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Chapter 1149: Revenge

As a grandmaster, how sharp were her senses Yan Xuehen quickly realized that something wasn’t right about her current state.

She had clearly wanted to kill Zu An before, so why did she not want to kill him at all anymore

She even felt worried about his injuries, fearing that he might encounter some more danger.

She was even more worried that he might be seduced by that beautiful woman.

Yu Yanluo was so beautiful, and not even she as a woman could resist her charms, let alone a man.

Different events that had happened after she met Zu An appeared in her mind.

A faint smile appeared on her originally ice-cold face.

The man’s talents were one thing; what really mattered were his bravery and loyalty.

He wouldn’t give up even in a situation of absolute despair, and always managed to come up with all sorts of ways to survive.

She had seen her fair share of strong individuals.

They could maintain their calm exterior while things were going smoothly, but if things went south, they broke down, becoming quite the sorry sight.

Comparatively speaking, Zu An was way better than those people.

As she thought about those things, Zu An’s naughty smile appeared in her mind.

Her heart quickly began to pound, and she muttered, “I didn’t notice it before, but he is pretty handsome.”

Her face suddenly turned white.

She thought about Chuyan.

This guy was her disciple’s man!

How am I going to face my disciple in the future

She was horrified as soon as that thought emerged.

Why am I having these kinds of thoughts

I seem to like that guy…

Yan Xuehen’s face turned completely pale when she realized that.

Even though she had been hit by the Gold Phoenix’s ability, liking Zu An didn’t mean something was wrong with her mind, and yet she quickly noticed that something wasn’t right.

How could she possibly suddenly like him She recalled the golden phoenix that had rushed at her.

Was it because of that thing

She then thought about the strange bird that had been summoned when Zu An used Hundredwarble.

His cultivation technique seemed to be able to produce all sorts of bird images.

She quickly sat down and used her ki to examine her own condition.

Unfortunately, she didn’t detect any traces of the Gold Phoenix no matter what she did.

There weren’t any abnormalities she could sense.

“Damn brat, what kind of trick did you use on me” Yan Xuehen muttered, biting her lip.

She was about to chase after him to find out, but she suddenly grew vigilant.

She turned around and looked at the shadows behind her.

“Oh my, you really are on guard.

I didn’t expect to be noticed by you even like this,” said a woman with hair reaching all the way down her back, as she slowly walked out from the shadows.

There was a big smile on her stunning face, but the look in her eyes was completely cold.

“Yun Jianyue, were you planning on ambushing me just now” Yan Xuehen asked, setting aside her young maiden-like thoughts.

Her tone toward her old adversary was unkind.

“Ambush You make it sound so bad.

It’s just been a while since we last met, so I wanted to surprise you a bit,” Yun Jianyue said with a smile, even as she secretly examined Yan Xuehen.

She seemed to be wounded; her aura was a bit weaker than when she was at her strongest.

Yan Xuehen obviously knew what Yun Jianyue was thinking.

She had previously had absolute confidence because Yun Jianyue had been wounded by the emperor during the invasion of the Imperial Palace, and had never fully recovered since then.

But she had just been injured by Medusa’s Eye.

Later, Zu An had left her in a sorry state with his various skills.

Her current strength was indeed considerably lower than her peak.

If the two of them really fought, it would be hard to say who would come out on top in the end.

A sweet smile appeared on her face when she thought of Zu An, but she immediately caught herself. What the hell did that rascal do to me

She was well informed, and had once heard of an Affection Gu bug from the south used to make two individuals become an affectionate couple.

Could it be that the Golden Phoenix from before had been a kind of Gu bug art But in theory, with her cultivation, none of those techniques should have worked.

Yun Jianyue looked at her somewhat strangely.

This ice-cold woman always had a deadpan expression; why did there seem to be a bit of a gentle smile on her face today She looked almost like a young maiden in love.

She erased those thoughts as soon as they emerged. If this stone cold woman could feel maidenly emotions, I might as well get married at that point.

“Why are you here” Yan Xuehen asked, suppressing the doubt within her.

Dealing with the current problem was a top priority.

Yun Jianyue casually paced around.

As her long hair rhythmically tapped against her bottom, even Yan Xuehen couldn't help but give it another look, thinking to herself, This witch’s bottom is quite large.

Her cheeks heated up a bit as soon as she thought of that.

She focused on being indifferent to everything normally, so she wouldn’t notice such things at all.

What was up with her today

Yun Jianyue gave her a strange look.

She just felt that Yan Xuehen was a bit different from usual, but she couldn't exactly say how.

She replied, “Hmph, why else Someone made such a flashy scene in the air, so I was curious about what happened.

I followed your aura and came here.”

She felt a bit annoyed as she spoke.

The common people and even officials back at Cloudcenter City had all been praising Yan Xuehen.

Only the other party’s indifferent and aloof temperament could create such a reputation.

Even though Yun Jianyue’s appearance wasn’t inferior at all, the common people would only fear her, and not love and adore her the way they did Yan Xuehen.

That was an innate flaw of the Devil Sect.

“This place is a bit strange.

My divine senses don’t reach very far in it.

A huge battle seemed to have taken place, and yet I couldn't even find you,” Yun Jianyue said while looking all around her.

She asked, “Hm Who were you fighting against just now”

Yan Xuehen said indifferently, “I came here to catch Yu Yanluo.”

“Yu Yanluo” Yun Jianyue exclaimed, a bit shocked.

“I heard that the former number one beauty was actually a Medusa.

I wonder how many men’s hearts will be crushed once they learn of this.”

Yan Xuehen declined to comment on that.

Yu Yanluo was indeed extremely pretty, pretty to the point that even other women felt something.

When she thought about how Zu An had been with such a beauty, and that they had been willing to sacrifice themselves for each other earlier, she felt incredibly vexed.

“Something’s not right! Even if that woman does have the Medusa bloodline, she shouldn’t be a match for you.

Why was there such a huge disturbance” Yun Jianyue muttered, still confused.

“There was the one who saved her too,” Yan Xuehen replied.

She hesitated for a moment, but in the end, she didn’t speak Zu An’s name.

After all, Yu Yanluo was a fiend race individual and a criminal.

The one who saved her would definitely become a criminal too, and that would make things in the future extremely troublesome.

“Someone who could save her from the security in Cloudcenter City and even create such a disturbance while fighting against you… Don’t tell me some fiend race powerful figure came to save her” Yun Jianyue remarked in amusement.

However, her expression suddenly changed and she continued, “Wait, it’s not that brat, is it”

Yan Xuehen gave her a look of surprise.

How had she guessed that

Yun Jianyue wrinkled her nose, as if she were smelling something.

She remarked, “I seem to be able to smell Zu An’s scent.

Is it him”

Yan Xuehen’s expression became even stranger as she asked, “Why can you tell what he smells like” What kind of a relationship do these two have

Previously, she wouldn’t have thought anything more of it.

After all, there was no way a demoness like Yun Jianyue would have any relationship with a junior.

But she had just seen an incredible beauty like Yu Yanluo, who had been famous for so many years, fall for that guy; and now, even she herself…

That fellow seemed to have a strange sort of charm.

All sorts of outstanding girls couldn't help but get close to him.

Yun Jianyue’s expression became a bit unnatural.

She had hidden in Zu An’s room before, and the two had lived together for a long time.

She couldn't be more familiar with his scent and aura.

But she couldn't just explain those things, so she changed the topic.

“Where is he”

Yan Xuehen worried that her old adversary would notice something because of her abnormal sensitivity toward Zu An.

She said indifferently, “He is dead.”

“He’s dead” Yun Jianyue exclaimed in alarm.

“How can that be Where are their corpses”

Yan Xuehen said expressionlessly, “That fellow’s cultivation was too strange, so I had no choice but to fight with all my strength.

How could there be any corpse left under the full power of a grandmaster”

Yun Jianyue obviously understood what the full power of a grandmaster represented.

Furthermore, when she heard Yan Xuehen say that Zu An’s cultivation was strange, and she had no choice but to go all out, that left her even more convinced.

She had spent so much time with Zu An previously, so she naturally knew that Zu An’s strength couldn't be evaluated like other cultivators.

“You actually killed him You dare to kill him!” Yun Jianyue exclaimed.

Her black hair flew around, her expression turning ice-cold.

A crescent moon appeared out of thin air.

She instantly transformed into the demoness from the past who had inspired fear and awe throughout the entire world.


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