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“Really Well, it is said that the body temperature of someone you are comfortable with has a calming effect.”

Of course, I’m still not sure if he feels comfortable with me.

As I thought about it, something immediately came to my mind.

“Oh, come to think of it, you told me to stay more than two meters away.”

It may have been a hasty decision to directly touch him, who was in a panic.

“Would it have worked better if Ordin did it instead of me”

“Sounds terrible.” Rupert was disgusted.

“But it’s true that you are reluctant to touch anyone, right I heard you avoided Leah trying to hug you.

I heard everything from Leah.”

“But I don’t want you to conclude that Ordin is the best choice.”

“You’ve known each other for the longest time, though.”

“You are much better.”

“… … .”

thump thump. For a moment, Noel was silent.

Not because she felt like she was in a romantic scene.

On the other hand, it’s horrible.

‘This man is doing this again!’

Seriously, from her point of view, it feels like a tug-of-war.

‘You told me not to come close, but now you’re saying it’s okay!’

She was seriously worried about his curse.

“I really don’t know… .”


She spoke seriously, “Let’s make it clear at this time.”

Rupert flinched at the change in his wife’s attitude. Was there anything in the conversation that just made her angry


“Do you hate it when I touch you or do you like it Answer in five seconds.”

The sudden question baffled him.

“Wait a minute―.”

“If you don’t answer within five seconds, I won’t touch a single hair of yours for the rest of my life.”

Noel started counting.


“That’s not fair,” he grumbled.

Of course, that’s none of my business.




“… … .”


“It’s just that I’m not used to making physical contact.”

It is not a satisfactory answer.

“I don’t know about anyone else, but do you think that excuse will work for me Let’s not forget that we already have a daughter! A cute daughter!”

“You really… … .”

“No excuses! Now the last―.”

Eventually, Rupert gave a short answer.

“Not with someone I like.”


He emphasized once again, “It’s just that I’m not used to making physical contact with someone I like.”

“The- there is already a child between us—”

“The situation was different back then.”

Noel was perplexed and asked for more details.

Oh, my God.

Rupert was a bit startled.

“In the past, really, I didn’t care about anything but my personal business.

I didn’t care about either you or Leah.

I thought you both were one of the necessary parts to keep the family going, just something that one day can be replaced.” He said all the words he thought he would never do in his life.

With her green eyes widened, she booed, “Wow, that’s so bad… .”

“I know, but it’s different now.

I can’t ask you to treat me like before.”

“Uh… … .”

“Okay Now take back your word that you won’t touch a single hair of mine.”

I didn’t expect to hear such a straight answer.

“Okay, I’ll cancel it.”


After saying that, Rupert remained silent.

At the same time, Noel became slightly awkward in silence.

‘But that’s a relief.’

He doesn’t hate her, on the contrary, he confirms that he likes her.

At this point, changing the route to seduce him would be the quickest way to break his curse.

So it was time to ask all the questions.

Also, it’s not often that Rupert gets a chance to answer something personal.

‘Because I’ll never have the courage to ask a question unless I’m in the mood right now!’

She asked questions in spite of her shame.

“Then you mean you have a crush on me You don’t hate me touching you, do you”

He covered his face with his hands and muttered nervously, “You’re so straightforward, why… … .”

Oh, he’s shy! Rupert is shy!

Thanks to Rupert being embarrassed first, Noel’s embarrassment was reduced in an instant.

Instead, she felt even the slightest pleasure in the situation that bothered him.

“Don’t avoid this matter too much between us, a grown man and woman!”

“You have to hold yourself back a little.”

“No, since we’re talking about it, let’s make it clear.

You said you’re not used to making physical contact.

So, to what level are you okay now”

“Hand,” Rupert replied curtly.

Noel laughed softly.

“Are you kidding me”

“I’m not.”

She almost grabbed her hair.


Seriously, this is the first time in my life facing such an iron wall.

Hand! How can I seduce him with a hand

‘It’s the biggest challenge in my life.’

However, you can’t force yourself to touch someone who’s not ready yet.

In the end, Noel grasped his hand and tried to convince him.

‘Yeah, it’s a great improvement compared to being 2m away.’

At the same time, she can’t help but want to complain.

‘No, if it’s at the level of only hands allowed, isn’t it like Leah’s level’

Are you saying you like me, but you don’t think of me as the opposite sex Is it simply human-to-human liking

‘I gradually lose my confidence.’

Rupert glanced at her slightly unhappy profile.

In fact, it was never particularly unpleasant to make physical contact with her.

‘To be honest, that’s about the level that I can endure with my patience.’

It seems that she misunderstood what he meant, but he decided not to correct it.

It would be difficult for him to change his attitude if he corrected it.

Thinking about it that far, a fundamental question arose.

‘Why are you trying to touch me in the first place’

I should have wondered about it from the beginning.

“Come to think of it, Noel, why do you keep trying to narrow the distance with me”

‘Why are you asking such a natural thing’ written on her face.

“Because we are husband and wife.”

Her exact purpose is to break the curse, but it is too early to say that.

“Looking at your expression, you don’t particularly like me.

Then there is no need to overdo it, right”

Hearing that from a human who only allowed hand-to-hand physical contact, that was a really irritating answer.

Not knowing her efforts.

Noel narrowed her eyes.

“What, if you don’t like me, tell me quickly and clearly.”

She has not yet completely ruled out the possibility of becoming a matchmaker.

If he is uncooperative, she will desperately try to hook him up with Aren.

“After hearing your answer, I know for sure that you don’t like me.”

His wife who doesn’t love him wants to touch him.

In the end, Rupert has no choice but to come up with a slightly uncomfortable reasoning.

“I wonder if the purpose is my body”

“… … .”

I don’t think it would be a bad idea to beat him up and worry about the rest later, rather than hearing this speculation from my husband, who also has official marriage documents.

‘No, I can’t.’

Noel managed to regain her mind back from falling a bit to the evil side.

From his point of view, it must be strange that his wife suddenly approached him.

“Since we decided to become a family, I just wanted to get to know each other properly.”

Noel gave the soundest reason possible.

“Because you are not the type of person to easily tell personal things.

I want to hear it like this.” 

“Personal things… .”

He couldn’t deny it.

Rupert was hiding really important things from her.

But he wasn’t confident either. Will Noel stay by my side even after hearing the truth

‘No way.

She’ll definitely be worried about Leah’s safety, so they’ll leave.’

So I will never tell her until it becomes impossible to hide.

“Try to tell me about yourself.” I have no choice but to lie like this right now. “Hmm, I’ll trust you.”

Given his personality, he will take his secrets to his grave.

Noel decided to stop bullying him.

At least today.

‘There’s nothing urgent.’

In fact, she doesn’t know yet.

That his curse progresses faster and more seriously as his emotions deepen.

She simply thought that when strong emotions such as anger or hatred occurred, her husband’s condition became more serious.

So, now that they have become close, she is relieved that her life is no longer in danger.

She doesn’t know that the closer and deeper the relationship, the greater the danger.

That’s kind of an error.

Noel is one of several informational errors that someone has carved into the human head.

It was still far in the future for her to realize that.


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