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In fact, Noel thought of penicillin, a representative antibiotic, as an alternative to Miracle Herbs.

‘Cultivation is possible, but.’

It is okay to produce blue mold in large quantities.

Penicillin purification is the problem.

I don’t even know exactly what’s going on with tablets in this world.

‘There are many talented pharmacists in the Opion family.’

They were the people who made Elpida using Miracle Herbs as a family business.

The quality of the Elpida they made was far superior to that made elsewhere.

Perhaps there is a method that is secretly passed on.

“Rupert, is there any way to get the pharmacists from Opion to come over”

If we cooperate with them, we might be able to create new antibiotics.

“Wouldn’t it be impossible to make medicine without a pharmacist”

“Right, then Opions will be less selfish than they are now.”

Opion grows Miracle Herbs, and Ainel manufactures the highest quality medicine.

Even if you can’t make an alternative, you’ll be fine if you separate the monopoly power in that way.

“The simplest way would be to take them as prisoners of war,” said Rupert.

“… I don’t think so.”

When I was young, I had seen my family’s pharmacists several times.

They were people who were united in craftsmanship, desire for knowledge, and researcher-like aspects.

Having lived in the territory for generations, they had a deep attachment to Opion land.

Enticing with money or using coercion can make it difficult to obtain lasting cooperation.

‘If I show that Ainel can satisfy their desire for knowledge and improvement, there might be a possibility.’

Thinking that far, Noel also came up with some ideas.




The Ainel territory has developed commerce and manufacturing.

Because of that, it was easy to get rare materials and find a place to entrust processing.

On top of that, perhaps because of Rupert’s influence, blacksmithing was considered the best.

Thanks to that, I got what I wanted relatively easily.

I commissioned some modern medical equipment to be made.

‘It finished just in time.’

First of all, I showed it to someone who needed it the most.

“Madam… what is this”

“It’s a suture needle.”

Modern surgical needles are curved, similar to fishing hooks.

The human body does not wrinkle as freely as cloth, so it is made that way for convenience.

But here, a straight needle is used to stitch the skin.

Frankly, it’s uncomfortable.

“How about these scissors”

“To hold the needle.”

Simply put, it is a medical forceps.

“You came up with something interesting.”

The white-bearded old doctor who was listening from behind said so.

He is Selam, the family doctor and the teacher of other apprentices.

“Selam, use it and let me know what you think.”

He looked curiously at the needle I brought.

“If you look closely, the shape of the cross-section of the needle is slightly different.

What is the reason”

Oh, as expected, the sharpness of an old doctor.

“I made it so that it can be used differently depending on where it is sewn.

The round one is used for suturing soft tissue, and the pointed one is used for tough tissue such as skin.”

“Well… we mostly use the second one here.”

Because there were many cases where knights came in injured.

Selam politely accepted the tool I handed over.

“You thought very carefully.”

“I just thought of it.

Do you think you can use it”

“I do not know… .”

A slight hesitation flashed in his eyes.

He received it first because it was made by the madam, but actually using it is another matter.

It is natural to be wary and anxious about new things.

It would have been even stranger if he praised it as great as soon as he saw it.

At that time, a loud voice was heard in the hallway in front of the medical room.

“No, sir, you should have been more careful!”

“I’m sorry.”

It is the voice of the knights.

Looks like they’re here for treatment.

‘It’s a chance to apply it.’

Rather than explaining, it is much more advantageous to convince the use of an object by showing it directly.

It was even Laurent and Hillis who opened the door and came in.

Blood dripped down Laurent’s arm.

“Uh, madam, why are you here”

I asked the doctor in a low voice, “Is it okay if I show you how I use it”

He has a more worried expression.

“I’m sorry, but it’s a little… .”

“I- I think it’s possible, sir.”

Before I could open my mouth, a young man next to me defended me.

He is an apprentice doctor who came over when Leah got a burn the other day.

“Madam will do well, like she did the other day, too… These equipment are hard for anyone with no medical knowledge to come up with.”

To be honest, I was a little surprised that he took my side.

In the meantime, quick-witted Hillis finished his grasp of the situation.

“I don’t know what’s going on, but let me add that madam has experience in the Yuren Kingdom’s medical center.

Oh, of course madam did a great job.”

‘Hey, how did you know that’

He grinned when I gave him a curious look.

“When madam was spending sweet and bloody time with the master, we were working.”

I thought they went out often at the villa, so it turns out that they investigated my tracks.

“Well… then there should be no problem.”

Selam, who was worried, said so.

It was like permission.

Meanwhile, Laurent who was sitting down to receive treatment asked, “What are you all talking about”

Unable to grasp the flow of the conversation, he asked confusedly, taking off his top and showing his bare arm.

I grinned as I prepared the equipment to stitch the wound.

“It means I’m going to sew your flesh.”

“Ho- hold up! Do I have no right to refuse”

“Sorry, I just wanted to show the doctor how to use the new equipment.”

The boy, who had never seen me heal anyone, rebelled.

“So why am I the subject of your experiment!”

“You said you would listen to me from now on, you’re a good boy.”

Hillis intervened from the side with an excited face.

“I’ll buy you some candy if you’re patient.”

His face turned red from being teased continuously.

“Don’t treat me like a child!” As he shouted so, he grumbled with his arm outstretched.

“You know how to do it, right, madam”

“If it gets weird, the doctor will immediately take over.”

I pricked the needle carefully.

The boy flinched for a moment, but he didn’t protest.

‘It must be painful.’

Even if you’re young, a knight is a knight.

Laurent, who was quietly watching the wound being stitched up, had a strange expression on his face.

“Oh, you’re doing better than I thought.”

“What do you think”

As if he didn’t want to admit it easily, he muttered, “To be honest… it less painful than usual.”

Meanwhile, the doctor was watching seriously.

“I think the angle is more comfortable than the straight type when sewing.”

“Since I use forceps, it is much easier to secure my sight… .”

It seems that the propaganda effect is certain.

I cut the thread and said in a joked tone, “Thank you for your help in promoting the new product.”

Laurent grumbled, “As expected, I was the subject of the experiment.”

“Come to disinfect tomorrow.”

“It’s annoying… .”

This guy, fundamentally, has a personality that doesn’t listen well.

“Since you are a knight, you should cherish your arms.

So be sure to come.

Don’t worry, I won’t do it tomorrow.”

Laurent, who had put on his clothes again, looked at me for a moment and hesitated.

I thought he would get mad and go away right away.

“What’s the matter It’s sewn really well.”

“No, I mean… .”

“… … ”

I looked at him curiously, and he lowered his head.

“Tha- thank you for the treatment! See you later!”

Then he disappeared instantly.

I stared blankly at where he had been before and smiled.

“How cute.”

“Then I’ll be leaving, too.”

Hillis next to me also left the medical room.

‘Should I leave too’

The usefulness of this needle has been proven, and the purpose has been achieved.

No need to linger here.

“Then I’ll leave the rest to you, and please promote it to the other doctors!”

It is profitable to commercialize and earn money, and it is beneficial to spread rumors that the medicine of the Ainel territory is improving day by day.

It’s easier for doctors to treat.

It is the effect of reciprocity.

“Oh, please take care of me next time.”

This is not the end.

I said goodbye lively and left the medical room.

Selam replied one beat slower.

“Yes, madam.

Goodbye… next time”

Well, the question was meant to be solved step by step by step.




Even after that, I was busy commissioning productions of this and that, checking them, and promoting them to doctors.

Leah was often interested in things I touched.

“What’s this”

“It’s like a tube you put drugs in.”

“It’s soft.”

I also made something like a tube to supply the fluid.

There are syringes in this world, but they didn’t even use fluid.

Making and supplying this will make treatment much easier.

Then, the maid knocked on the door and said, “Madam, there is a letter from the Hoffen family.”


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