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Chapter 1022: I Will Have Nothing to Do with Gambling and Drugs

The next morning, Pei Mianman was leaning against the crook of Zu An’s arm.

Her finger mischievously drew circles around his chest as she asked, “Ah Zu, do you want me to leak some fake information to King Qi’s heir” The part of her skin that was exposed outside of the covers was even whiter than the snow outside.

Zu An shook his head, saying, “Not yet.

When the time is right, I’ll tell you then.” This was a rare double agent he could make use of, so of course he had to use the opportunity at the crucial moment.

After the two embraced each other for a bit and exchanged some romantic words, they exchanged a look.

Then, another intense battlefield ensued.

Knock knock knock!

There was a burst of soft knocking, and the door opened with a groan.

Hong Zao stuck her head in and said, “Young miss, the manor’s people are starting to wake up.” Her unspoken words were clear.

It was time for the young master to leave.

“I got it, you can withdraw for now… Mmm!” Pei Mianman replied.

When Hong Zao heard that tender moan that seemed to be uttered from deep in Pei Mianman’s throat, even as a girl herself, she was greatly flustered.

She quickly closed the door to the room.

She patted her chest.

Her heart was beating like crazy.

She sat on the ladder outside while hugging her knees.

She recalled the earlier years when the people of the manor hadn’t treated the young miss that well because of her identity, always gossiping behind her back and talking about how her face was only good for seducing men.

Back then, Hong Zao was so mad she had even angrily fought with them.

But now, weren’t those people completely correct The young miss really is charming…

When she recalled that intense scene, her face turned red. Also, is the young master not tired They already went at it for an entire night!

“What are you mumbling about over there” A soft voice spoke next to Hong Zao’s ear.

Hong Zao raised her head and saw that a man with starry eyes and long eyebrows was looking at her with a smile.

His clothes were purer than snow, truly like a male lead straight out of a novel… Her face turned red and she didn’t dare to look straight at him.

She quickly lowered her head, saying, “Young… Young master.”

“You’re so cute.” Zu An subconsciously rubbed her head.

This little girl was quite adorable.

He said, “Take good care of your young miss.

I’m heading out first.”

“Goodbye, young master,” Hong Zao replied.

She still didn’t dare to look him in the eyes.

She immediately regretted saying those words.

Wasn’t she basically inviting him back Would that make the young miss seem a bit too impatient[1]

Furthermore, if he really did come back, it would be just like the previous night where she wouldn’t get any sleep.

“You worked hard last night.

I’ll bring you some tasty treats next time,” Zu An said with a chuckle.

The entire Pei Manor was starting to wake up, so he couldn't continue to stay.

As such, he quickly left.

“It wasn’t too hard…” Hong Zao had a strange look on her face. It was you and the young miss who worked harder, right

Only when Zu An retreated into the distance did she dare to raise her head.

When she saw his figure quickly fly into the distance, her little mouth opened wide. Young master’s cultivation is so high!

Pei Mianman said lazily, “Stop coveting your young master already and help me freshen up.”

Every month on this day, Pei Manor would have a small ceremony.

That was when everyone would gather in the ancestral hall to hold an offering for their ancestors, and await their ancestors’ instructions.

Even though she wasn’t all that interested, she didn’t want to give them any excuses to talk about her.

When she heard what the young miss said, Hong Zao’s heart that had just finally calmed down began to pound again.

“I didn’t…” She denied it while quickly running inside.

Pei Mianman had already sat up from her bed.

When she saw her master’s wonderful figure, Hong Zao lowered her head to look at her own chest. Sigh, I’m still lacking compared to the young miss.

She quickly found some clothes for the young miss to dress in.

She suddenly wrinkled her brow, asking, “Huh Why is there a smell of heather flowers Isn’t it winter right now”

Pei Mianman trembled, but then she couldn't help but pinch Hong Zao’s chubby cheek.

She remarked, “No wonder they call you a dumb girl.

Hmph, you’ll know in the future.”

“Oh…” Hong Zao nodded, only half-understanding.

While she helped Pei Mianman get dressed, she quietly asked, “Young miss, is the young master the one you met back in Brightmoon City”

“Yeah.” Pei Mianman grinned.

She felt a sweet sensation whenever she thought about him.

“But young miss, wouldn’t it be bad to have ‘illicit’ relations without a ceremony” Hong Zao asked worriedly.

Pei Mianman was speechless.

She took a deep breath, enduring the urge to give Hong Zao a good beating.

She said, “If you don’t know how to use idioms, don’t say them randomly.”

“I didn’t though…” Hong Zao blinked and looked at Pei Mianman innocently.

Pei Mianman’s breath caught in her throat.

She could only say, “Who said we were doing any of that Hmph, we already got married properly, and we even had an entire country as witnesses.” A hint of loveliness appeared between her brows when she remembered what had happened in Yinxu’s secret dungeon.

“Ah” Hong Zao looked at her with a strange expression. Did the young miss go crazy When did she get married to the young master, and even have the entire country as witness

You always say I’m dumb, but why do I feel like the young miss is the biggest dummy You gave away your body all willy-nilly, and even your memory is getting messed up.

After some hesitation, she thought that even though the young master had given her that precious golden hairpin, she still had to think for the young miss’ sake.

She asked, “Young miss, is the young master of the fiend race”

“Of course not.” Pei Mianman was stunned.

She turned around to look at Hong Zao, asking, “Why would you ask that”

“I thought the young master was a male vixen and seduced the young miss or something…” Hong Zao mumbled.

“There’s no such thing as a male vixen in this world.” Pei Mianman scolded her playfully.

Hong Zao thought to herself, What do you mean there isn’t The young master just looked at me once, and I… was already like that.

“Young miss, will the young master come to Pei Manor to propose marriage” she asked.

“He said he was going to, but I stopped him.

It’s not a good time right now; we’ll wait until later.” Pei Mianman looked at her own reflection in the mirror, which was becoming more and more tender and beautiful. As long as I can be with him, I’ll already be extremely happy.

Hong Zao looked at Pei Mianman’s back worriedly, thinking, The young miss is pretty intelligent normally, so why does she seem so foolish nowadays Yet you still say the young master isn’t a male vixen.

She began, “But King Qi’s heir keeps visiting the manor.

He clearly likes the young miss…”

“What does that have to do with me What, you want me to run over and ask him what part of me he likes, so I can then change that part so he doesn’t like me anymore” Pei Mianman shot back.

Hong Zao burst out laughing, saying, “King Qi’s heir might just die from anger if he heard what the young miss said.

But King Qi Manor is so powerful! Master and madam want you to marry him as well.

What if the relationship between you and the young master is exposed That would mean big trouble then!”

“I know already! When did you learn to nag like a granny” Pei Mianman slammed the head ornament she had just picked up onto the table.

She felt as if her great mood had suddenly gone up into smoke when she thought about those things.

Seeing that the young miss was upset, Hong Zao stuck out her tongue, but didn’t say anything else.

Meanwhile, Zu An had just returned to his temporary residence when he happened to run into Pei You and Gao Ying doing morning exercises.

He nodded inwardly when he saw them.

Even though these two were young masters from distinguished clans, the fact that they were able to have their current level of cultivation at such a young age was definitely because of their own diligence.

The two of them saw him as well.

Pei You moved closer and gave him a sniff.

He immediately became jealous, exclaiming, “What a seductive smell! Brother Gao, tell me, we train so bitterly day and night, and yet we can’t compare to someone who enjoys himself every night at all! What the hell is this How is this fair at all Where is the virtue Where is the morality Where is the address”  He moved closer to Zu An when he said the last part.

“You’re clearly suited to become a Prince Charming, yet you just insist on being a comedian.” Zu An couldn't help but chuckle when he saw Pei You’s lewd expression.

Pei You harrumphed.

“I’m only showing you guys this side because I really treat you two as my brothers, yet you’re mocking me! Hurry and tell me the address of the brothel you went to! Only that will repair our little boat of camaraderie.”

“I went to investigate a case,” Zu An said helplessly.

“My ass.” Pei You rolled his eyes.

Even Gao Ying had a strange expression. Brother Zu, shouldn’t you at least put some effort into your lie

Zu An coughed and said, “Whatever.

Actually, I need your help in investigating a brothel girl…”

Pei You and Gao Ying’s eyes immediately lit up when they heard that.

“Ahem!” Sang Hong walked past them just then He said in a sincere and meaningful tone, “You are all imperial envoys; you represent the dignity of the imperial court.

You absolutely cannot do anything nonsensical.”

Pei You’s expression froze.

He replied, “Sir Sang, do not worry.

I do not dare to make any promises for these two, but I will have nothing to do with evil things like gambling or drugs.”

Sang Hong was caught off guard by his reply.

However, he retorted, “Tsk, you did not mention anything sexual in that vow at all.”

Pei You immediately changed his wording.

“As long as the emperor and heavens are above me, I, Pei You, will have nothing to do with evil things like gambling or drugs!”[2]

Sang Hong: w(Д)w[3]

Zu An: w(Д)w

Gao Ying: w(Д)w


The Chinese word for ‘goodbye’ is literally translated as ‘meet again’.

However, this is what’s commonly used for ‘goodbye’ and the girl is just overthinking. ☜


The word for sexual/lewd things is ‘Huang’, which sounds just like the word for ‘emperor’. ☜


This is an emote. ☜


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