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IAMMIANG CHAPTER 2.1: There is one more

Eat… Mom, I, I eat…

If it was replaced by a real child, it would look like it was about to cry out of fear.

Xu Yintang touched his face, thinking that he shouldn’t be so intimidating, after thinking about it, he softened his tone and praised : “You’re so good.”

Such an obedient boy, why not just call him Xiaoguai¹.

Xu Xiaoguai, Xu Guaiguai², Xu Guaibao³…Xu Yintang arranged and combined children’s names in his mind, then finally chose Xu Xiaoguai which is the most easy to pronounce, and concluded with satisfaction: “Xiaoguai is really mother’s good boy.”

The cub, which was struggling to eat, trembled and responded, exuding an emotion of closeness and fear through the human skin.

[System prompt: The player captures a pet*1, bind to player information 】

Only pets and props that are bound to players can be taken out of the dungeon.

Those that are not bound can only be used in the current dungeon and will disappear automatically after the dungeon is cleared.

Xu Yintang confirmed the binding process without hesitation.

Xu Xiaoguai is his oldest son who he had worked so hard to give birth to at the expense of own life, he has to bring Xiaoguai wherever he goes.

[System prompt: The player has successfully bound the pet “Xu Xiaoguai”.

Pet Status: Weak/Fearful/Hungry.

[Pet race: (infancy)]

[Grade Rating: C】

[Pet skills:

Intimidate: Passive skill.

People who see its true form will randomly lose 1-3 sanity.

Venom: It can secrete a small amount of corrosive venom (can be taken orally and activates when touched), the poisoning lasts for 5 minutes, and causes 1 point of physical damage every minute.

The effects of healing potions and skills on poisoned people are halved during the duration.

For some reason, Xu Yintang always felt that the mechanical electronic sound of the system was a bit speechless.

Hmm… probably an illusion.

Xu Yintang thought about taking off the black robe of the prey and putting it on himself.

His current mental state is prone to hallucinations, he will just ignore it as usual.

Otherwise, if he looks out of the window, the blood-red eye in the sky is staring at him without blinking.

Shhh – it’s pretending to be a new moon, let’s not expose it.

In addition to the ill-fitting black robe and mask, Xu Yintang also obtained a sharp ritual knife from the prey.

The handle is carved with exquisite spider patterns, and the positions of the spider’s eyes are inlaid with opal stones, it changes colors with light and is very colorful, like a reflection of a dream.

Then there are lighters, cigarettes, and a bunch of keys to the sacrificial rooms.

Xu Yintang put all these things in his pocket, and didn’t find anything else useful.

While he was searching for props, Xu Xiaoguai also quickly finished eating.

Under the deterrence of the “mother”, no matter how much he doesn’t like to eat, he will try to eat until the dishes are clean, leaving only a little hair and teeth.

After eating something, its skin looked plump and tougher than before.

Sharp and fine teeth emerged from the opening and closing mouthparts.

The whole body swelled to the size of a human head.

The pieces of meat squeezed around like a child shaking his head and wiping his mouth. 

Even though he was full, he became stronger, and the grade on the pet panel rose from C to C , his “Mother” just casted a look of dissatisfaction.

Xu Xiaoguai curled up into a small ball and crawled closer, carefully testing the mood of his “mother”.


Mother loves him…

So scary……

Xu Yintang looked down at the dirty lump at his feet, the undigested meat and blood were embedded within its cracks and crevices, making this piece of playdough³ look even more horrible.

Forget it, what else can I do with my own child, let’s teach it slowly in the future.

Xu Yintang picked up Xu Xiaoguai, squeezed it into the pocket of the robe.

“Be obedient.” He patted Xu Xiaoguai’s tentacles protruding from the edge of his pocket, and taught the cub to thank the prey on the ground — without the great generosity and selfless dedication of the prey, how can there be the predator’s fullness and survival

After feeding the hungry cub, it is time to go out for a walk.

Xu Yintang put on a mask, and lowered the hood of his robe to hide his face in the shadows.

Without careful observation, no one would be able to tell whether there was a person or a ghost under the robe.

The dungeon had just started, he had to take advantage of the early time to hurry up and find a few more prey.

After all……

There is still one more in his belly.

Xu Yintang touched his lower abdomen again.

After Xu Xiaoguai was born, his stomach become flat again, but Xu Yintang could still feel something inside – the second child is sleeping soundly in the warm and sweet dreamland, and there is no rush to come to the world.

Therefore, in addition to stockpiling food, Xu Yintang is also going to find out if there are any tips for delivering babies.

Since these people are capable of stuffing a baby into his stomach, then there should be a good way to give birth without pain.

The process of Xu Xiaoguai’s birth was really tormenting.

If possible, he hopes that the second child could come down as easily and smoothly as going to the toilet.

As if aware of “mother” comparing himself to a poop, the cub stepped on Xu Yintang’s nerves in dissatisfaction, causing him to feel like being pricked with a needle in his whole head.

“Okay, okay, my sweet baby.” Xu Yintang rubbed his stomach and softly comforted him.

This child is different from Xu Xiaoguai, he enjoys the love and tenderness from his “mother”, and after being comforted by him, it hums and calms down.

It actively conveyed soft and peaceful emotions, which effectively relieved Xu Yintang’s headache symptoms.

“Good baby.” After Xu Yintang praised it, he rubbed Xu Xiaoguai in his pocket.

The tentacles stretched out and wrapped around his fingertips, trembling very cutely.

“Well, Xiaoguai is also a good boy.”

After closing the door and locking it, the figure in the black robe disappeared silently into the deepest part of the long corridor like a ghost.

Notes:Xiaoguai- [小乖] often used to refer to children, literally means little obedient / well-behaved.

Yep, our novice mother really thought this through.Xu Guaiguai- [徐乖乖] also means well-behave / obedient.Xu Guaibao- [徐乖寶] means good baby / obedient baby.playdough-  的橡皮泥看, our sugar daddy describes this very cute child as a small easy to knead baby.

Alright, in this story, the god “Dais” doesn’t have a specific gender.

This cult (Nightmare Church) classifies Dais as female, thus calling it Mother Goddess.

Meanwhile, Xu Yintang(and the cubs) as the ‘mother’, naturally categorize Dais as male, the pseudo father.

Don’t get confused!

Okay, a little trivia.

Xu Yintang has a character in his name which translates to “sugar” or “sweet”.

Which means calling him sugar daddy is justifiable! XD


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