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I sit on the Dragon Throne Mercy, Teacher: My Teacher must be the Devil!

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Song Jiao found the Herb Section there were many generals of Herbs like Fire, Nature, Dark and many more Song Jiao finally found her Specified Section the Water or Ice Section

Taking the Herbs needed she walked back to her Furnace glancing at Qiao Xu he was still focused on Playing the Zheng Song Jiao felt pressure from him playing the Zheng a he used the Qi combined with the Zheng makes a Side Effect as she felt more Relaxed then usual

she dropped them in the furnace she put them in and closed the furnace using her low Cultivation no not even a cultivated based yet as she was still a mortal she closed her eyes as she tried to gather as much Qi she could get to increase her chance of making a good Pill while refining

Song Jiaos Dantian started to feel warm as she did so because of the warmth she felt less pressured but more comfortable and continued to refine and stopped when she was sure

Lets see if I Succeed

Opening her eyes she opened lid as she picked up the Pill only to feel disappointed seeing as it barely looked like a Pill but instead a grayish and barely blue mush

if she succeeded the Pill wouldve looked like a perfect round with a bright shade of blue radiating she wanted to curse to the heavens even as the Abandoned Female Lead she has no Main Character Halo!

while Lin Lanfen refined easily and made an Advance [ Grade 5 ] Fire Resistant Pill easily at first try when she started, Lin Lanfen never even refined a Xianxia Pill and she wasn even at the Early Qi Refining Stage!!

I shouldve not been so arrogant I shouldve just stayed at the beginner stage..Ill just act that I got a disease since Im still a mortal and haven cultivated yet and switch it to an at least decent one so Qiao Xus temper wont flare

As Song Jiao was about to crush the Pill she heard the relaxing music stopped Song Jiao tried to become relaxed as she can to prepare for Qiao Xus roasting

"What are you holding? If you

e done give it to me"

"Teacher Im afraid that I feel sick I think I have gotten a Disease maybe the ruckus at the Ball was from a Rodent that infected its disease to the Water Source Teacher please excuse me not to attend for today Teacher"

Qiao Xu was Missioned to check the case of Zheng Li if the Imperial Doctors did not manage to wake up Zheng Li in 1 month they were to be sent to Qiao Xu but since Lin Lanfen possessed Zheng Li before 1 Month Qiao Xu couldn check if it was true or not

Im so **ing smart

"Bull**! This Divine Doctor is at the Late Golden Core Stage and This Doctor will soon Breakthrough to the Nascent Soul Stage This Doctor trained my senses to the highest point and even if This Doctor hadn checked the Second Prince from my senses Her Highness was definitely poisoned and that Your Highness is Lying"

Song Jiao was stunned as she heard that she wondered if this was the Power of a Golden Core Stage then Song Jiao better Cultivate early

For Some reason getting reprimanded using Honorifics feels more insulting then not using Honorifics

"Teacher This Prince can Explain-"

"Don Lie to This Doctor for Penalty Your Highness has to Cultivate 20 hours a day for 2 month and make 10 Intermediate Stage Pills and 1 Middle Stage Pills in 2 Month if Your Highness ask why Your Highness has to Cultivate, from my senses Your Highness is still at the Mortal Realm so Your Highness ability to create Pills is lowered by 80% from the Average which is bad"

10 Intermediate Stager Pills and 1 Middle Stage Pills?? I might as well Die!

"Teacher you must be joking This Prince hasn even cultivate to the Early Qi Refining Stage and Teacher wants me to make 10 Intermediate Stage Pills and 1 Middle Stage Pills in 2 Month?! Teacher please be more Light!"

By now Song Jiao wouldve chosen Death over this if only she didn die from an assassin she wouldve had her concert in South Korea and enjoy Luxury

"This is the Lightest I can do when I trained under my Master the Lightest Punishment we had was to make 20 Middle Stage [ Grade 5 ] Pills and 10 Advance Stage [ Grade 2 ] Pills"

He must be the Devil if he would be so merciless even for Lin Lanfen his hardest Punishment is to make 2 Intermediate Stage [ Grade 1 ] Pills and thats it!

"Teacher please give Mercy to This Prince maybe its because Teacher has a Good Aptitude in Cultivating and Refining? that it is easy for Teacher"

Song Jiao could only curry Qiao Xu her way out of trouble as she hurriedly tried to think a reason to lighten her Punishment

"Tsk the time has ended Your Highness talk too much Your Highness better go back todays subject has ended Your Highness has a personal Pill Concocting furnace in Your Highnesses special Study Room right? Go do Your Highnesses task there"

Song Jiao: …

So its just like that? the Favoritism gap is too large! and Im the one who talks too much? You literally spend half of your time reprimanding me instead of getting straight through the point!

Song Jiao brushed it off after all how could she handle being a Pop Star if she couldn even handle a cold shoulder Song Jiao face before was expressionless but still had a sense of pleading but now Song Jiaos face was complete expressionless yet had a hint of calmness which pissed Qiao Xu off

but he didn care as he pluck the strings of his Zheng more aggressively making the relaxing music sound slightly more aggresively Song Jiao gracefully left the room as the door shut, Qiao Xu had an Ego of a Spoiled 11 Year old boy so seeing that Song Jiao didn actually wish to plead for him pissed Qiao Xu off

Song Jiao felt her body numb and hungry from doing so much things today and felt like even if she ate 3 bowls of rice she would still be slim as she was about to think what kind of food she could eat she heard a Familiar Ding and knew that her break is over


Tier: Hard

Prevent the Assassinations of Tang Ling the Headmaster of the Tang Family one of Lin Lanfens husband and the Eldest Child of the Duke of the Zheng Empire : 0/1

[ Reward: 500 EXP 1,000 Petals 13 Attribute Points ]

Tang Ling was one of the few who sympathize and maintain a decent relationship with Zheng Xue till the end and helped her a bit the main lineage of the Tang family

was assassinated by one of the side lineage of the Tang family to gain power but Zheng Xue didn know that but only knew that his Parents and Siblings were assassinated

making Tang Ling lose his power as the Eldest Young Master in the family but even so Tang Ling regained his power after meeting Lin Lanfen and became one of her Husbands Zheng Xue really did appreciate Tang Ling so the only thing she could do was stop Tang Lings assassination

Song Jiao clenched her first she was pissed but not mad she would definitely beat the System to death if it had a physical body

How am I going to prevent Tang Lings assassinations if I don have an opportunity System?


[ Host you forgot from Zheng Xues memory that Tang Ying the First and only Miss of the Tang Family has a good relationship with Zheng Xue basically their friends and would hang out every

Monday and sent lots of letters the only reason a barrage of Servants aren going in your room from Tang Yings stacks of letters is because she is sick you should take this opportunity to use this as excuse to visit her while keeping Tang Yings relationship good ]

Thanks for the tip

Song Jiao Hummed as Song Jiao walked to the Cold Jade Spring Pavilion near by her Palace as it was rumored that the Qi at the Pavilion was specially Dense causing the plants and fish there to mutate to become very gorgeous from the Qi then ordinary plants and fish and causing the air

to have a cooling side effect and can refresh your energy quickly along with the gorgeous scenery this would probably be a popular tourist attraction in her world so this is a good place to rest for a while

the Imperial Family of course take out the plants and fishes that cultivated enough energy and sell it to the major sects or else they might gain an IQ and escape plus only the Emperor Empress and Crown Prince were allowed there so it was perfect!

Until she saw two figures inside the Pavilion Song Jiao thought they were people exchanging info or servants confessing to each other since it was common for the servants to sneak in

since the Emperor Empress and Crown Prince don bother going here because they were busy with their own interest Song Jiao didn scare them off since she thinks she can get some useful info if she could

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