu An used his Sunflower Phantasm to produce several clones identical to himself, fleeing in different directions.

And yet, the Sun Slaying Arrow continued to follow his real body.

The Golden Crow Crown Prince stood atop his war carriage, a cruel smile appearing on his face.

Hmph, you’re just a trifling ant, yet you dare fight against this crown prince You can only flee bitterly for your life once I show you my real skills!

Meanwhile, Zu An was doing everything he could, but he couldn’t escape the Sun Slaying Arrow.

He knew he would only grow weaker and weaker if he continued to flee; then, he would die to the Sun Slaying Arrow.

Yun Jianyue finally couldn't take it and called out to remind him, “The Star Shattering Imprint!”

The only chance Zu An had left was to face it head on while he still had some strength left! Still, Yun Jianyue knew that the Star Shattering Imprint’s greatest weakness was that it wasn’t guaranteed to work.

If it failed, considering Zu An’s cultivation, he definitely wouldn’t be able to survive the arrow.

Zu An had been thinking the same thing.

He flew over to a mountaintop and stopped, turning around.

Then, he gripped the Tai’e Sword firmly, slashing down on the incoming Sun Slaying Arrow.

“This guy actually dares to take the Sun Slaying Arrow head on” the Golden Crow Crown Prince remarked, slapping his thigh and laughing out loud.

The Sun Slaying Arrow was said to even be able to shoot down the sun! In the battle between the fiend races and humans, with each arrow, the Fiend Emperor had slain a human grandmaster.

Not even the human emperor would dare to face it head on!

And yet, a mere mortal dared to challenge it

Don’t tell me he thinks he can withstand its power just by relying on the strength of his flesh A head-on impact will just blast him directly into a bloody mist without any flesh left!

On the brink of life and death, however, Zu An remained completely calm.

In his perception, everything around him seemed to be moving in slow motion.

The Tai’e Sword precisely struck the arrow.

The Star Shattering Imprint succeeded!

Ten times Zu An’s usual strength collided with the Sun Slaying Arrow!


With a tremendous eruption, the entire mountain peak Zu An was on collapsed, sending smoke and dust everywhere.

“The Sun Slaying Arrow is actually this powerful! It made an entire mountain collapse!” the fiend race onlookers exclaimed in horror.

Who could possibly withstand the power of that arrow

“Ah Zu!” Yu Yanluo screamed in alarm.

She almost fainted.

Little White felt a bit sad.

That handsome human had actually died just like that! But she knew she might never be able to forget that heroic figure.


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