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The studio had always been a haven for Tori since they moved in a few months back. She was a lover of music, and she never tried to hide it.

She went to the studio as usual that day, but she was graced with the company of Jake Hendrix IV.

Unaware of her presence, he sang his heart out to the point tears were rolling down his cheeks as he plucked the strings of the guitar.

Not wanting to miss his melodious voice, Tori rested her back on the wall, nodding to the beats of the music.

When he was done and was sniffing, she walked up to him, stretching her napkin towards him.

"Here" she said

He was shocked to see her there. He tried to scowl at her like he usually did, but he couldn .

With a shaking hands, he took the napkin from her. He wiped his face for a pretty long time. All the while staring at smiling Tori.

"What are you doing here?" He asked.

She tucked her hair behind her ears before she spoke, "you got a really nice voice"

"That wasn my question" he barked. She held her chest, pretending to be shocked by his outburst.

"Hey, yo, you didn place any restriction notice on the door. I guess that answers your question" she smirked.

He threw her napkin towards her, storming towards the door, but she was faster. She locked the door, then threw the keys inside her bra.

"Tori, let me go. I have nothing to tell you".

"You do Jake and except you tell me that, you

e going nowhere" He threw his head backwards in anguish.

Slowly, her palm wrapped round his wrist. When he looked down at her, she led him to the couch at the far end of the studio.

She sat down, then made him rest his head on her thigh. Slowly, she began to caress his smooth face.

"The death of a loved one is destabilizing" she began. He tried to sit up, but she held him down with the little strength she could muster.

"Damn Nic for spilling" he groaned internally.

"Most especially when both of you share the same dream and aspirations. Tristans gone…yea, I know that, but your dreams remains. I know it hard to move on. Its really hard, but you got to" she said with the confidence she never knew she possessed.

Jake pursed his lips. His eyes were heavy with tears. A word from him was going to trigger his emotion.

"I know. Im going to help you okay" she said calmly.

The atmosphere in the studio was tense for a while until Tori broke it, "its noon now. Come along, let me feed you with spicy noodles and diced chicken eggs" she pouted running her fingers on his forehead.

He followed her like a puppy to the kitchen. He never took his eyes off her all the while she walked around preparing lunch.

"And Viola" she grinned, placing a steamy plate before him. He smacked his lips anticipating the meal before him.

"Let me feed you" she offered

"Gross! Im all grown up now" he took quick strides to the cabinet then returned with two pairs of chopstick.

"Can you use this?" he asked


"Ill teach you then"

At the end of the day, Tori was almost perfect in using the chopsticks. After lunch and wash up, they went to the mall to get some groceries.

While Jake pulled the trolley, Tori placed all what they needed inside. After shopping, they went to the park to spend the rest of the day.

"Thank you" Jake said suddenly in the middle of their conversation.

"Its nothing. Just helping my Casanova boss" she shrugged. He chuckled at her response.

She started calling him that when different girls visits him at the hotel each time he showed up.

Weekend was here again. As usual, Jake and Nicole were spending their weekend at home except workaholic Jace who was in the hotel.

Tired of binge-watching movies, Tori and Nicole flopped on the couch opposite Jake, who was typing away on his laptop.

It was time for some juicy gossips between the two.

"I think I like Ted" Tori smirked, making Jake to raise his head almost immediately but that wasn enough to get a reaction out of him.

"Really?" Nicole chirped. Ted was one of the workers in the hotel. Whenever Tori wasn with Jake in his office, she was with Ted.

"Yea and we

e going on a date" now this was enough to get a reaction from Jake because he flared up that instant.

"Chill bro, its just a date. Its nothing" Nicole shrugged, getting a death glare in return.

"Hes only a friend" Tori said, adding more coals to the already blazing fire.

"Shut up" he yelled. Tori let her hair fall on her face, so he wouldn see the tears that were rolling down her cheeks. He knew she was crying, but he pretended not to care.

"Stop frustrating Tori. Shes not your girlfriend, so I wonder why you

e flaring up" Nicole snapped.

"He can toy with other girls, not my Tori" he scowled then slammed his laptop shut. Jake can be overbearing sometimes for no just reason.

Nicole hissed, then pulled Tori towards herself to comfort her.

Later that evening, Tori sat in the balcony watching the setting sun when Jake came to join her.

She adjusted a bit, creating space between them. Jake chuckled at her actions, which was childish to him.

"Tori" he called softly, trying to touch her, but she moved away.

"Don you dare" she scowled, glaring at him. Of course, Jake couldn help but laugh.

Annoyed with him, she pulled herself up, then half ran and half walked into the house. Jake didn follow her as usual, so she was a bit disappointed.

Still basking in annoyance, she heard a knock on the door. She quickly threw her clothes on before asking whoever at the other end to come in.

Even though she was expecting his presence, she was shocked to see him in her room.

Without thinking twice, she hurried to her closet then slipped a skinny jean on.

"Why do you always do that whenever I come into your room?" he asked, resting his huge back on the wall.

"Thats because I don trust you" she smirked, pulling her hoodie over her head.

When she was done dressing up, she sat at the other end of the bed, far from where he sat.

"What do you want?" she scowled when he wouldn take his eyes off her.

"You shouldn be mad at me because I want to protect you" he paused then continued "I don want any guy to hurt your feelings, moreover you

e just 19. A little mistake is definitely going to cost you your future if not handled with care" he said.

From the tone of his voice, Tori knew he was sincere. He really cared about her, but she felt left out all the same.

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