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Chapter 1911: New Chapter 10: No Room For Carelessness

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Yun Xi flipped through the documents.

Shi Qi couldnt gather a lot of intel, given the short time he had.

However, the crucial parts were very detailed.

The village was even more xenophobic than she had imagined.

One might even describe it as a steel bucket completely shutting off the outside world.

On all the paths leading into the village, mercenaries and spies were guarding the roads both overtly and covertly.

The villagers would be able to find out instantly whenever an outsider tried to enter.

It would not be easy to get into the village and bring Yun Xis mother out safely.


Xiao was extremely careful and very thorough about planning this operation; Yun Xi had to give that to him.

In order to enter the village, they needed someone to cooperate with them from the inside.

Additionally, they needed to eliminate the mercenaries and hidden spies from the village as fast as possible.

Otherwise, before they could even step foot in the village, they might alert the villagers and prompt them to move Yun Xis mother elsewhere.

It took them so many years to find this clue.

Both Yun Xi and Mr.

Xiao knew that they had to be extremely cautious about their approach to the rescue operation.

“I need to discuss the rescue operation with Young Marshal Mu.”


Xiao and Yun Xi might miss certain details due to their personal emotional biases toward this operation.

Mu Feichi would be able to look at the issue through objective eyes.

Besides, he was highly experienced in this area.

Therefore, he would be able to notice little details that others might neglect.

Xiao Jinglin glanced at Yun Xi quietly.

The two of them seemed to have understood something tacitly.

Xiao Jinglin simply nodded and agreed.

There is no room for carelessness in this operation, not even a little bit.

The car was parked below the hospital.

Yun Xi pushed open the car door and got out.

Xiao Jinglin leaned over a little and said, “Xiao Ers car is parked right behind.

Ill get him to send you back later.”

“But there are many people at the press conference today.

They should follow you.

Your safety is more important…”

“Mu Feichi has planned everything at the press conference.

The whole place is guarded by his men.

My guys are there as well, so nothing will go wrong.”

Yun Xi nodded, then turned and went into the hospital.

Xiao Wu and Xiao Qi came down from the car behind them and followed Yun Xi into the hospital.

The car started up again.

Xiao Jinglin looked at the agenda that his secretary had arranged for him for the press conference, then said to Xiao Yi, “Tell the prison side to notify Liang Xiuqin about the press conference.

Let all of the media outlets in the country know about this.

I want all of them to air the news tonight.”

He wanted everyone to know that Yun Xi is his daughter, and her background is prestigious.

So all those daughters from powerful and wealthy families in Jingdu had no right to show off in front of her.

“Yes, sir!” Xiao Yi picked up the phone and started making calls.

In the hospital corridor, Yun Qingfeng spotted Yun Xi the moment she arrived.

“Yun Xi, youre here…” Yun Qingfeng thought that Yun Xi would come together with Xiao Jinglin, which is why he was all smiles when he saw her.

However, when he saw that there was no one else behind Yun Xi, the smile on his face froze.

Yun Xi knew exactly what he was thinking, but she couldnt be bothered to expose him.

So instead, she walked around him and went to her aunt and uncle without even looking at Yun Qingfeng.

“Hows Grandpa” Yun Xi looked at the red light box above the operation theatre that was still lit up, not feeling very optimistic about it.

No one could have imagined that Yun Yuanfeng had connections to the drug lord “Crocodile” in secret.

This is a great taboo in the country and a huge mistake that led to his downfall!

Yao Ying sighed, shook her head, and didnt reply.

Soon, the indicator light was turned off.

The doctor took off his mask and pushed open the door of the operation theatre.

When he saw Yun Xi standing outside the door, he was slightly surprised.

He was one of the assistant doctors for Madams surgery last time.

So he had seen this girls expertise and skills as a doctor firsthand.

This girl managed to shock everyone with her talent in the medical field at such a young age!

If she continued to develop in the industry, she would definitely be a rising star in the medical field!

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