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Chapter 1015: Familiarity Breeds Fondness

“Young miss, young miss! I haven’t even finished combing your hair yet!” Hong Zao ran after her master, but how could she possibly catch up to Pei Mianman

“It’s fine!” Pei Mianman casually flicked her wrist, and her beautiful hair turned into a pretty bun.

Hong Zao blinked blankly.

The young miss was the young miss after all.

If you were pretty, every hairstyle would suit you. But why is the young miss in such a rush to leave Don’t tell me she changed her opinion of King Qi’s heir

Meanwhile, in the guest lobby, Pei Shao and his wife were receiving Zhao Zhi.

“Thank you, young heir, for the care.

That little girl is short-sighted and inexperienced; I fear she would be unable to handle something like that.” Pei Shao tactfully refused.

Are you kidding me King Qi’s heir wants Pei Mianman to investigate the imperial envoy’s progress on the case I do want to get closer to King Qi, but I don’t want to offend the court!

What kind of a group is the imperial envoy They have the authority to decapitate first and report later!

Cloudcenter Duke’s disappearance was full of suspicious factors; there was definitely something terrifying going on behind the scenes.

Even the slightest involvement might result in horrifying consequences.

Pei Shao really didn’t want to get involved in something so messy.

In his opinion, the best result was to successfully marry his daughter off to King Qi’s heir as a concubine.

He didn’t want his daughter to do anything in public anymore.

With her personality, it had been fine for that daughter to keep running around before.

But now, they were already discussing marriage with King Qi Manor, so it wasn’t proper to have her going around anymore.

Otherwise, it would look very bad later.

Someone might just use that matter to criticize her for dishonoring the royal family, and say she wasn’t suitable to be the young heir’s concubine.

“Respected uncle is too modest.” Zhao Zhi acted quite humbly, showing Pei Shao the greeting of a junior; Pei Shao appreciated that a lot.

Zhao Zhi continued, “Miss Pei’s aptitude is high, and her cultivation also places her among the best of her peers.

She is also quick-witted and resourceful.

I have heard about her activities in Brightmoon City as well.

She really is a woman who is not inferior to a man at all.”

“Not at all, not at all…” Pei Shao stroked his beard proudly when he heard those praises about his own daughter.

He enjoyed hearing them.

Zhao Zhi continued, “This is all because I failed to bring enough manpower to Cloudcenter Commandery, and I am not too familiar with the lifestyle around here.

I want to investigate the Imperial Envoy somehow, but I do not know how to do so.

But Miss Pei is different.

The Imperial Envoy this time, Sang Hong, previously served as the governor of Brightmoon City, and his assistant Zu An is also from Brightmoon City.

Miss Pei and the others have something of a relationship with them, so it would be much easier for her to take care of many things.”

Madam Pei spoke up in favor of the suggestion as well and said, “Master, the heir has already expressed his sincerity.

We should just help him out here, no”

She began to like King Qi’s heir more and more.

Whether it was his appearance or family background, she was extremely satisfied with both.

It was just a pity that she had no daughters herself, or else she would have already offered up her own daughter a long time ago.

Even though that damn brat Pei Mianman didn’t get along with her, the Zhou Dynasty valued filial piety greatly.

As long as they could marry her off to King Qi Manor, a first wife like her would also rise in status greatly.

Furthermore, she wouldn’t have to see that damn brat in the manor anymore.

Just the thought alone made her extremely happy.

She was probably the one who wanted the marriage to happen the most in the entire Pei Manor.

Zhao Zhi had even brought her so many gifts in that time, so how could she not speak up for him

“Uh…” Pei Shao was hesitant.

However, a pleasant voice exclaimed from outside, “Fine, I’ll do this!”

Those inside turned around and saw Pei Mianman slowly walk in from outside.

Zhao Zhi felt as if the oxygen in his lungs had been blown right out.

The side profile he saw before had already left him stunned.

Now that he could see her from the front, it was even more overwhelming.

He had thought that the Chu Chuyan he had seen in the past was already the most beautiful woman of the generation.

But now, he discovered that Pei Mianman wasn’t inferior to her in any way! In certain aspects, she was even better.

Forget about him, even Han Fengqiu, who was next to him, gave Pei Mianman a few more looks.

His eyes moved up and down, and he wondered whether her massive rack’s buttons would burst.

Madam Pei harrumphed. This girl is just like her mother, with her fox-like oval face and ridiculous chest.

“Greetings, Miss Pei.

I am Zhao Zhi.

I have long heard of the young miss’ reputation.” Zhao Zhi got up, his usually arrogant and casual nature nowhere to be seen.

He bowed in a refined and courteous manner, and gave her an introduction he thought was proper and confident.

Pei Mianman completely ignored it and instead said, “I can agree to help you investigate the progress of the Imperial Envoy, but you have to agree to a request of mine too.”

“As long as it is something the young miss asks of me, forget about one thing; I am willing to do it even if it is a thousand or ten thousand things.” Zhao Zhi treated Pei Mianman with the best attitude.

He was too used to concubines who were completely submissive; instead, this was the kind of woman who drew his interest.

When he had first seen her, he had thought that she would be a woman full of charm.

Her current attitude instead showed her aloof and reserved side, which only made him feel even more satisfied.

Pei Mianman frowned. This guy really is too cheesy.

My Ah Zu is much more honest and reliable.

“Don’t agree so quickly, or else everyone here will be embarrassed,” Pei Mianman said indifferently.

“I can help the young master investigate the Imperial Envoy, but I hope the young master can give up on any thoughts of marriage with the Pei clan.”

The Pei clan’s master and his wife turned pale with fright.

Pei Shao immediately spoke out to stop her.


“What kind of nonsense are you saying Has this girl gone mad” Madam Pei shot her a hateful glare.

Zhao Zhi frowned.

He couldn't help but feel some rage too.

He was a glorious heir of King Qi, so marrying someone from the Pei clan was already supposed to be a compromise for him.

Furthermore, he had already restrained himself greatly and showed extreme devotion.

Yet in the end, the other party was so quick to reject everything he did

He replied coldly, “Oh Why is Miss Pei not willing to marry this young heir”

After a moment of hesitation, Pei Mianman replied, “Because I do not like the young heir.” She had to speak with some tact, or else she might end up infuriating the other party and bringing the Pei clan a disaster.

Of course, she couldn't bring Ah Zu trouble either.

That was why she didn’t mention him at all.

Zhao Zhi was stunned at first, then roared with laughter.

“So it was that kind of reason!”

Madam Pei exclaimed furiously, “Absolute nonsense! King Qi’s heir is so outstanding; who do you think you are to try and be picky”

Pei Shao also said with a frown, “Marriages have always been carried out with the mother and father acting as matchmaker.

When has it ever been up to you to decide”

Pei Mianman’s expression turned cold.

However, Zhao Zhi instead spoke up to stop the two of them, saying, “This is fine.

Miss Pei seems to have a unique personality, and I like that.”

“No one is asking you to like them.” Pei Mianman rolled her eyes.

She thought to herself, Is there something wrong with your head I’ve already flat out rejected you; do you not understand human speech

“Girl, you have successfully drawn my attention.” Zhao Zhi gave her a deep look.

He really found her more and more pleasing the more he looked at her.

This woman was just too stunning.

Even when she was mad, she was still so beautiful.

If I could bring back Chu Chuyan as well, having both of those beauties on either side, just how amazing would that be

But that woman, Chu Chuyan, has no self-respect.

She actually got married to someone else! Hmph, she’s already unworthy of becoming my wife.

But with her looks, I wouldn’t mind taking her in as a pet to play around with…

“This is fine; I agree.” Zhao Zhi gave Pei Mianman what he thought was an enchanting look.

Pei Mianman was stunned.

She hadn’t expected him to agree so easily.

It was instead the Pei clan’s master and madam who became worried.

They began, “Young heir, how can you…”

Zhao Zhi stopped the two of them from continuing, saying,  “This is fine.

Since Miss Pei does not like me, there is no use in forcing it.

It will be a good thing for us to be friends as well.

Furthermore, completing what I came to do first is most important.

My own personal affairs can be considered at a later date.”

Didn’t this woman say she didn’t like me That’s not a problem at all.

That’s only because she’s never met me before.

If she stays around me a little longer, with how handsome and charming I am, isn’t subduing a girl who’s just experienced her first awakening of love an easy task

Feelings Those are things that need to be developed.

After all, there’s a saying that familiarity breeds fondness.

After ten days, or half a month, she might be completely head-over-heels in love with me.

With the generosity I just showed, she must be incredibly shocked, right There’s actually a young heir who is this considerate in this world! She’ll definitely have a good impression of me now.

And being curious about a man is often the beginning of a girl’s entrapment.

As for the promise, once we get along, all of that will be easy to take care of.

Pei Mianman had a strange expression on her face.

She thought to herself, Why is this guy smiling like a freaking idiot

I’ve heard everyone say that the crown prince is an idiot.

It looks like this heir of King Qi isn’t much better.

Is there something wrong with the entire royal family’s bloodline Do they all give birth to these kinds of ‘prodigies’


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