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Chapter 1184: Hell Battlefield

Just then, Yun Jianyue and Yu Yanluo walked over.

Yan Xuehen quickly looked away when she saw them.

Zu An tacitly pulled his hand back while removing the soundproof barrier around them.

“So What are the results” Yun Jianyue asked.

“Not too bad,” Yan Xuehen replied somewhat unnaturally. Pfft, not too bad I never want to go through something like that ever again.

“What does ‘not too bad’ mean” Yun Jianyue asked.

She looked at the other woman’s rosy complexion and thought, Even this stone cold woman has such a charming side to her But she just assumed it was because of the heat that came from the treatment and didn’t think too much about it.

She continued, “Ah Zu, how are the effects”

Zu An replied, “The poison should already have been removed from her meridians and inner organs, and her internal injuries have been treated.

It should be completely fine with a few more treatments.”

“There is still more” Yan Xuehen cried, jumping in fright.

Her face was beet red.

“What are you acting all crazy for” Yun Jianyue asked, shooting her a look.

“He’s going so far to heal you, and yet you don’t even want it.”

“I was just…” Yan Xuehen trailed off, turning red again.

But for various reasons, she couldn't explain it either.

Yu Yanluo had a pensive expression.

After all, she had personally experienced what it was like to be treated by Zu An. Could it be… And yet, they hadn’t heard anything despite not being too far away.

Zu An coughed lightly and said, “Actually, Sect Master Yan can just rest for a while on her own, then use her own ki to treat her injuries.

She doesn’t necessarily need my help.”

Yan Xuehen sighed in relief when she heard him say that.

She shot him an expression of extreme gratitude

Meanwhile, Yu Yanluo’s attention was focused on her sweetheart.

She suddenly cried out in alarm and asked, “Ah Zu, what happened to your arm”

Yan Xuehen’s expression became unnatural.

She seemed to have left some lip marks on his arm.

Zu An pulled his arm back and said with a laugh, “It’s nothing.

Earlier, Sect Master Yan’s poisoning was too severe, so I fed her a bit of my blood to aid in the detoxification.”

Yu Yanluo couldn't blame Yan Xuehen, so she could only help Zu An wrap his injury in a distressed manner.

When she saw the faint lip mark, she was stunned, but she didn’t say anything about it.

Zu An replied, “It’s really fine! My body can regenerate pretty quickly.

The wound is already pretty much healed.”

Yun Jianyue asked curiously, “Your blood even has detoxification properties If others found out about this, who knows how many old monsters would want to use your blood to refine medicines!”

Zu An said, “Don’t worry, we’re all our own people.

News won’t get out.”

“Our own people…” The three goddesses were all stunned when they heard that.

Yun Jianyue patted Yan Xuehen’s shoulder and said, “You have his blood inside you now, so I guess you really are one of us.”

“What kind of nonsense are you saying!” Yan Xuehen cried, staring at her old rival with shame and anger. What do you mean I have his blood You’re making it sound as if I gave birth to his child or something!

“You drank his blood, so don’t you have his blood inside you Did I say something wrong” Yun Jianyue snorted.

Then, she looked at Zu An with a strange expression, saying, “Damn, kid, you really do go all out.

You’re not really trying to court this stone cold woman, are you”

Yan Xuehen really wanted to dig a hole to hide herself in.

This witch was always shooting her mouth off; there wasn’t a trace of a dignified senior in her appearance!

Zu An laughed in embarrassment, saying, “Big sis sect master must be joking.

She’s Chuyan’s master, so of course I should be doing what I can to help her.

Even if it were you who was injured instead, there’s no way I would just watch without doing anything.”

Yun Jianyue’s expression finally eased up a bit.

She replied, “Hmph, at least you know how to speak well.”

She had just been teasing Yan Xuehen randomly, after all.

Because she had faced Yan Xuehen for so many years and knew her well, she knew her rival couldn’t possibly be tangled up in feelings with a man.

How could she have known that her teasing had actually come close to the truth

Yan Xuehen’s face was incredibly pale, and she looked dejected. Is it really only because I’m Chuyan’s master

Sigh, what kind of random nonsense am I even thinking He’s Chuyan’s husband! Even though she continued to tell herself that, it was still hard for her to hide her disappointment.

She was completely stunned when she realized that. Don’t tell me I really do like my disciple’s man

She heard Yun Jianyue continuing to chatter next to her.

She felt incredibly annoyed and snapped, “If you’re so jealous, have Zu An treat you then!”

Yun Jianyue was startled, replying, “Why would I be jealous of you Besides, what’s there to be jealous about”

Yan Xuehen said, “You are injured, so of course you should be treated.”

She couldn't be the only one to go through that! She wanted Yun Jianyue to go through that embarrassing experience, so they would all be even. Hmph, let’s see if she’ll still make fun of me then!

“Forget it.

Even though I’m injured, I can still use my ki and recover on my own.

There’s no need to trouble Ah Zu,” Yun Jianyue said after seeing the fine sweat on Zu An’s forehead.

Yan Xuehen felt a bit of regret as soon as she spoke up.

She knew just how difficult the treatment process was.

Zu An had used up so much ki and energy, and might not be able to last if he did it again.

Besides, for some reason, she didn’t really want Yun Jianyue to go through that experience either.

That was a secret only she and Zu An shared.

Zu An knew that even though Yun Jianyue’s injuries were serious, her foundation wasn’t injured and there was no danger to her life.

That was why he didn’t push the issue either.

If he made her undergo that embarrassing experience too, this place might turn into a hellish battlefield.

Just then, Yu Yanluo said, “I looked around just now and found a path that might lead to where the Snake race people are.

The entrance has already been sealed, so why not all follow me to my people and return to the human world from there”

Yan Xuehen frowned.

In the past, she definitely wouldn’t have agreed and might have just killed the Snake race people as soon as she discovered their existence.

But due to her time with Yu Yanluo, and the fact that the other woman had even saved her, she was really far too embarrassed to act like that.

Yun Jianyue agreed straightforwardly.

“I’ve always wanted to give the fiend race territories a look myself, so this is a good chance.”

Zu An obviously didn’t have any objections.

Thus, the group’s itinerary was set.

They then set out.

However, they quickly noticed something troublesome.

Even though Yan Xuehen’s poison had been removed, she was extremely weak and couldn't walk.

Yun Jianyue and Yu Yanluo were both injured as well.

It was hard for them to move on their own, so they naturally couldn't carry anyone.

So in the end, that job fell to Zu An.

In the past, Yan Xuehen probably would have just refused.

But now, she gave Zu An a look, then nodded ever so slightly, saying, “I’ll have to trouble you.”

“You’re making me sound like too much of a stranger here,” Zu An replied with a chuckle.

He walked forward to carry her.

Yan Xuehen blushed and quickly asked, “Can you carry me on your back” Being carried like a princess was a bit too intimate.

The worst part was that Yun Jianyue and Yu Yanluo were still watching them.

She really couldn't bring herself to do that.

Zu An was a bit stunned, but he didn’t refuse.

He squatted in front of her and patted her back, gesturing for her to get on.

After some hesitation, Yan Xuehen eventually crawled onto his back.

When Zu An hoisted up her thighs, she felt the heat coming from his hands.

Her entire body went rigid.

Fortunately, he didn’t move his hands wantonly, so he calmed down a bit.

Then, Yu Yanluo led the way.

Zu An carried Yan Xuehen on his back, while Yun Jianyue walked next to him.

Yan Xuehen was so embarrassed that she didn’t want to press her chest against Zu An’s back.

As such, she pushed against his back with her hands, doing her best to avoid contact.

Zu An obviously noticed that, but he chuckled silently and didn’t say anything.

But just then, a loud ‘Pa!’ rang out through the cave.

Yan Xuehen turned around to stare at Yun Jianyue in shame and embarrassment.

She cried, “Witch, what are you doing!”

“Nothing, I just wanted to smack you.” Yun Jianyue admitted directly.

“I’ve already waited for this day for too long.” She slapped Yan Xuehen’s bottom once again and said, “This feeling really isn’t bad.”

Yan Xuehen almost fainted from anger.

But in her current state, she couldn't do anything to resist.

She could only yell angrily, “Witch, I never took advantage of you before when I recovered faster than you did; how can you forget favors and violate justice like this!” She had previously eaten the Ice Heart Pill, which was more effective than the Soul Return Pill her rival had consumed.

Yun Jianyue obviously remembered that.

She laughed and said, “Even though you agreed not to bully me, I never promised to not bully you.”

Yan Xuehen was so angry her entire body was shaking.

She cried, “You’re a Devil Sect demoness after all!”

Zu An couldn't help but advise Yun Jianyue, “Big sis sect master, she’s a bit weak right now, so don’t bully her anymore.”

Yun Jianyue’s face sank.

“Wow, so you’ve forgotten about your old friends now that you’ve made a new one Who was the first one to acknowledge you Between us, who treated you better”

You have successfully trolled Yun Jianyue for 654 654 654…

She had already fought against Yan Xuehen for many years.

Their cultivation, ability, and even appearance were around the same level.

However, Yan Xuehen had always been treated like an honored guest by the public.

Even though Yun Jianyue wasn’t cursed at and beaten by people, the fear and estrangement they showed her was still something she could feel.

It was one thing if others felt like that; she really didn’t care.

But Zu An had only known this stone cold woman for how long, and yet he was already acting like this How could she not feel hurt


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