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Chapter 1194: Golden Crow Sacred Fire

Chapter 1194: Golden Crow Sacred Fire

The Golden Crow Crown Prince gritted his teeth.

The bodies of the fiend races were tougher than those of humans to begin with, and the Golden Crow Royal Family was among the best of the fiend races.

Their bodies were always refined to the extreme while training, so how could he lose to this guy

If even he was having such a hard time, his opponent had to be at his limit too. I just need to hold on for a bit longer, and he’ll completely collapse!

He roared and his afterimages merged together.

Then, he turned into a dazzling golden crow that flickered with golden light.

Zu An laughed and remarked, “So you were a birdman after all!”

The two of them had fought an intense battle, leaving him drenched in blood.

This Golden Crow Radiant Flow was too fast.

He couldn't avoid all of its attacks even when he pushed his Sunflower Phantasm to its limit.

That was why he had decided to just avoid some lethal attacks, using his body to take on the rest and trade blow for blow.

Even though his body had already undergone several levels of refinement through the Primordial Origin Sutra, he still found the repeated attacks from the Golden Crow Crown Prince a bit hard to handle.

His skin was starting to crack in places, and wisps of blood emerged in places.

However, the Primordial Origin Sutra had not only tempered his flesh, but also granted him powerful regeneration.

As such, although his body looked like a horrifying mess, he wasn’t too badly affected.

In contrast, the Golden Crow Crown Prince was about to break down.

His eyes were badly swollen, and his long and narrow eyes barely cracked open.

There wasn’t a trace of his once high-spirited self left.

He was absolutely furious when he heard Zu An’s mocking words.

When had he ever been left in such a sorry state before!

You have successfully trolled Golden Crow Crown Prince for 711 711 711…

All of the crown prince’s afterimages combined into one.

A flurry of murderous attacks rushed at Zu An like a surging tidal wave.

Zu An also surged with fighting intent, and quickly retaliated with an attack of his own.

His opponents were usually far stronger than him, and he had always had to rely on all sorts of random skills to barely seize a chance of survival.

As such, he had never been able to fight to his heart’s content the way he could today.

Even though the Golden Crow Crown Prince’s cultivation was an entire cultivation realm higher, Zu An’s strength couldn't be assessed through normal means.

Cultivation was more difficult for him than normal people, but similarly, he was much stronger than others at the same level.

Of course, the Golden Crow Crown Prince’s real cultivation strength was still a bit higher, but it was still to a tolerable degree.

Due to Zu An’s powerful body, as well as the fighting experience he had gathered from fighting grandmasters and even earth immortals, they were actually evenly matched.

He even began to gradually seize the advantage.

Those watching were in incredible shock.

Elders White and Blue couldn't help but look at Yu Yanluo.

They asked, “Clan leader, is this young master Zu really a human Why is his body so tough that he can even fight against the Golden Crow Crown Prince for that long”

The fiend races viewed strength above all.

At first, they had thought that Zu An was just a pretty face, and that he was the clan leader's boy toy.

They naturally didn’t pay him much attention.

Now that they had seen his strength, they were even starting to call him young master Zu.

Yu Yanluo felt rather refreshed when she saw their shock.

But on the outside, she pretended to be calm, saying, “Of course he is one hundred percent human.”

“Could it be that someone from the Dragon race left their bloodline on the human side” Elder White mused in disbelief.

How could a human’s body be so tough

“No.” Even though Yu Yanluo’s reply was simple, there was an unquestionable certainty in her tone.

Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue had actually started to become a bit skeptical.

After all, Zu An’s body was ridiculously tough.

But when they heard Yu Yanluo say that, they both sighed in relief.

That woman had just experienced it herself not too long ago, so she was more trustworthy than anyone else.

Suddenly, the situation on the mountain peak changed.

With a loud and crisp smack, Zu An slammed his palm into the Golden Crow Crown Prince’s face! A burst of blood erupted from the Golden Crow Crown Prince’s mouth.

Zu An then followed up on his strike, punching his opponent again and again.

The muffled rumbles made the expressions of those by the foot of the mountain change. If we were the ones taking these blows instead, we might have already exploded into a bloody mist, right

The golden-armored warriors at the Golden Crow Crown Prince’s side had just been watching in amusement previously, but now, they were in complete disbelief.

Their crown prince, who was unrivaled at his level, was being beaten so miserably by someone whose cultivation rank was even lower than his They were shocked, but none of them forgot their duty.

They secretly clenched their weapons.

If their crown prince were truly put in danger, they would immediately rush in to save him.

The Golden Crow Crown Prince’s entire body shook.

In the end, he turned into a streak of light before reappearing on a mountaintop a hundred zhang away.

Zu An didn’t chase after him.

Grandgale was still on cooldown, and he was still a bit slower than the crown prince in terms of moving in a straight line.

Instead, he taunted the crown prince, “What’s wrong Are you running away and admitting defeat”

The Golden Crow Crown Prince coughed out a bit of blood.

He replied with a malicious expression, “I have to admit that I looked down on you earlier.

But this is where your cockiness ends.

You only have a bit of tough skin to rely on.

Your true strength is still as pitiful as that of livestock.”

You have successfully trolled the Golden Crow Crown Prince for 888 888 888…

The Golden Crow Crown Prince felt incredibly regretful.

Why had he chosen to fight this bastard at close range He couldn't easily crush his enemy like an ant, and had instead been bitten by that ant.

If news of what happened today got out, even if he won, he wouldn’t gain much honor.

Instead, he would only be disgraced.

Zu An laughed and asked, “Should I give you a mirror so you can take a look You’ve already been beaten like a pig, so what are you still shooting your mouth off for”

The Golden Crow Crown Prince’s expression was ice-cold as he remarked, “Your body’s toughness did exceed my expectations, but a real battle doesn’t only rely on the body.

I’ll let you have a taste of this crown prince’s real strength then.”

Then, his entire body erupted into golden flames.

All the bloodstains on his body disappeared, and the wounds on his face quickly recovered as well.

He became just as impressive as when he had first stepped onto the battlefield.

His hair flew wildly, his body radiating golden brilliance.

His previously feeble presence immediately became several times stronger.

As he flew through the sky, he looked like a deity.

The golden-armored warriors, who had been a bit worried, all cheered.

Many people from the Snake race were also dazzled. So this is the next generation’s Fiend Emperor He really is incredibly powerful after all!

They weren’t really to blame for ‘double-crossing their people’ and supporting the other side.

The fiend races had always viewed the strong as supreme.

They all hoped for a powerful Fiend Emperor to take the throne.

Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue were a bit surprised when they saw that.

Yu Yanluo quickly asked, “Why does he look as if he is not injured at all He even seems much stronger than before!”

Yan Xuehen explained, “It is the Golden Crow Race’s special ability.

It is rumored that the Golden Crows’ ancestor imitated the phoenix’s nirvana.

By igniting the Golden Crow’s Sacred Fire, they can cleanse away their injuries and also increase their strength.”

Yun Jianyue also sighed in amazement, remarking, “The fiend races are truly naturally suited for battle… These various talents and abilities leave the human cultivators at too great of a disadvantage.”

However, Yan Xuehen said, “But that advantage is also a disadvantage.

The strength of the fiend races often depends on their bloodlines.

If their bloodlines are not pure enough, the upper limits of their strength will not be too high either.

That makes it so that even though the Fiend races are great in number, the truly strong are fewer in number compared to human cultivators.

Even though the human race does not have such talents, we do not need to rely on bloodline inheritance, but rather on study.

Our massive numbers have also allowed humans to produce more and more new experts.”

Little White and Little Blue had been eavesdropping for some time, pricking up their ears.

They had ‘I don’t understand, but it sounds pretty awesome’ expressions on their faces.

These two beautiful women don’t look much older than us, but why do we feel as if there’s such a huge distance between us

Yu Yanluo panicked, exclaiming, “Then would that not make the Golden Crow Crown Prince practically invincible”

The Golden Crow’s Sacred Fire was basically cheating!

Yan Xuehen replied, “Do not worry.

Of course there is no way it can be used limitlessly.

With the Golden Crow Crown Prince’s cultivation, he can only use it once or twice before he cannot handle it anymore.”

Yun Jianyue gave Yu Yanluo a look, saying, “Your man’s regenerative powers aren’t bad either, so relax already.

Even though the Golden Crow’s Sacred Fire is an instantaneous healing technique, in a battle of endurance, Ah Zu is way tougher.”

Yu Yanluo’s face turned a bit red. Why am I acting all strange when she’s just repeating what I know

Atop the mountain, Zu An looked at his Super Saiyan-like opponent.

He asked, “Do you have to show off like that You’re making it sound as if you’re the only one who knows how to play with fire or something.”

Then, raging flames blazed, surrounding his entire body.

Just then, someone exclaimed in light surprise, “Divine phoenix flames”


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