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The female ghost grunted and lunged at him again.

Wei Lan jumped over and kicked her midriff again.

The creature skidded across the dusty floor and rolled away from the force. Even though Wei Lan was weaker, it seemed as though his attacks were becoming more and more powerful as the scene went by.

Just as the woman with the twisted head struggled to her feet, Wei Lan hauled the desk towards the place where the pressure was at its highest.

The desk crashed into the wall and an ear splitting scream echoed.

Wei Lan and the twisted woman covered their ears as the desk broke into pieces and splinters flew everywhere. At some places of a dark corner, the splinters seemed to go deeper into the wall, and dark blood oozed out.

Wei Lan smirked.

Soul power!

What ever that creature was, it was hurt at the moment!

Seizing the chance, Wei Lan dashed forwards, grabbed one of the broken off legs of the desk and rushed towards the corner with the bleeding soul power.

He plunged the leg into the wall.

There was an ear-splitting scream again and thick hairstrands surrounded him.

They started to cocoon him as he forced the broken leg in deeper.

The hairstrands burned his skin, bringing a pain that was blinding. That made him want to curl up and sob.

But his survival instincts forced him not to bow his head, to not give in to the pain and keep forcing the leg in.

A few strands of hair curled around his neck and his wrists, pulling him away from the desk leg.

He struggled to maintain his position through the pain, but the physical strength of the creature was just too strong as it was able to pull him back a step immediately.

Desparately, his eyes went around, trying to find a way out of this predicament.

His eyes fell on the wood splinters.

A small smile formed on his lips.

He let go of the desk leg for a second.

The hairstrands happily dragged him away.

In that moment, he pulled the desk leg out of the wall and plunged it into the strand nearest to him.

There was a deffening scream and the wood around him caught fire and the strands started to burn up as well.

Wei Lan watched with calm eyes as the wall was dissolved and a young girl of no more than 20 years of age tried to put the fire out only to catch fire herself, she tried to pull her hair out but soon she was nothing more than a human torch and then she was ashes.

Her screams of pain still echoed around him.

From the ashes, a black pearl rose and flew towards Wei Lans forhead.

He stood calmly as the pearl disappeared into him.

This was called Assimilation of Soul Power or ASP by the humans. It was when the soul power of one being was "eaten" by another.

The hunger that he had even forgotten existed was quelled, and he felt refreshed. His wounds cleared and his skin glowed. He let out a sigh. That actually felt good.

There was a rustling sound behind him.

Blinking, he swirled to that direction, ready to face the woman with the twisted face.

Only to find the woman sitting in the other corner and trembling.

Wei Lan blinked.

He stared at her for a moment. "Are you not attacking me anymore?"

The ghost shook her upside-down head.

He shifted his weight from foot to foot. "Are you…scared of me?"

The ghost went still and then gave a slight nod.

Wei Lan understood. The twisted-face ghost was initially weaker than the Hair ghost. Now that he had killed the Hair ghost, he was as strong as her and now, the twisted-face ghost feared his retaliation.

"That is good then," he said to her. "I will leave you be. Sorry about your home by the way. It was destroyed. You know, it happens at times. I will find a new desk for you if you want?"

The ghost seemed to consider his words and then gave another slight nod.

He smiled at her charmingly. "Perfect. Now, tell me where that key ghost is hiding. I will eat him and be on my way!"

The female ghost pointed towards the only other wall that was not lighted.

"of course," Wei Lan muttered.

Like his words were some kind of cue, a high-pitched, whiney voice came from that direction.

"Boss Ghost! Boss Ghost! Boss Ghost! Don eat me! I don taste good!"

Wei Lans brow twitched. What was with the chant-like tone? Was a summoned demon?

He stilled as he thought that in some ways he really was a summoned ghost and a ghost, for some people, is a demon. Better not to try to describe situations in his head. It would led to less trolling of him from himself.

"Why not? What use do I have of keeping a danger like you alive?"

"I am very useful!"

"I will believe it if you become my servent."

There was silence.

"Boss, aren supposed to at least pretend that you don want that?" the squeaky voice asked from the wall.

"No," Wei Lan said, "Are you not willing?"

"Willing! Willing! Where am I unwilling! Boss! Very willing!"

"Then take us out of here."

"Yes boss! Right away boss!"

There was an immediate flash of light in his eyes.


Happy Halloween!


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