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IAMMIANG CHAPTER 2.1: There is one more

Sacrifice No.


Sacrifice No.



3… No.

4… No.


Jack closed another door with a gloomy face, he wiped off the shredded flesh and blood from the soles of his shoes on the carpet, cursing in his heart the stupidity and incompetence of this batch of sacrifices as he walked.

He wore a white half-face mask on his face, which slightly concealed his furious, angry, monster-like expression at the moment, but Jack’s gaffe was understandable, after all, the Nightmare Church he was loyal to had spent more than 20 years lurking just waiting for this moment.

They had patiently selected the most suitable ones among those dirty and ignorant human cubs, carefully nurtured these delicious and healthy sacrifices, and let them grow up in a perfect environment like sterile pots.

They have neither worries nor knowledge about what is fear – only such a pure white and unsullied vessel can have the chance to give birth to the seeds bestowed by the mother goddess Dais.

Then, when the stars dim and the blood-colored crescent moon rises, the great goddess Dais will give the fire of death and nightmares from the deepest darkness.

Jack murmured the honorable name of the mother goddess, praying that the next door that he opens is not full of shredded meat, he had had enough of the frustration and pain of failure, even for a second, he was eager to see a glimmer of success.



The next one is number 6.

There was no sign from the door, and the smell of blood in the corridor was too strong to tell whether the smell in the room was abnormal.

Jack pricked up his ears and listened to the movement behind the door, expecting to hear a melodious moan or two.

Jack has higher expectations for the sacrifice No.6, after all, even among the carefully selected offerings, No.

6 is the one with the best quality.

A healthy and fresh body, exuberant and pure vitality, especially the handsome and beautiful face, if it were not for the sacrifice of the mother goddess, which is not allowed to have any flaws, it would have been stripped down and become an elder’s collection.

Thinking of No.

6’s rare pure black eyes, Jack swallowed his saliva and breathed a little.

The blood-colored crescent moon can always evoke the dark desires hidden in the creatures.

Fortunately, his beliefs are pious enough, he quickly cleans up his thoughts that he shouldn’t have and continues to complete his work.

There was silence inside the door, Jack’s heart sank.

The ups and downs of emotions made him swear out loud.

If he knew that this would happen, a waste like No.

6 should have just been gutted, skinned, and drained of blood, it would be better than wasting the precious resources the church spent on him in vain.

He cursed and took out the key to open the door, he didn’t even have to look to guess the appearance of rotten meat inside.

However, the moment the door opened, a heavy punch hit him on the bridge of his nose, the mask on his face flew out.

Before Jack could even feel the pain, he was grabbed on his hair and slammed on the ground——The back of the head, the temples, the forehead, every hit made him dizzy and his sight black, and then the hands like iron pincers strangled his throat, so strong and with the intent to choke his neck.

Jack heard his bones groaning in pain, his face turned blue, and his hands and feet were struggling, but the weak kicking and scratching could not shake the attacker even half, and in his blurred and blackened vision, he saw himself struggling and dying.

He saw…

Red! It’s a red moon!

A new moon rose slowly in his consciousness, blood-red, so close at hand, so huge that he couldn’t help but fear– he suddenly realized that it was clearly the reflection in the eyes of his attacker.

Jack’s lungs were shriveled and painful, he was drowning in the swamp of death with only a little bit of breath, but he just stared at those eyes.

Suddenly, he saw the blood-red crescent moon blinking in the eyes.

It’s the Mother Goddess! The Mother Goddess is watching—

Jack’s eyes widened suddenly, his consciousness sank into the depths of the nightmare of ecstasy and fear.

His skin had a strange pale, paraffin-like color, his pupils dilated and his eyes turned upwards, only seeing the cloudy and yellow whites of his eyes.

His chest was still undulating indistinctly, but his limbs were as stiff and cold as the dead, and even if the attacker let go of his hand and kicked him aside, he still maintained the last posture before he lost consciousness.

“Tsk.” The attacker–sacrifice No.

6, Xu Yintang, rubbed his fingertips.

The prey’s cold and greasy skin after death made him a little uncomfortable.

The dry electronic sound of the system also disturbed his long-lost excitement.

[Congratulations to the player for acquiring the skill “Eye of the Blood Moon”.】

[Skill Name: Eye of the Blood Moon]

[Acquisition conditions: In the dungeon of the Birth of God achieve the initial alienation state as a sacrifice alone, sanity > 40, mystery < 55.

[Skill effect: This skill can make any individual with a lower willpower than you feel an indescribably huge fear when you’re looking at each other, causing 1-6 sanity damage.

If the opponent’s sanity is reduced by 5 or more at a time, it will enter a fear state that lasts from 1 to 10 seconds, the target cannot move and use any skills in this state】

[Note: Every time this skill is used, the player will randomly increase 1-3 mystery.

Mystery no longer increases when greater than 80.

[Skill “Eye of the Blood Moon” was successfully used, and the numerical check is in progress…]

[Player Mystery 2]

[Mystery: 55】

[Use the target’s sanity -6 to enter a state of fear for 5 seconds.

When Xu Yintang checked the system information, the little monster he had worked so hard to give birth to crawled to his feet.

Originally, the cub was lying on his arms and waiting for the meal, but it might be because he punched too much that the child was thrown up and stuck on the wall, it took a long time to climb over.

It also brought the mask that the prey was wearing to Xu Yintang, the tentacles swayed in a pleasing way.

Mom, I want to eat 0w0

Xu Yintang took the mask and pointed to the prey on the ground, “Can you eat this”

“…” The little monster stabbed its tentacles into the eyes of the prey and stirred.

After a few seconds, it gave Xu Yintang comments such as “can eat”, “not very tasty”, and “want to eat something delicious”.

“You can eat it.” Xu Yintang grabbed the little monster and pressed it on the face of the prey, “A good boy can’t be a picky eater.”

This time, without delaying anymore, the mouthparts and tentacles of the monster hurriedly stretched out and bit the skin of the prey, and “flowed” from every hole in the mouth, ears, nose, and eyes.


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