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I sit on the Dragon Throne a Servant's loyalty: My Maid is too cheery

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PS: this CH is Mainly about Info of the Novel

A Pink Panel showed up showing Quests

[ Quests ]


Ultimate Quest


[ Conjoined Quest ]

Tier: Nightmare Hell

Become Emperor: 0/1 Gain Karma Points: 0/1,000,000,000

[ Reward: Return to the Original World ]


Main Quest


Tier: Easy

Attend the Banquet : 0/1

[ Reward: 100 EXP 500 Petals 5 Attribute Points ]


Side Quest


Tier: Hell

Regain Zheng Xues honor as Crown Prince: 0/1

[ Reward: 1,000 EXP 10,000 Petals 20 Attribute Points ]

Song Jiao knew leaving the world will need alot of effort as soon as she saw the Tier according to the info there was 7 Grades on how hard the Quest is

Super Easy » Easy » Medium » Hard » Nightmare » Hell » Nightmare Hell

As a now offical Prince they shouldve atleast made it the 4th Grade and regain Zheng Xues honor? Its just a side quest why is it so hard?!..Whatever Ill check the shop too since Im curious

in the shop they were many things you could buy and anything you could think of titles, recipes, talents, items and so on from useful things to decorative things Song Jiao took a intrest to a title and talent and put it on her wishlist

[ Title ]

Zhen Wus blessing: Have a good aptitude in Martial Arts and have the knowledge of the [ Heavenly Martial Arts ]

[ Price: 1,000 Petals ]

Bussiness Queen: Have a good aptitude in Bussiness and stocks and have the knowledge of the [ Ultimate Stock Bussiness ]

[ Price: 3,000 Petals ]

Divine Herbal Goddess: Have a Good aptitude in the Medicine and Herbal department and have the knowledge of the [ Azure Medicine Queen ]

[ 3,000 Petals ]

[ Talent ]

Eyes of Truth [ LVL 1 ]: You can feel when someone is lying faintly the more you LVL it up the more useful itll be

[ Price: 1,000 Petals ]

[ Submit ] or [ Cancel ]

Submit, now lets look at ths Stats

Song Jiao looked back at the Stags Panel and saw it update

Name: Song Jiao


[ 0/500 EXP ]


Petals: 2,000


Vitality: 20/20


Attribute Points: 0



Martial Arts: 50

Vitality: 20

Agility: 10

Aptitude: 40

IQ: 100

Charm: 200


Title: Zhee Wus blessing, Divine Herbal Goddess, Bussiness Queen


Talent: Eyes of Truth [ LVL 1 ], Heavenly Martial Arts [ LVL 1 ], Azure Medicine Queen [ LVL 1 ], Ultimats Stock Bussinss [ LVL 1 ]


Storage: Beginners Package

Song Jiao remememberd about the Beginners Package after seeing it and decided to save it for later but became hyped as she saw her Martial Arts rise like crazy but frowned as she got a headache from the knowledge of the [ Heavenly Martial Arts ]

Song Jiao sighed after she got a headache again because of the excessive info of her talents except Eyes of truth again right now was currently before Lin Lanfens transmigration and still the day where Zheng Xue still has a normal reputation the original host Zheng Li killed herself after one of heng Xues Husband Sun Qiu rejected Zheng Li since Zheng Li was head over heels for Sun Qiu

to a Ultimate Simp level and even made a tantrum to marry Sun Qiu who was apart of the Central 4 Aristocrats Family in the Zheng Empire even if Sun Qiu didn want to marry except Zheng Xue only after he sees her stop simping for him did he finally love back and after Sun Qiu rejected Zheng Li before she poisoned herself she made a loving poetry for him

Song Jiao could only be astonished with the original Zheng Li no wonder Lin Lanfen disliked the original Zheng Li, Zheng Li is Head Over Heels for Sun Qiu till the Start and Finish Line but that doesn mean Lin Lanfen could steal Zheng Xues husband Sun Qiu away from her because shes petty

She couldve made another Harem with other people, so Pitiful getting her Fate Stolen and Husbands stolen because of one Transmigration of a modern girl?

Truthfully speaking the Heavens must be joking on Zheng Xue at her Female Lead Halo in the end she became a strand of hair in nine oxes Song Jiao called for Zheng Xues most loyal servant Chen Mei

Chen Mei was actually a Woman and cross-dressed to serve Zheng Xue Personally because she saved her from getting being killed by loaners while visiting a neighboring kingdom from her parents debt

so out of honor and loyalty begged to become Zheng Xues Personal servant and Zheng Xue was the only one who knew she was female because Zheng Xue was her Best Friend but Chen Mei made one mistake of bullying Lin Lanfen whos Heavens Darling

even if Zheng Xue never ordered her to, because Lin Lanfen stole Sun Qiu someone that Zheng Xue actually loved, Sun Qiu but only cried in sadness in the end Chen Mei got executed by Lin Lanfen after Lin Lanfen became more popular and famous and became the honorable Second Prince with her top tier martial arts and was a divine doctor and a business woman! such a Mary sue

Song Jiao wanted to Vomit Blood because Chen Mei is basically courting death!! for both Zheng Xue and her Song Jiao wanted to fire Chen Mei because of her Rashness but backed off that idea since Chen Mei is the only one she could fully trust

If I transmigrate later to where Lin Lanfen made Zheng Xue powerless with only Prince in name I wouldve already been at dead end anyways in theory since Zheng Xue and 1 Billion people wanted revenge on Lin Lanfen and since death the best Karma you couldve given someone so can I just..





Song Jiao was looking through the window with a poker face that radiated a mysterious aura as the warm ray of light embraced her making her look beautiful and deep in thoughts that will make you curious to see what it is who wouldve known it was a sinister plan of murder

loud footsteps could be heard swiftly approaching the door and suddenly Chen Mei appears as she gasped for air

"You did a good run didn you? Xiao Chen"

Song Jiao took a fan from the table that had an eloquent design and covered half of her face with it leaving her eyes to only be seen giving her a grand aura while inside..

Haha! I always wanted to do this in my past life and act cool and Im finally able to do so in this Life!

"Xiao Zheng!! You made me so worried when you yelled for my name like a rooster even if you make it the faintest sound when you called for me I could easily hear it!"

Chen Mei had long dark black hair tied in a long ponytail that reached her spine and round eyes that had the color of hazel brown and had smooth fair skin as she wore a male hanfu that was a bit loose

"Ah!- I forgot to knock!"

Chen Mei exclaimed and knocked the half open door to her right before closing it and carelessly sit on one of the chairs in the room with a laid back position before speaking again

"Xiao Zheng, you usually act really laid back with me.."

Chen Meis voice darkened as she said that along with her expression the bubbly and cheery aura she had darkened in a instant as if there were no traces of those radiant aura

Song Jiao wasn scared if Chen Mei knew she wasn actually the original Zheng Xue because who would believe her? but instead sad because it would be harder to complete the mission whitouth Chen Mei since shes the only trustworthy person in the palace

"Are you trying to act cool again?! You keep practising to look like a cool and cold dominant Prince for 2 weeks so Sun Qiu can notice you at the Banquet? So Hummiliating! you already have good looks and a good personality plus you

e apart of the imperial bloodline!! what could a Men possibly want more?"

Chen Mei laughed out of entertainment as she chattered with Song Jiao, Song Jiao only felt as if she was seen through but was still calm but acting as a Cold and Dominant Prince? for Sun Qiu Fuck No!

"Xiao Chen Im giving up on Sun Qiu"

"WHAT ?!"

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