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With the sharp sound of the sword unsheathed, Song Zhu felt a cold chill on his neck, but the cold blade was already in front of him.

Ni Ying gritted her teeth: “You dare to slander my brother!”

Her wrist shook, and the blade pressed even more tightly to his throat.

At this point, Song Zhu simply let it out, “If young miss wants to take this life then do it! I just hope that Commander Daren will have a clear head and cease the misunderstanding, then I would be at ease even if I die!”

After saying that, he trembled all over.

He closed his eyes, obviously showing his will to die.

Ni Ying’s hands were also trembling, obviously shocked by the words of this honest and timid rat-like person.

Her pupils flickered and were full of pain.

Zhou Dawu frowned tightly, his face became darker, he thought for a while, as if he had made up his mind, and clenched his fists: “Okay! In any case, we must give the Commander’s house a visit!”

As soon as the words fell, Song Zhu’s heart relaxed.

He immediately let out a pitiful cry.

For a long time, in the midst of that cry, Ni Ying’s voice came prostrately: “If you want to go, how will you do it”

Her eyes were blood-red, but she looked at Zhou Dawu surprisingly calmly: “How could you search Brother’s Commander’s Mansion at will, it is hard… Brother Zhou, how sure are you” 

Zhou Dawu froze, he saw such a look on the face of this innocent and lively girl for the first time, his heart shook, and he couldn’t help sighing.

Her words also reminded him how weak he was as the mansion’s leader compared to the Commander’s Mansion that was like the sun at noon.

What’s more, he was facing an undefeated man with extraordinary talent.

Ni Ying stubbornly suppressed the turmoil in her heart.

She collected her sword, and said firmly: “If I go, the people in Brother’s Mansion will not guard against me.”

Song Zhu didn’t even have time to wipe his tears, and hurriedly stood up: “No!”

He looked at Ni Ying, then at Zhou Dawu, his face was anxious, but he couldn’t say anything with his lips pursed, and only waved his hand in a panic.

How could Ni Ying not see his thoughts, in the eyes of outsiders, she was her brother’s biological sister, naturally, she favors him everywhere.

She couldn’t help but want to answer back sarcastically.

But a thought surged in her heart – she was sure in her heart that her brother would not do such a thing, but if he really did…

Ni Ying didn’t dare to continue thinking about it, her brain thundered.

She almost couldn’t even hold the sword.

In the end, it was Zhou Dawu who clapped: “Okay, Ah Ying, you can go!”

He touched a bamboo pipe from his arms and handed it to her: “Tomorrow morning, when Commander Ni left, I will personally lead the soldiers to wait in the surrounding.

If necessary, pull out this smoke signal… If the Commander’s Mansion is really involved, even if we die we will risk it this time for His Highness! ”

Zhou Dawu’s words were sonorous, making Ni Ying’s body tremble almost invisibly, she raised her hand and slowly took the smoke signal.

This night, many people did not sleep well.

Ni Ying even opened her eyes all night, only staring blankly at the top of the bed.

When Chang Geng Star fell, there was a glimmer of light in the sky.

On the long street, a fierce horse galloped and rushed towards the Commander’s Mansion.

The cold wind cut her face, but Ni Ying’s heart became clearer.

She remembered many details, such as she was not allowed to go anywhere at will in her brother’s bedroom on the ground that she’s a grown-up woman now.

Such as His Royal Highness, who had always refused to allow her to stay outside, nevertheless sent a letter and readily agreed to let her stay in the camp… All the details that seemed strange at the time but she did not pay much attention to now sprung up like mushrooms in her heart.

She shouted, kicking the horse’s belly, not daring to think carefully about how to face the result, but only bent on finding out clearly what was going on.

 “Jia!” (gallop)

The horse’s hooves stepped on the stagnant water on the bluestone path and splashed suddenly before it slowly returned to tranquility.

The servant woman brought hot water into the secret room early in the morning.

The tall man on the bed looked like he had just woken up.

He was looking at the snow-white man beside him with bare arms and propped up.

From time to time, he leaned down to sniff and smell, and when he saw the servant woman come in, he got up.

But when he saw that the servant woman was about to wipe the man, his heart moved, and he spoke: “I’ll do it.”

He immediately caught the hot cloth and awkwardly wiped his body.

He washed it a few times, then finally wiped it again.

The person in front of him was still frowning in his sleep.

Ni Lie’s eyes were dark.

He glanced at it a few times, stood up, and instructed sharply: “Pay attention today.

If he has a fever again, quickly report to the barracks.”

“ Yes! The servant answered.

Ni Lie looked at him again, leaned down, and hid his exposed hand in the soft quilt before putting on his clothes and hurrying away.

When the servant woman saw the appearance of her master, she did not dare to take it lightly.

She even raised more attention to nursing him. 

“ Bring in the medicinal porridge.

If His Highness wakes up, we should give him a little.” The servant whispered to the other.

The other answered and retreated lightly.

However, the servant woman in front of the bed waited for half a day, but no one came in.

She frowned and saw that the person on the bed was still sleeping peacefully.

She immediately opened the secret passage and went out.

As soon as she stepped out, she saw that the servant woman fell to the ground, unconscious, she was stunned in her heart and turned back alertly, but it was too late.

She saw a black shadow rushing towards her.

Then there was a sharp pain in her temporal jaw before she immediately fell on her back and fainted to the ground.

Ni Ying gasped, withdrew the knife’s hilt, and turned to look at the door that suddenly appeared on the wall.

Her heart beat violently, but she barely swallowed her saliva and walked inside.

Just after stepping into the narrow door, there was a bang behind her.

The door closed tightly.

The servant woman who was originally lying on the ground gasped, standing by the bookshelf in shock, she was not powerless to resist, but seeing that the person who came was the sister of her master, she did not dare to be ruthless.

Now that Ni Ying had been locked in the secret room before the other party finds a way to open the door, she must quickly inform her master.

At this moment, Ni Ying could no longer care about the closed door, she gritted her teeth and went straight to the narrow secret passage.

When he saw the person lying on the huge bed, Ni Ying was already in tears.

She threw herself in front of the bed, her hands trembling as she stroked his pale face.

“Your Highness Gege….”

How could His Highness Gege, who was as warm as jade and with picturesque appearance, look so lifeless, like a magnolia that withered in winter, with the last trace of life like this

The lifeless man on the bed slowly opened his eyes and saw the person in front of him, he seemed to be still in a dream, and only opened his lips faintly, “Ah Ying…”

There was finally a light in his eyes, he trembled again: “My Ah Ying…”

Ni Ying was already on the verge of collapse, only looking at him with tears streaming down her face while keeping muttered in her mouth: “How can this be….How can this be……”

She has already been knocked down, and now she only knew how to shed tears at her Highness Gege.

Li Yuanmin was at a loss, but he touched her wet face, his heart instinctively hurt, he knew that the girl in front of him should be frightened, he supported his upper body with difficulty and hugged Ni Ying into his arms.

“Don’t be afraid….Ah Ying, don’t be afraid….”

The familiar cold fragrance surrounded her, Ni Ying couldn’t help it anymore, hiding in his arms and crying loudly.

She put her arm around his waist, wanting to hide in his fragrant warm arms like a child, wantonly cathartic, but when she reached out, she touched a smooth warm skin.

She was startled, then she lifted the snow satin mattress on his body, and found that he was actually naked, Ni Ying couldn’t help but be crushed, her trembling gaze came from top to bottom, and finally fell on the ankle rings of his feet.

Her heart was agitated – His Highness Gege who was like a divine residence in her heart was actually locked in this huge cage like a bird.

She opened her mouth, but she couldn’t cry anymore.

Li Yuanmin’s eyes were red, he inhaled with difficulty.

In front of this girl he personally raised, he was already embarrassed with no dignity.

He shrunk his feet, and begged in a weak and low voice: “Ah Ying, don’t look.”

Ni Ying shook for a moment before she seemed to sober up.

She hurriedly took off the blouse on her body, wrapped Li Yuanmin, wiped her tears, and took the person who closed his eyes in pain in front of her into her arms.

She treated a person so gently for the first time, carefully sorting out the gown on his body: “Your Highness, don’t be afraid, Ah Ying will take you out.”

She felt the iron dagger in her leather boot, gritted her teeth, and violently cut off the chain on his ankle.

With a sharp clang, the chain was broken, leaving only two golden ankle rings on his snow-white ankles.

She picked up Li Yuanmin and wanted to prop him up, but Li Yuanmin leaned on her shoulder and gasped weakly: “Ah Ying… I…… I can’t stand up…”

“I will carry you.”

Ni Ying’s heart ached and couldn’t help herself, although she was only fourteen years old, in the end, it was the Ni family’s bloodline.

She already had the physical strength of an adult man.

She immediately pulled his arm around her neck and carried Li Yuanmin firmly on her back.

She bowed her body, trying her best to make her highness Gege lie comfortably.

But when she reached the door, the road ahead had been blocked by the stone door, she freed one hand, and groped around, but could not find the switch, her heart was anxious, like a headless fly.

The man on the back gasped: “Ah Ying… Try pushing that piece.

Ni Ying followed the direction he pointed, it was a stone table where a lamp was placed, she fixed her eyes on it, there were some grinding marks under the stone table, if it were not for such a meticulous person as His Highness Gege, she would not have noticed it.

There was a gratuitous pain in her heart, she immediately raised her foot and pushed it hard.

With a bang, the closed stone door opened.

Ni Ying finally relaxed his heart, pulled up the smock on Li Yuanmin’s body with her backhand, covered his face, and then tightened her hands and said softly:

“Gege, I will take you home.”

Ni Ying carried him carefully and went outside.

The morning sun fell on the floor of the bedroom, Ni Ying soon realized that something was wrong.

There was one less servant on the floor.

Her heart pounded, and she immediately quickened her pace.

However, before stepping into the courtyard, there was a rumbling sound of rapid steps, and dozens of brave guards surrounded the compound.

The light and shadow of the gate darkened, and a tall and strong figure stepped in.

The person who came was full of coldness, his eyes were terrified, and his body was full of a powerful aura that made people fear when they see him, which made this winter yard a little colder for no reason.

It was Ni Lie.


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