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The putrid smell of decay hit his senses first.

Wei Lan chocked down on the urge to hurl and muffled his nose with the inside of his elbow pit.

He hesitated for a moment. He should not go into such places. It could be haunted!

He heard a rustle of fabric from the side to find that Xiao Mu had almost reached him.

He made a quick decision and dashed into the room.

The door slammed behind him and plunged his vision into darkness.

He tried to feel the area that the door was supposed to be. He touched a smooth, wet and cold surface.

The door had disappeared.

That was a very classic Ghost trick.

He felt a shiver run down his spine.

Were the ghosts attacking him!

Wei Lan forced himself to calm down a bit. He was a ghost himself. He would be fine!

He repeated that several times in his mind and his heart finally calmed down.

The wall in front of him started to become brighter, a yellowish tinge appearing in the darkness, revealing a wall without any polishing, showing its cement body for all to see.

There was no sign of the door at all.

Wei Lan looked behind him.

The interior behind the door was a dim lit room with four bare cement walls and a cement ceiling.

On the far-left corner of the room was an old fashioned incandescent light bulb hung from a black wire, swaying even though there was no wind to make it move.

The lights orange glow created an eerie atmosphere that indicated that he was suspended in time.

The light of the bulb, surprisingly did not reach the floor.

Wei Lan frowned and looked down at his own feet that was invisible in the darkness.

His eyes then travelled to the desk that was placed in the far-right corner. It was one of those old school desk and chair, its woodworks battered and chipped at areas and the surface seemed to have something writing on it with a black marker.

Wei Lan took a step towards the desk and froze.

The room warped and got shorter.

The distance between him and the desk seemed to decrease.

But that was not the reason that he froze.


It was the figure that was sitting hunched under the desk that had his entire being on alert.

The figure was that of a woman, whose hair fell as greasy clumps across her face. She was wearing a gown like clothing that was just as battered and damaged as the room she was in. Wei Lan was not sure if it was green or blue because of the lighting but he was sure that it was a very expensive dress once upon a time.

He had seen many female celebrities wear that kind of elaborate clothing.

Wei Lan stood at an impasse. He was not sure if he should approach the figure or not. He was a ghost so he should be fine, right?

He took a stride forwards and the room warped again.

The Key in his hold trembled, releasing a mouth watering amount of Yin energy as the desk got closer to him.

The light at the far left corner still hanged there, swinging back and forth making room looked crooked.

Wei Lans eyes were stuck on the figure under the desk though.

The woman raised her head, revealing a pair of florescent eyes.

Wei Lan looked at her face.

It could be considered pretty in some circumstances were it not for veins that saturated most of her face.

"Am I pretty?" a whispery voice asked right behind him, cold breath puffing against the shell of his ear.

Wei Lan forced himself not to react as he looked at the woman under the desk.

"Am I pretty?" the voice asked again with a teasing tone.

Wei Lans dead eyes stared at the woman, no emotions in them. His mind, on the other hand, was running a mile a minute as he tried to plan his next course of action.

The keys presence reminded him of the hunger he had felt when it had released the Yin energy.

It meant that ghosts ate ghosts.

The woman before him could hurt him. Should he say the woman is pretty? But what if she wanted to keep him here after that? If said she was not pretty, the ghost will get angry…he was so confused.

"Am I pretty?" the voice asked again. A bit of anticipation in its voice.

Wei Lan shivered. Could not afford to wait any longer.

"Depends." He said.

"Oh?" the ghost said, its voice tinged a bit in disappointment.

The woman under the desk started to get out of it!

Wei Lans mind clicked as he saw this scene.

A key. Ghosts who eat other ghosts. A woman under the desk who will attack you when she hears your voice! He knew these things!

He had read them!

Did he transmigrate into That Infinite Flow Novel?!

The woman sat outside of the desk, waiting for a cue.

Wei Lan looked at her in confusion.

"Depends on what?" the voice asked, chuckling.

Wei Lan felt his head go numb.

He knew who was talking to him.


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