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Chapter 1183: His Blood Inside Me

“Let go of me!” Yan Xuehen yelled, trying to struggle free, but Zu An’s fingers were firmly intertwined around hers.

She felt more and more embarrassed.

Zu An didn’t compromise and said seriously, “We’re at the most crucial part of the treatment.

We absolutely can’t let everything fail now.”

How could Yan Xuehen not know that She had already felt the poison was gradually leaving her body.

Her internal injuries were also recovering at a steady rate.

If they ended the treatment here, however, the poison and internal injuries would come rushing back.

Her condition would become even worse than before, perhaps even ending her life right there and then.

Yan Xuehen still shouldered her entire sect’s glory, so she couldn't just let things end here.

Even so, when she thought of that embarrassing feeling, she couldn't help but ask bitterly, “Why didn’t you tell me this treatment caused such a strange feeling earlier”

Zu An explained, “The situation was too urgent just then, and I forgot about it.

Besides, I didn’t know whether that was an exception or if it really was a side effect of my treatment.”

“You must know now then, right!” Yan Xuehen grumbled resentfully.

Zu An chuckled in embarrassment.

He also found it really strange, but he now had more proof that his ki had that strange side-effect.

But it clearly hadn’t happened when he was treating Chuyan before… Why was that

Yan Xuehen bit down on her lips so hard that they turned a bit pale.

She cried, “Are you messing with me on purpose”

Zu An said seriously, “I can make a vow that I never had such intentions.


Yan Xuehen quickly cut him off, saying, “It’s fine.

Don’t randomly make vows for no reason.” For some reason, she really was worried that he might be struck down by heavenly judgment on the spot.

“Then you trust me” Zu An replied happily.

“It doesn’t matter if I trust you or not.

You did save my life, so I wouldn’t be so ungrateful,” Yan Xuehen replied.

After all, she wasn’t an ordinary person.

After taking a deep breath, she calmed down again and said, “Let’s continue.”

“Okay, hold on.” Zu An replied.

He calmed down, then continued to treat her poison and wounds.

The same strange feeling once again battered Yan Xuehen with wave after wave.

She quickly closed her eyes, mouthing the mind-calming chants from the Unshaken Daoist Manual.

These chants normally easily helped her calm down, preventing her from being affected by unnecessary thoughts.

But this time, those thoughts weren’t coming from outside, but rather from inside! She felt her body become hotter and hotter, growing softer and softer.

She felt the urge to scream, but she endured with tremendous willpower.

She bit down on her lips so hard that wisps of blood were visible.

Zu An said,.

“Don’t forcefully endure it; it’s not good for your body.

If your internal energies surge like this, it’ll become much more difficult for me.”

Yan Xuehen shot him a hateful look.

How could she scream out loud What if Yun Jianyue and Yu Yanluo heard her She would never be able to raise her head again for the rest of her life! At that point, she might as well just die.

Only then did Zu An guess what she was thinking.

He quickly said, “There’s no need for you to worry.

I’ll make a soundproof barrier around us, so the sound won’t get out.”

Of course, normally, that wouldn’t be able to stop a grandmaster like Yun Jianyue from hearing him, but she was seriously injured and weak, and wouldn’t be able to hear anything then.

Yan Xuehen was tempted when she heard the suggestion. If Yun Jianyue can't hear anything, then it’s not as if I can’t…

But she quickly realized that even if Yun Jianyue couldn't hear anything, the man before her could.

As such, her expression turned ice-cold.

She continued to grit her teeth and endure.

Zu An said with a bitter smile, “There’s really no need for you to be like this… I’m your doctor.

Doctors don’t distinguish between male or female; you don’t have to have such misgivings.”

Yan Xuehen was speechless.

She felt that what he said made some sense, but she still stubbornly endured.

Zu An said again, “Actually it doesn’t matter even if you make noise.

I’ve already heard it before anyway, so it’ll make no difference whether I hear it again.”

“You… Shut your mouth!” Yan Xuehen shot him a look.

She felt as if he were deliberately breaking down her defenses.

But he was like a demon, whispering endless temptations.

Her will, which had already been unsteady to begin with, began to waver.

Suddenly, countless waves of warm ki rushed through her at the same time.

Her body was already extremely sensitive, so how could she still hold on Caught off guard, she instinctively released an extremely sweet groan.

Her previously icy cheeks now gave off a red sunset glow.

As she looked at the man across from her, she was both embarrassed and annoyed.

She cried, “You did that on purpose!”

You have successfully trolled Yan Xuehen for 233 233 233…

Zu An said bluntly, “It’s because you’ve been holding it in for so long that my treatment is taking way too long, so I can only take it a step further.

Don’t worry, the soundproof barrier is already in place.”

Yan Xuehen hadn’t expected him to actually be so direct, so she had to swallow the response she had intended to make.

Only after a while did she exclaim, “How are you so shameless!” However, her eyes were watery, and her voice was sweet and charming.

There was nothing intimidating about her demeanor.

Zu An chuckled and replied, “You’re right.

I’s all my fault; everything is my fault.

I was the one who caused all of this, so don’t feel bad about it and just let things take their course.”

Yan Xuehen was stunned.

She now felt a bit embarrassed that he was taking all of the blame on himself.

She wasn’t a completely unreasonable person and knew that he was doing this to save her.

Even though his actions just then had been a bit provocative, it was only so she could relax for the treatment.

How could she blame him to that extent 

She had so many things to say, but in the end, only two words came out.

“Thank you.”

Zu An was stunned.

Then, a radiant smile appeared on his face.

He suddenly said, “Open your mouth.”

Yan Xuehen was puzzled.

However, Zu An explained, “The deathworm’s poison is too strange, and it’s tangled around every portion of your body.

To make sure there are no aftereffects, you also need to take some medicine.”

Yan Xuehen was about to ask what kind of medicine Zu An was talking about when he suddenly cut open a gash on his arm.

The wound quickly became drenched in blood.

Then, Zu An moved the wound close to her lips and said, “My blood has detoxifying properties.

Drink up.” He was already immune to poison, so his blood essence also had that property.

But he couldn't have just started with that, right

Yan Xuehen felt conflicted.

She said, “You don’t need to be like this…”

Zu An propped up her chin and made it easier for her to drink, saying, “If you really feel grateful, just drink more.

This’ll save me some effort.”

Yan Xuehen’s heart was pounding fiercely. How in the world am I going to repay this favor in the future

But an incredibly pure and fragrant sensation spread through her mouth.

Her starry eyes quickly widened.

So he had transcendent aptitude!

No wonder he reached his cultivation realm at such a young age! So it was the legendary transcendent aptitude!

As a grandmaster, she obviously knew what that kind of constitution meant, and just how much danger it represented toward his growth.

And yet, he had still used his blood to save her without a second thought.

With her knowledge, she obviously knew that he might be exposed by doing so, but he had still done it…

Meanwhile, she was still conflicted by the fact that they were of opposite sexes.

She really did view this nobleman with a narrow-minded gaze!

As the treatment continued, it seemed she was slowly beginning to accept it somewhat.

Even though she still tried to control herself at first, eventually, she couldn't help but secretly loosen her throat.

She tried her best to keep it down at first, but eventually, she didn’t even have the strength to control herself anymore.

She was quickly drenched in sweat, and sweet and irresistible moans echoed through the space inside the barrier as she eventually decided to just give in.

Still, she didn’t dare to look at Zu An.

After a long time passed, Yan Xuehen was left completely limp in Zu An’s embrace.

A line of tears couldn't help but slide down from the corners of her eyes.

Ever since she had become a grandmaster many years back, she hadn’t cried no matter what kind of situation she ended up encountering; and yet now, she couldn't hold back at all.

She didn’t know why she was crying, but she just couldn't stop the tears from flowing.

Just then, Zu An spoke up.

“Your poison has pretty much been removed now, and your damaged meridians and internal organs have been repaired.

You should be able to use your own ki to recover.

After resting for a bit, you should be as good as normal again.”

Yan Xuehen instinctively checked her condition.

She discovered that she couldn’t feel any threat to her life anymore, and that only powerful vitality remained.

The ki within her had returned to its normal flow.

Even though she still felt extremely weak, she knew she would slowly recover after some rest.

She said, “Thank you.”

Yan Xuehen noticed that Zu An’s expression was clear as he spoke, without any dirty thoughts.

She realized that he had spoken up to make her feel a bit less embarrassed.

She was lying completely powerless in his embrace, so his body’s natural physiological reaction couldn’t escape her perception.

Even so, he was still doing his best to keep his expression clear.

It had to be quite difficult for him, right…

But with how considerate Zu An was, Yan Xuehen was still grateful and didn’t expose him.

Zu An noticed the tears on her cheeks.

Her delicate and pitiful appearance made him instinctively reach out his hand to help her wipe them away.

But he quickly cried out ‘Oh no!’ inwardly.

He expected the woman to lash out at him, because such an action was a bit too intimate.

However, Yan Xuehen only looked at him in a daze.

Surprisingly, she didn’t criticize him at all and instead showed him a trace of bashfulness.


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