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This incident caused great public opinion decades ago, and the Free Commonwealth did not choose to apologize to the weak Commonwealth.

Instead, he continued to take over and absorb the few resources of those weak and small federations with a tough stance.

It made many federations disappear from the historical map.

If it weren't for the strong rise of Huiyao, it is very likely that it would have been sucked by the Free Federation like the Pure Brahma Federation.

Iron Prison was very surprised when he received the news that he had asked himself to receive the Free Federation mission after a month.

This kind of thing has never happened to me before!

Iron prison is now full of anger and does not know where to vent it, and now it is like preparing a ready-made pillow for iron prison who has already dozed off after a month.

Iron Prison has found an outlet where he can vent his emotions.

Recently, there are always some people from the foreign Federation who want to sneak into Radiance.

In the beginning, Huiyao officials only asked the major city guards to register those who smuggled into the Huiyao Federation.

But gradually, when the major city guards resolved some vicious incidents, they discovered that many of these vicious incidents were caused by these outsiders.

These outsiders don't necessarily have any bad or evil thoughts.

It's just that the environment outside Huiyao is full of dangers, like in the Shenmu Federation, it is very likely that the guards will kill the nobles casually because they block the carriage of the nobles.

Or in the wild, if you want to collect food and eat in the wild, you will be killed by the passing thieves.

It is difficult for people who live in this environment to understand the laws and stability of the radiance.

So Huiyao began to carry out means to expel these people to ensure the safety of Huiyao citizens.

Over the past year, there have been more and more people smuggling to Huiyao, which made the workload of the Iron Prison increase.

Iron Prison has always liked to do things by himself, and never sloppy on big things and small things.

Iron Prison is used to this kind of tough external work, and at present, Iron Prison is not good at this kind of work that communicates with other federal missions.

After a month, I will give myself this opportunity, and Iron Prison will not understand it for a while.

In Iron Prison's view, Chanming is more capable of this job than himself.

Because the honorable members of the previous meeting had already determined their attitude towards the Free Federation, Chanming felt that whatever he did was reasonable.

No need to take any pressure.

Thinking of the various methods of the Free Federation against Hui Yao before, Iron Prison's anger rose uncontrollably.

Since the disciple Lin Yuan after the month has already controlled the swamp world and the abyss world, he has a strength far superior to that of the Free Federation.

Anything is reasonable!

When the Mirror God and the Fool God made this decision, they thought that the Radiance Federation would not simply come to help the Free Federation.

But I didn't expect that the Radiance Federation would directly choose to make a deal with the Free Federation.

Even the lion opened his mouth and asked the Free Federation to bear all the resources that Radiance had paid to build a mirror city in the abyss world.

This resource, Mirror God and Foolish God, can even think of how much it will be with their toes.

The development of the swamp world by the Free Federation is only to allow the major forces to develop their own territories, and it has not moved all the twenty-nine large cities of the Free Federation to the swamp world.

Create a mirror city built in the abyss world like radiance.

It's not that the Free Federation can't afford such resources, it's just that doing so is not in the interests of the Crown Princes of the Free Federation.

To build a mirror city in the swamp world is to give everyone in the Free Federation a chance to find a new livelihood.

the welfare of all citizens of the Free Commonwealth.

But for this, the Crown Princes of the Free Federation must invest in resources.

This is not in the interests of the Crown Princes of the Free Commonwealth.

So from the beginning, it was clear that the Free Federation had strength, but there was no reason to choose to do so.

At that time, the princes in the Free Federation held a meeting to calculate the cost of establishing a mirror city in the dimensional world.

Therefore, I know how much Hui Yao wants with this opening.

The Free Federation has already suffered such a huge loss, and if so many resources are invested in Huiyao, then the Free Federation will not be able to recover its strength for forty or fifty years.

The journey of the Free Federation in the dimensional world failed completely, but Huiyao did not.

These resources were invested into Radiance, which was able to develop the abyss world in a very short period of time.

The encounter between the Free Federation and the Azure Federation is equivalent to sounding the alarm for Huiyao, letting the Huiyao Federation know the danger level of the dimensional world.

The Radiance Federation will develop the dimensional world again, and will no longer choose the foundation for further development.

Instead, it quickly plunders the resources of the dimensional world.

If it continues to develop at this speed, Huiyao will quickly pull in the distance from the Free Federation in the past 40 to 50 years.

Maybe even overtake the Free Federation.

In the past few decades, Shui Ping, the founder of the moon, has not failed to give Hui Yao the opportunity to appear a second or even a third Shenhuo powerhouse.

In fact, the foolish **** is also a six-star creator, and the opportunity to be promoted to a six-star creator is much earlier than a month later.

The Fool God has the ability to create a few more supernatural powerhouses for the Free Federation in these decades.

It's just that the foolish **** only helped the mirror **** to break through the strength.

Like Lian Shen, he also had the opportunity to break through his strength, but he has been suppressed.

In order to ensure their dominance, the Mirror God and the Foolish God have not allowed the Free Federation to have the third and fourth Shenhuo powerhouses.

Right now, the Mirror God and the Foolish God have some regrets in their hearts.

If the two of them had vigorously cultivated Lian Shen, they would not have stumbled upon Lian Shen.

Lian Shen should have successfully ignited the fire of God by now!

Lian Shen got the help of the two of them, and even if he acted erratically, he probably wouldn't choose to defect from the Free Federation.

But there are many things in this world, there is no regret medicine.

It's no use regretting it now.

The Mirror God asked the Foolish God in a dry voice.

"Brother Huiyao's request has been put on the bright side, can we give it or not"

If faced with such a request before, the Mirror God would definitely lose his temper.

Then try to find a way to find a place in Huiyao.

But now even though he and the foolish **** are both powerful, the only way for UU reading www.uukanshu.com to save the Free Federation is to agree to Hui Yao's request.

The foolish **** took a deep breath when he heard the words of the mirror god, and then asked in a hoarse voice coldly.

"How did the Azure Federation respond"

The Mirror God heard the words and took a deep breath.

"The Azure Federation made a direct statement, saying that it would advance and retreat together with the Radiance Federation."

When the foolish **** heard the words, a black-gold flame suddenly rose from the foolish god's body.

A terrifying aura burst out with the foolish **** as the dot, frightening the other princes of the Free Federation.

Everyone didn't know why the Fool God had such a big temper, but no one dared to come forward and ask.

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