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Chapter 1187: White and Blue Ladies

After Maid Xing exchanged some more information with Yu Yanluo, she offered to provide her with a separate lizard carriage.

Yu Yanluo refused.

Her clansmen had fought against the deathworms in the cave, and many of them were injured.

The wounded needed the carriage more, so it was fine for them to just all stay in one carriage.

Seeing how firm her attitude was on the matter, Maid Xing didn’t try to persuade her further.

She bowed toward the group and excused herself.

The group quickly set out.

Soon afterward, they saw bright light coming from outside the carriage window.

Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue both raised the carriage curtains.

When they saw the shining sunlight, they subconsciously covered their eyes for a moment.

They had been in the dark cave for a long time, so their eyes took some time to adjust after seeing the light again.

Zu An also moved over to take a closer look.

Yan Xuehen blushed and moved a little to the side to increase the distance between them.

However, Yun Jianyue remarked mockingly, “The two of you were hugging and touching each other, so why do you have to put on this act now”

She actually felt rather strange.

Considering Yan Xuehen’s nature, normally, she would already have gotten angry.

And yet instead, she had only moved aside a bit and didn’t show any other reactions.

“No one will take you for a mute if you don’t speak,” Yan Xuehen retorted, blushing slightly.

She shot the other woman an angry glare.

“Stone cold woman, are you looking for another spanking!” Yun Jianyue snapped, raising her hand.

“You!” Yan Xuehen recalled being laid across the other woman’s knees and spanked.

She was embarrassed and annoyed.

Zu An didn’t dare to intrude.

He knew he couldn't get involved in their argument and just continued to stare at the scenery around him.

They had left Cloudcenter Mines through a transport formation, but the surroundings on the other side had still looked like mine tunnels.

As they continued to move, Zu An saw that they had been inside the belly of a mountain.

Outside, there were dried yellow trees all around, and not much snow.

The temperature even seemed to be a bit warmer than in Cloudcenter Commandery.

Zu An was surprised.

In theory, the Snake race’s territory was supposed to be to the north of Great Snowy Mountain.

Even Cloudcenter Commandery was covered in snow, so shouldn’t this place have been full of snow too

There were just too many unknown mysteries in the world of cultivation.

“Hiss… Hiss…”

Strange hisses surrounded them.

Only then did Zu An realize that there were many Snake race people moving around through the dried leaves below and the tree branches above.

Even though they wouldn’t pose much of a threat to him at his current cultivation level, he still felt a bit shaken up by memories from his previous world.

But he unexpectedly discovered that the densely-packed snakes didn’t have any intention of rushing forward and attacking.

Instead, as the carriage passed, they withdrew on their own.

Yu Yanluo explained in a gentle voice, “This is the Snake race’s restricted area.

They normally do not allow any outsiders in, so that is why there are so many snakes here.

To some extent, they can be considered guards.

Our carriage has special tiles that these snakes can sense, so that is why they do not trouble us.”

Zu An nodded.

This area was probably a forbidden zone because the transport formation leading to Cloudcenter Commandery was inside the mountain.

Suddenly, the carriage fleet stopped.

Looking through the window, Zu An saw that there seemed to be a large group standing in their way.

Were they enemies

Maid Xing emerged from her carriage and said, “Madam, Elders White and Blue have sent people to come and welcome your respected self.”

Yu Yanluo’s pretty brows drew together in a frown.

She asked, “They did not come themselves”

For better or for worse, she was the publicly acknowledged clan leader.

The two elders had only sent their subordinates, which meant they didn’t treat her with much respect at all.

Maid Xing sounded angry as she replied, “No.

They only sent their own grandchildren.”

Even the elders’ own direct grandchildren were just juniors.

They couldn't compare to Yu Yanluo’s status.

Yu Yanluo began to think to herself.

She hadn’t really paid much attention to the Snake race’s side of things and had allowed Elders White and Blue to do as they wished.

But now, since she was coming back, she had to treat the situation seriously.

After managing the Yu clan for so many years, she was obviously not as weak as she appeared on the surface.

“Let us go and see these elders’ emissaries, then,” Yu Yanluo said as she got up.

Maid Xing was shocked.

She asked, “Madam, are you not going to give them the cold shoulder Furthermore, even if they are going to meet your respected self, they should be the ones called over.

How can you greet them personally”

Yu Yanluo said with a light chuckle, “Apart from venting a bit of frustration, giving them the cold shoulder is completely useless.

On the contrary, it will instead expose our hostility too early.

Furthermore, it has been a long time since I last returned to the Snake race.

Those from the tribe do not know much about me, so I should use this chance to get closer to the people.

Otherwise, who knows what would happen if the elders found someone to impersonate me The people of the Snake race might not even know what happened.”

Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue exchanged a look. There’s more to this woman than meets the eye. But they also felt a bit of disapproval toward her methods.

The two women were both individuals who had established their sects through power.

They didn’t have any interest in studying such methods.

Yu Yanluo arrived at the carriage entrance and waved toward Zu An, saying, “Ah Zu, please come with me.”

Zu An was stunned.

He replied, “This isn’t too good… Is it You’re a clan leader, so I might end up influencing your prestigious reputation.”

Even though he didn’t know much about the Fiend races, judging from their previous attitude, it was apparent that they all worshiped her like a spiritual idol.

If they knew that Yu Yanluo had a man, they would definitely feel disappointment.

It would end up affecting the people’s morale.

If her position had been stable, it would be fine.

But according to what Maid Xing had said, her position as the clan leader was full of lurking dangers.

Yu Yanluo smiled sweetly and said, “It is fine.

You are my man; there is nothing that I cannot admit.” 

Maid Xing’s jaw almost dropped to the ground.

Even though she knew that Yu Yanluo’s relationship with him was good, and they had seemed to be much closer this time, she hadn’t expected the two to have already reached this level!

Young master Zu is handsome, and he is also outstanding among his peers, but there are too many people who have pursued the madam over the years.

There have been many who were even more outstanding than him, yet the madam has never felt anything.

But this time, she actually fell in love!

If news of that got out, it might just cause a huge uproar throughout the world!

Yan Xuehen’s brows subconsciously furrowed.

For some reason, when she heard Yu Yanluo call Zu An that, she felt uncomfortable, as if something that was precious to her had been stolen.

After the others left, only Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue were left in the carriage.

Yan Xuehen was sulking, but she suddenly sensed something.

She raised her head and saw that Yun Jianyue was looking at her with a strange expression.

She was alarmed and asked, “What are you doing”

Yun Jianyue rubbed her palm and said indifferently, “My mood isn’t too great right now.

Why don’t you help me vent out some frustration”

Yan Xuehen’s expression changed, and she tried to run.

However, Yun Jianyue grabbed her and placed her on her knees, starting to smack her bottom again.

Yan Xuehen felt as if she would go mad with shame, crying, “You demoness, I will definitely hack your corpse into ten thousand pieces once I recover!”

“Oh, thanks for reminding me.

Then I guess I should make use of this opportunity to properly bully you while you’re weak,” Yun Jianyue remarked.

When he heard the loud and clear slaps and the sounds of resistance, Zu An silently sweated for Yan Xuehen’s sake.

Of course, he only felt some sympathy at most.

He didn’t want to get involved in their dispute.

Soon afterward, he followed Yu Yanluo to the carriage.

A group of snakes kneeled down around her and called out, “We greet the clan leader!”

Zu An noticed that these snake people’s appearances were very different from the ones Yu Yanluo had brought out from Cloudcenter City.

Their eyes had vertically-slitted pupils, and their expressions were much fiercer.

However, the most striking feature was that their mouths were all quite large.

While they spoke, the corners of their mouths looked as if they might reach their ears.

He noticed that there were two women at the very front of the group, one in white and one in blue.

Their figures were elegant and graceful.

The white-clad woman was tall and slender, while the blue-clad one was lovable and petite.

The white-clad woman’s long hair fluttered behind her, making her look like a wise and virtuous woman.

There was a hint of classical beauty to her appearance.

Meanwhile, the blue-clad woman had her hair in cute braids.

Zu An was a bit stunned.

When he saw the braids, he couldn't help but remember Snow.

He wondered if he was going to be able to meet her now that he was in the fiend races’ territory.


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