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I sit on the Dragon Throne Two Worlds: Same Wishes

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Song Jiao sprayed on some Lavender Perfume as the sounds of the Crowd cheered outside Song Jiao looked at the Vanity Mirror as she reminiscent a bit of her Past it was Hard for her to Claw her way in the Entertainment Industry while not Selling her Body

Taking her Mic she left the Preparation room and walked to the Stage the Crowds cheered even louder as some took their phones out to take a Pic with people complimenting her

"Song Jiao my Goddess please Marry me!!"

"Song Jiao you

e my Idol please sign a Autograph for me!"

Song Jiao was flattered as she greeted the Crowd

"Hello my Fans its me the Gorgeous Song Jiao Im sorry for not making alot of Songs lately but now I made a new Song that I hope you all will Love! So how have you gyush been doing?"

the Crowd yelled with their answers as some small arguments were made at who she made Eye contact too

"Ill be performing my newly released song based off a Novel I read when I was still a little Popular Pop Star called..Spiriting to Another World-"

Before Song Jiao could finish her sentence the light above her fell and hit her as the Mic she was holding fell and rolled down the Stage the Crowd panicked many people called 110 and 120 it was Painful Song Jiao could barely survive as her eyes were closed shut she coughed her own blood

Is this the End? All I wanted was to have Fun and live with Luxury while having a Good Life..All the things I did to become where I am now just destroyed right here right now? No! I can not! Not yet Im still young!

Im still 23 Years Old atleast let me Live in Luxury again and reincarnate me as a person thats apart of a Royal Family! just..Atleast give me a Second Chance"

It was so sudden just a second ago she was greetings her Fans but how did it suddenly become a Blood Bath by now Song Jiao felt as if her Spine detached each other as her soul started to dread away before she completely blacked out as she heard something like a notification


[Downloading Complete..]


Zheng Xue screamed till her throat started to hurt they locked her up here Zheng Li she knew that Zheng Li was better then her but she didn care people flattered her so she didn bother but suddenly after Zheng Li got cured from poison she changed drastically

She was really happy but what made her felt so Inferior was what Zheng Li did how could she!? She stole the Person she liked Sun Qiu..And stole the love she had from her she shared her love too so how could she betray her like this?

Zheng Xue hit her palm on the rough stone wall as the smooth hands she ones had turned rough that it scratched her Face

Zheng Li when she woke up it was as if the Gods made it a Destiny as soon as Zheng Li awakens she is Destined to a High Life to Godhood while as soon as Zheng Li woke up Zheng Xue was destined for a Horrible Life Zheng Xue yelled

"HOW COULD SHE?! I loved her I shared with her I would sacrifice one of my most valuable things for her so HOW COULD SHE?! Its not fair..how could she betray me like this..I still have things

I want to do..I want to have a Happy Life and transcend to immortality so I could live forever happily and have fun and explore the world..Please Heaven..Atleast give me a Second Chance"

Zheng Xue fell as hot tears poured from her eyes the critical wound on her Heart would definitely kill her even if she barely survives her Spiritual Roots would be crippled from Zheng Li so whats the point of living Zheng Xue finally died in the cold Cave as blood seeped from her heart and other wounds

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