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Chen Mei slammed the table in front of her as she yelled good thing it wasn that loud

"Xiao Zheng didn you tell me ever since you met him when you were 14 that you will never marry any men until he accepts to be yours first? how could you let 3 years of trying go to waste?"

"I don care, think about it if 3 years wont do then why do you think 100 years will? so its best to let it go plus I think my love for him is fading away this is the best for the both of us since Sun Qiu doesn love me either and Its alright being single"

"I wonder what that man is thinking to reject my Xiao Zheng! wait, Xiao Zheng look I talked to you so much that its almost time for the banquet hurry lets dress you in the most royal hanfu in the palace or else youll be late to the banquet"

Song Jiao also realized it was almost time for the banquet she wasn at a hurry since she was actually excited shell just buy a cheap poison that takes instant affect and pour it in Zheng Lis drink and boom her mission is done such a good loophole!!

Emperor Faceslapping System: ...

The System at the other hand was astonished at her IQ to find such a good loophole sadly that it couldn work since the administrator knew it was coming but wondered why her IQ was 100 if she could come up with something very clever that even the system would overlook

"Xiao Chen Ive always used the same kind of dresses everyday why not help me look through the closet and find other Hanfus good for me who knows if something better is prepared"

"Xiao Zheng of course!"

Chen Mei searched in the closet along with Song Jiao looking for other dresses kept since Zheng Xue usually wear the same Hanfus ever special event except with different patterns this time Song Jiao found a White Hanfu along with Matching Hairpins at the very back of the Closet it was a Hanfu given by Sun Qiu since they used to be very good friends when Zheng Xue was 14 and Sun Qiu was 12

[ Keyword: Used to ]

"Chen Chen I think I found a good Hanfu and it looks good enough to fit me and matching Hairpins Ill wear this to the Banquet after that next day we better buy new Hanfus I wonder why I always wear the same thing everyday? So lame"

"Ooh I wanna see"

Song Jiao clicked her tongue as she looked at the plain wardrobe Chen Mei put the clothes back in the closet after folding it neatly

"Xiao Zheng isn that the Hanfu Sun Qiu gave you? wouldn be awkard to tell him you don love him anymore while wearing his gift.."

"I know but look at all my other hanfus their so dull except this one Ill give it back to him once the banquet ends and buy a new set of hanfus after so help me dress up fast"

"Yes! Xiao Zheng"

Chen Mei helped put her on the White Hanfu the Hanfu was the same type of Female version of a Hanfu back in her world Chen Mei changed her hair to a gorgeous hairstyle as her her eyes glittered Song Jiao didn notice since she didn look at her

"Zheng Zheng check yourself at the mirror you look as if a celestial descended from heaven and as graceful as a swan so Eloquent!"

Chen Mei exclaimed and complimented Song Jiao looks as Song Jiao felt flattered and wasn embarrassed and only made a small smile Song Jiao looked to the mirror indeed she looked like a celestial descending from heaven and graceful as a swan if Zheng Li was better then Zheng Xue how charming would she be? compared to Zheng Xue and Zheng Li from gossips she heard outside since the wall was a bit thin

Zheng Xue would look like a minor deity compared to Zheng Li that would look as if she was the goddess from the upper realm such good genes compared to how the emperor and empress they were descripted as old hags that were very moody and accusive with Lin Lanfen and Zheng Xue

Where did such good genes come from? Zheng Xue and Zheng Li both came from the Empresss womb and looked as if the heavens has blessed their beauty yet the Emperor and Empress look as if they could die at any moment

"Zheng Zheng stop day dreaming the banquet is closely starting lets go"

Song Jiao nodded and took a white fan before walking out from her room as Chen Mei followed her along her bubbly and cheery mood turned cold and solemn in a matter of seconds as Song Jiao walked to the direction of the banquet servants came from every corridors as they were busy with the matters of the banquet yet still made way for her before finally arriving before she asked




"I wasn Late Was I?"

[ Before Arriving.. ]

Zheng Li looked at herself in the mirror as she wore a gorgeous Blue Hanfu that matched her fair skin and brunette hair with vibrant green eyes as she twirled around a bit before adding a bit more makeup and posing again as she watched her reflection while a Male servant is watching Zheng Li went back to sit before asking

"Hmm do I look? excellent?"

"Your Highness Sun Qiu will finally fall in with Your Highness in such a beautiful Hanfu the other Princes will of course envy Your Highness"

"Yeah, of course they will even my Big Sister Zheng Xuewill surely be jealous too always so cold and aloof lets see what she thinks when I take her spotlight this time, ok lets go don want to let my Xiao Sun waiting"

the servant was silent as he followed Zheng Li to her side while the servant had an emotionless face Zheng Li had a prideful and determined face as they entered they heard the announcement of the servants as they synced

"Her Highness the Second Prince Has Arrive"

the room was originaly already loud enough with nobles trying to make connections and some gossiping and others romancing and so on became louder as the murmurs were now focused on Zheng Li, Zheng Li walked through the center of the Banquet as nobles began to gather and talk to her there were praises and proposals in the crowd of course some envy there were many comments like..

"Your Highness looked so eloquent Your Highness is the most gorgeous out of the Princes"

"Your Highness please marry me Ill give you anything even my life so please!"

such comments flatterd Zheng Li but her main focus was Sun Qiu he was alone drinking Baijiu at the corner making him not noticeanls in the large crowd as the moonlight shoned his fair skin and snow white hair with red eyes red as crimson he was definetily gorgeous

My Xiao Sun is especially beautiful today! I hope that he accept my request this time I spend alot of Taels for this Hanfu and begged Mother and Father for tons of Taels to buy this rare Hanfu so he can notice me so please! Heaven don let me down this time

Zheng Li walked up to him as he took notice of her before focusing on drinking again she frowned but didn give up Zheng Li and Zheng Xue were fighting for Sun Qiu since they were 15 and finally Zheng Li thought that he will finally marry her as she sacrificed so much for his family to rise to one of the Richest Family in teh Empire but she didn care as long as he was happy she was happy

"Xiao Qiu~! will you-"



Zheng Li was stunned Sun Qiu rejected her many times but even so he was never this stern which shocked her a bit this time he looked annoyed

"Why can you stop it? are you illiterate? do you know what NO means? enough with this stuff I HATE YOU get out of my sight why do you bugging me liks a mosquito?"


Zheng Li begged to Sun Qiu as Zheng Li Grip his hands Sun Qiu took his hand back in disdain before Sun Qiu left he heard an announcement by the servants just to be shocked

"Her Highness The Crown Prince Has Arrive"




"I wasn Late Was I?"

Sun Qiu was left shocked not by her beauty but the Hanfu she never wore before and its been so long since he saw it thay he wasn able to remember yet here she was wearing the beautiful hanfu..


It was Spring the sky was blue and the sun was warm a beautiful field of flowers where flowers bloomed was there at the center was small hill with a Blossom Tree growing as two people were standing a black haired girl at the age of 14 along with a white haired boy that looked like 12

"Sun Qiu what did you bring me here for?"

The Girl asked with seemingly no interest as she asked with a dull tone

"Well..Zheng Zheng..I love you!! I asked my Father to make you a custom Silk Hanfu and matching Hairpins as a gift so..when we grow up please marry me!"

The Boy asked with a desperate tone as he held a folded hanfu and hairpins for her The Girls eyes turn to disdain as she saw this and took it just to throw it on the ground good thing it wasn dirtied

"Sun Qiu I HATE YOU!! You keep buzzing me like a mosquito your so annoying!! why can you just go after my sister Zheng Li instead I don love you!! Don ever talk to me again"

The Girl yelled angrly as she turned and went to left just for The Boy to grip her Hand as he hold his Tears

"Then..atleast keep my Gifts"

"Tsk your so pityful fine Ill take your Gift but Ill never wear it since its been touch by your dirty hand, done, are you happy? now let go!"

The girl took her hand and quickly left with his gift as the tears he holded finally poured as he said in his heart

Fine Ill never love you again nor anyone else and experience the same thing again! from now on I will live as a new Sun Qiu


Only if you didn get Memory Loss..

as she showed off an aura of Eloquence that you could forget she was just a useless Crown Prince there were gossips in the crowds as they saw her but there was one thing that they currently had in common

No Way Thats The Crown Prince?

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