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Key to my heart Leave me alone!

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"Are you sure of what you just told me" Morgan said in a very cold voice. "Yes, Im sure. He almost kissed her". Jessica replied coolly. Morgan paced around angrily. All of a sudden, she stormed out of the class and went towards the garden where Candy was with her friends. On getting there, She rushed towards Candy and gave her a hot slap on her cheeks.

Candy was shocked and flared up instantly "What did I do, why would you slap me like that?" Candy asked her angrily. There was fire in her eyes."Oh! You dare open that gutter you call a mouth to ask me that after you almost kissed my boyfriend" Morgan said breathlessly.

Candy froze, she was shocked and was about to leave the place when Morgan stopped her. That provoked Candy and she gave Morgan a kick on the leg and was about to return the slap when a cold voice stopped her midway "Stop right there!".


I was passing the garden when I noticed a crowd and decided to find out what was happening. I was surprised to see that Morgan slapped Candy cause of me and Candy was about to reiterate when I intervened. I stopped her and moved over to Morgan and held her. She was surprised and so was everyone including Candy.

I said calmly "Don you think of hitting my girlfriend. The next time you lay a finger on her, youll regret it. Have I made myself clear?" I looked at Candy when I made the last statement and I noticed her eyes were tearing up. She suddenly turned, grabbed her bag and took off.

Morgan looked satisfied and happy and she kept rubbing my chest. I felt bad for Candy and left immediately leaving Morgan and the rest confused. I followed Candy and I saw her enter the schools music room. I followed her in there and said "Wait! Why did you walk out on me in that manner when I was still talking to you?".

She turned fiercely with tears in her eyes and said "Can you just leave me alone? Since I started schooling here, in just two days you have made my life miserable. I wish you all would just leave me to my peace" She said crying and screaming. I was about to say something when she said "I so much hate you Brian" Hearing such words, I actually felt hurt and was about to say something again when she screamed "Leave me alone!" and ran off.

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