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Chapter 1190: A Charitable Lesson

Before Zu An even had a chance to reply, Yu Yanluo’s expression darkened.

She said coldly, “He is not a guard, but my man!”

Yun Jianyue and Yan Xuehen nodded inwardly.

This woman looked soft and delicate on the outside, but she was still pretty headstrong when it really mattered.

Elders White and Blue were shocked.

The marriage of a race’s leader was a huge matter, one related to the safety and prosperity of the entire clan! They had originally planned to arrange a marriage with a friendly clan to create a strong alliance, but she had already made a pledge to get married on her own!

Little White curled her lips. I already know he’s the clan leader's gigolo; why are you all making such a big fuss over this

But the Golden Crow Crown Prince’s expression became ashen.

He cried, “You actually took a human as your man!”

He had still been admiring her beauty a second before, thinking about how wonderful it would be to have such a beautiful Medusa Empress in his own harem.

But after he learned that she already had a man, that all went up into smoke.

However great his joy and expectations had been before, that was how great his anger was now!

Even though Yu Yanluo was stunning, he had always had an obsession with cleanliness and preferred virgins.

Forget about those who had already had physical relationships with others; even just having someone else they liked would make him feel they were impure.

He was furious when he learned that this fellow had actually gotten to her before he did!

You have successfully trolled the Golden Crow Crown Prince for 444 444 444…

Yu Yanluo calmly said, “I believe I have the freedom to choose whom I wish.

I do not need to trouble your respected self for your opinion.” She was unhappy with his disrespect toward Zu An, so she didn’t even feel like calling him the crown prince anymore.

Zu An walked over and gently held her waist.

He gave the Golden Crow Crown Prince a cold look and said, “We’re an ideal couple who share great affinity with each other.

Why would we ever need an opinion of a birdman like you”[1]

He had seen how arrogant this fellow was, as well as his clear lust and desire for Yu Yanluo, in the way his eyes had roamed across her body in a completely undisguised manner.

He had already been unhappy for quite some time.

The expressions of the onlookers changed.

To publicly call the Golden Crow Crown Prince a birdman… That would be an insanely huge crime if it reached the Fiend Emperor’s ears!

Elders White and Blue in particular immediately cursed Zu An to death inwardly.

They even began to feel resentment toward the clan leader.

Not only had she ended up getting married on her own, she had even ended up finding such an arrogant and egotistical man! The entire Snake race could be implicated because of him.

That would create a huge disaster!

“Birdman” The Golden Crow Crown Prince’s face immediately darkened.

He yelled, “You’re courting death!”

You have successfully trolled Golden Crow Crown Prince for 521 521 521…

Zu An snorted.

“What, you want to fight I’ll keep you company anytime.” His fists were already itching to give this fellow a good beating.

The Golden Crow Crown Prince gave him a look of contempt and spat, “Just a trifling ninth rank.

You think you’re worthy of me acting personally”

It would be difficult for a normal person to accurately gauge another’s cultivation.

But the Golden Crow race had the True Sun Eyes, which could immediately identify what the target’s real cultivation was.

He scanned his subordinates with his long and narrow eyes and said, “Out of consideration for the Medusa Empress’ dignity, I’ll spare his life.

Just break his legs and pull out his tongue and that’ll be enough.”

The onlookers were horrified.

He had actually said such cruel things so casually, as if he had bestowed incredible grace and favor upon Zu An.

Golden light flashed behind him as a golden-armored warrior drew his sword and thrust it toward Zu An, moving as fast as lightning.

Elders White and Blue were horrified.

Just a guard by the Golden Crow Crown Prince’s side was already at the ninth rank! The royal clan really was incredibly powerful.

They didn’t even think they could stop such a swift sword themselves.

If the clan leader weren’t injured, and she could use the Medusa’s innate ability, she might be able to.

But she was injured at the moment.

It seemed as if everything boded ill for this man.

But it’s fine.

We’ll just use this chance to make the clan leader give up completely.

We’ll hold another marriage among the fiend races afterward.

Hmph, the last clan leader insisted on marrying a human man, but it almost caused the destruction of the entire Snake race!

They didn’t want to go through something like that again.

But they didn’t hear the miserable scream they had expected.

Instead, there was a strange silence.

The two of them quickly collected their thoughts and looked at the scene again.

Their eyes almost popped out of their sockets when they saw what had happened.

The sword that was as fast as lightning was clamped between two fingers.

The longsword didn’t budge an inch no matter how the golden-armored warrior struggled.

Little Blue tugged on Little White’s clothes and cried, “Big sis, big sis, this guy is so handsome!”

Little White nodded in deep sympathy.

The golden-armored warrior was doing everything he could, his face bloated like a pig’s.

On the contrary, Zu An stood in place calmly and indifferently.

The contrast made him look exceptionally dashing.

With a snap of Zu An’s fingers, the longsword broke in half.

His opponent was blown back by a powerful force, falling at the Golden Crow Crown Prince’s feet, and was left in a sorry state.

Yun Jianyue nudged Yan Xuehen with her elbow and remarked, “Look, that guy’s strength seems to have already exceeded what his cultivation rank should be capable of in theory.”

Yan Xuehen hadn’t wanted to pay her any attention because of the humiliation of being spanked previously.

But when she heard that it was about Zu An, after some hesitation, she couldn't hold herself back and replied, “His strength cannot be evaluated through common knowledge about cultivation ranks.

Forget about being unmatched on his level, he would still have some fighting strength against me and you.”

Yun Jianyue gave her a strange look and asked, “What are you looking all proud for It’s almost as if you’re talking about your own man.”

Yan Xuehen was furious.

She was about to argue back when a fierce scream erupted.

“Trash!” The Golden Crow Crown Prince berated his guard, feeling incredibly embarrassed after seeing how sorry a state his subordinate had been left in.

Then, he looked up and gave Zu An a look.

There was a dangerous look in his long and narrow eyes as he said, “You’re a bit tougher than I expected.

But that’s it.”

An invisible aura of killing intent filled the meeting hall, and the atmosphere became extremely tense.

The Golden Crow Crown Prince’s figure released a seemingly boundless vicious aura.

The Snake race servants and guards all began to tremble.

But despite the impressive display, Zu An remained extremely calm, as if it were just a light mountain breeze.

Yu Yanluo said coldly, “Even though you are the crown prince, this is the Snake race’s territory.

Ah Zu is my man.

You have acted against him repeatedly, so this is an act against our Snake race.

Are you declaring war against us”

When he heard her say that Zu An was her man again, the Golden Crow Crown Prince’s eyes twitched.

He replied, “Aren't the Medusa Empress’ words going a bit too far He’s just a trifling human, so how can he represent the Snake race Furthermore, he’s offended this crown prince.

It’s only natural for me to teach him a lesson.”

He didn’t wait for her to reply and reached out his hand immediately after speaking.

Even though he was clearly standing in place without moving, his hands turned into a massive golden claw.

It seemingly crossed through spacetime, directly trying to grab the top of Zu An’s head, as if he intended to pulverize it.

“Please be lenient!” Elders White and Blue exclaimed in horror.

They looked down on Zu An as well, but the clan leader was standing on Zu An’s side, and the claw was actually so powerful.

Yu Yanluo might not be able to escape disaster either.

At any other time, they would feel happy if something happened to her; but they had just received the Golden Crow’s order, and the visit to the Fiend King Court could be full of dangers.

If something happened to the clan leader, they would have to go instead.

They obviously didn’t want to see that happen.

The two both subconsciously wanted to help block the attack, to protect their clan leader.

Of course, they didn’t dare to offend the Golden Crow Crown Prince, and acted only defensively without any intention of attacking.

But the two of them were shocked as the defenses they set up were easily penetrated.

The golden claw didn’t stop in the slightest and rapidly appeared in front of Zu An.

Their expressions turned pale.

They had lived for much longer than the Golden Crow Crown Prince, and yet they couldn't stop a single attack even after working together!

As the successor in line to become the next Fiend Emperor, the Golden Crow Crown Prince was known to have already become unrivaled in the countless tribes’ younger generation.

Now, it seemed he was even more formidable than the rumors stated.

And yet, the empress just had to bring her boy toy here! It seemed that he was going to die for certain this time.

Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue’s expressions became serious.

“Is there anyone from the younger generation in the human world who could be his match”

“Forget about the younger generation, there aren’t many who could defeat him even if we consider the generation before that.”


’Bird person’ or ‘birdman’ is slang for ‘damned wretch’ or ‘f*cker’. ☜


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