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I sit on the Dragon Throne Training Montage: Not like the Novels?

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[ 1 Week later.. ]

"Great work your Highness..What Technique did you use?"

"Nothing much I used a martial art technique from a library since the one the Technique imperial family used isn to my taste"

[ Haha you thought that you could make a loophole and cheat your way back to your own world? Bull**!! Lin Lanfens transmigration is made more early now ]

Song Jiao: ...

Song Jiao felt anger at the stupid system still berating her about how her loophole didn work a week ago it has good functions and has a fair system but when it talks it was just Insulting!! Song Jiao wanted to give 1 star to whoever made the system and get a refund

Shut up Im learning Martial Arts if I want to beat Lin Lanfen and redeem my title as Crown Prince in this world I have to be better then Lin Lanfen by 10x Meaning I have to learn other skills before Lin Lanfen can I can be inferior to her in anyway possible plus 10,000 petals are pretty good

"Your Highness our class is over you should bath first since you must go to your Herbal Medicine Teacher"

Song Jiao asked a few days earlier to the Emperor that she could learn Martial Arts Herbal medicine and about Bossiness and Stocks, etc and the Emperor agreed and hired the best teachers in the empire and they arrived surprisingly fast as they lived far from the imperial palace except from the Herbal Medicine Teacher that took 1 week so the Emperor hired the second best Teacher in the kingdom

The Emperor was actually pretty Envious and filled with Vanity in the Novel so it was strange that she agreed whitouth hesitation

Song Jiao left the courtyard and went to bath as servants awaited her because of the changed schedule taking off her Hanfu she dipped in the Bath although Song Jiao was tired her Schedules are now filled how can she get Karma Points and teach Lin Lanfen a lesson if Lin Lanfen has better knowledge on it then her plus Lin Lanfen was Paralyze as it was a good time to learn new skills

After Song Jiao finished bathing the servants dressed her in a Hanfu with a beautiful light shade of green Hanfu she bought a few days ago with some new hairpins to add to the touch and light makeup after they were done Song Jiao hurriedly went to the room to meet the teacher since from rumours

the Teacher had a bad Temper if you make him pissed which is quite often whether it is small mistakes but his talents are definitely not inferior that even the FL admit herself in the Novel

"Even if I was the best Divine Doctor in my world Qiao Xu beat me at the competition it was fierce as I spend months making the best medicine I could in the end Qiao Xu bested me easily"

Song Jiao was surprised that Lin Lanfen actually lost to someone and honored him until she realized he became one of her Concubines in her Harem and was also surprised that in this world where woman dominate the Divine Doctor is Male

The Author probably did it since a lot of people kept saying the FL was too OP while I read the comments..

Song Jiao opened the door just to see the Teacher Qiao Xu calmly sitting the Teacher was also surprisingly beautiful but not as much as Sun Qiu and had an aura of eloquence

He played a Zheng instrument flawlessly as his slender fingers pluck the strings gracefully making a relaxing music Song Jiao decided not to disturb him and took a book from the shelf that had a bunch of Medicine recipes and type of Herbs made for teaching

She didn stop him and chose to read instead since she felt interrupting him was rude and because of the rumors before Song Jiao could even look at the first page Qiao Xu abruptly stopped plucking the strings and asked

"Do you want to learn how to Concoct Medicine or Read?"

Qiao Xu voice was stern as he looked at Song Jiao, Song Jiao closed the book at put it back to the shelf and walked up to Qiao Xu and sat before finally answering

"This Prince apologize it was because This Prince didn want to interrupt Teacher.."

Qiao Xu heart soften slightly to Song Jiao a bit after hearing that before he could even say Its alright Song Jiao spoke again

"And because This Prince heard from the Palace Court that Teacher has quiet a Temper"

Song Jiao drank Oolong Tea that was already prepared for her as she acted like nothing just happened while Qiao Xu was wondering why everyone thought he was like that and felt irritated that Song Jiao didn apologize either truthfully Qiao Xu was true based on the rumors if Song Jiao currently wasn the Crown Prince Qiao Xu wouldve roasted her feelings

Ill just get teaching Her Highness and get over it, if only if it wasn an Imperial order by the Emperor I wouldve declined it

"Im sure you already learned this from your old teacher but just to remember I will tell you the Basics"

Qiao Xu pushed his Zheng aside as he explained the Basics but Song Jiao quickly became bored but still pretended to pay attention since they already knew these from the System

"Now try to Concoct a Pill at the Pill Furnace over there you can look at a book to see what Pill you want to make the herbs are at that section once your done quickly tell me"

Qiao Xu took back his Zheng and continued to pluck the strings gracefully ignoring Song Jiao, Song Jiao felt relieved as she could finally do something other then listening to his boring talk taking one of the book from the shelf she took a bland book and read it good thing she knew both Simplified and Traditional Chinese or else she would definetily be a laughing stock in the Imperial Family suddenly a familiar Pink Screen appeared on a common Healing Pill


[Tier: Beginner]

Medicine Pill [Grade 1]

[Herbs: 3 Shallow Mountain Ground Herb]

Rarity: Common


A Common [Grade 1] Medicine Pill made from a Common Shallow Mountain Ground Herb


Song Jiao knew these recipes already from the excessive info that came along the title black lines appeared on her forehead as most of them are bland she looked through the advance recipes that was only few given from her her system and were bland too but the advance recipes in the books were more interesting compared to the boring beginner stage

Heaven is so unfair!! Stealing my Happy Afterlife and forcing me to Learn Herbal Medicine just to beat Lin Lanfen this is too much! Im just a Globally famous Pop Star!"

Song Jiao sulked a bit inside her mind and said goodbye to her comfortable last life from her vague memory she lived in richest and fame as she was a Famous Singer the best Singer in Asia as people flocked from all over the world to have a chance to see her and a Collab with her but of course only the Talented gets to have partner ship with her

anyone who appeared in her music video quickly rised the ranks but not to her point as she has also met other famous people and even greeted Queen Elizabeth II but why does she suddenly have to compete against Lin Lanfen a Mary Sue who is Heavens darling?

Whatever when I beat Lin Lanfen and meet this administrator I will beat him to death!

Song Jiao looked through the intermediate books since her title grants her a good starting point at the intermediate stage Song Jiao sighed seeing there is no interesting books at the Beginner - Middle Stage and chosed a random intermediate book


[Tier: Intermediate]

Cold Resistant Pill [Grade 2]

[Herbs: 3 Petals from a Common [Grade 2] Snow Lotus and a Common [Grade 1] Cold Spring Weed]


A Intermediate [Grade 2] Cold Resistant Pill made from a Snow Lotus and Cold Spring Herb


I almost forgot this world is a Xianxia set General-! The author made a second Volume where Lin Lanfen sets on a journey to ascend to godhood and she of course gains new Harem members..

Song Jiao realized this after seeing the Cold Spring Weed since it doesn actually exist in reality Song Jiao became excited as she realized this because that learns she could cultivate earlier then Lin Lanfen and be more powerful until she realized in the novel...

"Eldest Sister! I Zheng Li has come to Challenge you"

"Bahaahah Zheng Li don overestimated yourself I am in the Middle Stage Foundation establishment even if I currently have Wood, Water and Thunder Spirit Root my Master will give me a Cleansing Bone Marrow Pill that will change my spirit root to 1. plus you

e just at a early Qi Refining Stage "

Zheng Xue talked arrogantly as Lin Lanfens eyes darkened along with her husbands who wanted to beat Zheng Xue to pieces but Lin Lanfen nudged them to not as they reluctantly Lin Lanfen stopped hiding her

Cultivation as a Qi Refining Stage aura she gave off became an aura of an Early Nascent Soul cultivator that alone was good Lin Lanfen walked up to Zheng Xue as she coldly said

"What about now Eldest Sister?"

"Ah-! Im sorry Second Sister please spare me"

Zheng Xue fell to her knees making her kowtow from Lin Lanfens powerful pressure as Lin Lanfens husbands cheered for her while insulting Zheng Xue with eat that arrogant bitch plus Wifey let me beat that Arrogant bitch first! and many more from her harem

"Eldest Sister you better lick my shoe if you wanna live or else!"

"Younger Sister please be more light I was just being arrogant please don humiliates my reputation!"

"Tsk you Arrogant Dog choosing Reputation over your life!!"

A crowd came circling Zheng Xue and Lin Lanfen from the noise they saw the Crown Prince and Second Prince from the Zheng Empire as Zheng Xue begged for mercy by Lin Lanfen they quickly guessed the situation from Lin Lanfens aura as they all thought Another Arrogant Dog overestimated themselves again.. this didn happened once but it wasn common nor rare for this situation to happened

Quickly they started to insult Zheng Xue

"How Humiliating! It shouldve been the Second Prince begging for mercy from the Crown Prince but it looks a if the role reversed "

Zheng Xue got humiliated as Lin Lanfen and her harem walked away..

Zheng Xue was neither a very good person nor evil person but sometimes she could be arrogant too Song Jiao. thought Lin Lanfen was overreacting and she couldve just ignored it but no the Author wanted to make her look cool plus how would Zheng Xue know if Zheng Li hid her Cultivation?

Song Jiao wanted to cry as she remembered she had 3 Spirit Roots and that her System doesn specialize in Cultivation either

Basically my speed at cultivation is as slow as a Snail..and my System isn Specialize at Cultivating..Wait! System do you have anything that can help me with Cultivating?


[ Once you become LVL 5 by doing Quests you will get a System that specialized for Cultivating it would look as if it was a completely new system but it is not, host could try cultivating now since Zheng Xue had a slightly higher aptitude its just that she has 3 roots ]

Song Jiao sighed as she was rest assured and quickly went back to getting ingredients to make a Cold Resistant Pill [Grade 2] the room was very big as the Emperor custom made a Palace for Song Jiao to learn privately in the Large palace

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