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463 Chaos In The Ancient Chaos World (Part 2)

How terrifying!

Even an Eight Extreme Daoyuan realm expert had died.

Chu Xuan wondered what had happened, but did not dare to ask Daoist Flying Cloud about it.

At this juncture, such a question would no doubt arouse suspicion.

He received his reward.


His Dao path began to extend and expand, and he underwent another qualitative transformation.

37,000-mile Dao path!

He was now a Three Extreme Daoyuan realm cultivator!

Still, thinking about the Eight Extreme Daoyuan cultivator that had just died, Chu Xuan warned himself not to get carried away.

Even Nine Extreme Daoyuan realm experts were not invincible.

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A war broke out in the Ancient Chaos World.

The entire Ancient Chaos World was in chaos because of conflicts between the races, between both the races from the nine zones, as well as the primeval races of the Ancient Chaos World.

Now, only a few races were not affected by the chaos.

A Freedom Daoyuan realm expert had actually appeared.

The entire Ancient Chaos World was filled with battles.

Were it not for the fact that the Ancient Chaos World had existed for a long time and was a special region in the chaos that was extremely stable, it would have been shattered from the battles.

Outside the Ancient Chaos World.

A figure appeared.

He gazed at the Ancient Chaos World from afar and smiled.

Chaos was great!

Keep fighting!

As long as they kept fighting, the pressure on the human race would subside.

Yang was gleeful.

This sort of situation was the best scenario for them.

The human race had planted some agents to stir up the situation, and helped to cause the conflict to expand.

Not far away, another figure appeared and also looked at the Ancient Chaos World.

“Thats a Freedom Daoyuan realm expert.

The powerful races of the nine zones all have such experts, but theyve mostly left this region of the chaos,” the man said.

“Freedom Daoyuan realm experts or not, even if they have Dao paths that are millions of miles long, as long as they cannot enter the nine zones the final victory will belong to the human race,” Yang said.

The man sighed.

“Yang, youve also surpassed the Nine Extreme Daoyuan realm, right”

“I cant say,” Yang was silent for a moment before he replied.

That person left.

Yang continued to observe the battles in the Ancient Chaos World, especially the one with the Freedom Daoyuan realm expert.

“It would be a big deal if one of the Nine Extreme Daoyuan realm cultivators died.”

Yangs eyes were filled with anticipation.

It had been countless years, and there had never been a case of one dying.

The last Nine Extreme Daoyuan realm expert who had died was the human races seventh ancestor.

Three of the ten ancestors of the human race had died.

The seventh patriarch had fallen during that great incident.

Now, Yang was hoping that one of the Nine Extreme Daoyuan realm experts would die in the Ancient Chaos World.

No matter which race they were from, they were all enemies of the human race.

As he silently watched the chaos and war in the ancient world, a wisp of his consciousness descended into the nine zones.

It had been a while since he had come to the nine zones.

The chaos in the ancient world seemed to be related to the nine zones.

Perhaps, he could make some arrangements in the nine zones

Yang Tian was helpless.

The ancestor was here again.

“Im in a good mood today.

Lets go find Luo Xinbai.”

Yang chuckled.

“Ancestor, is there any good news”

Yang Tian was curious.

In the past, when the ancestor descended into his physical body, he was always serious, and even a little worried.

This was the first time he had seen him so happy.

“Of course there is good news.

The enemies of the human race are fighting each other, so the pressure on the human race will be greatly reduced.”

“It would be even better if one of the Nine Extreme Daoyuan realm experts died.”

Yang chuckled.

“Nine Extreme Daoyuan realm experts”

“You only need to know that they are very, very strong.”

“How are they compared to you, Ancestor”

“More or less the same.”

Yang chatted with Yang Tian as they traveled.

He was obviously in a good mood and talked a lot.

Chu Xuan was speechless.

The battle in the Ancient Chaos World was so intense

To the point that even a Nine Extreme Daoyuan realm expert might die

The chaos among the races was going to greatly reduce the pressure on the human race.

This was all to his plans.

Chu Xuan thought silently.

He had initially just wanted to catch the big fish, but his plans later changed to causing chaos in the Ancient Chaos World.

He had achieved his goal.

As expected, he triggered the systems reward.

As he walked, Yang briefly explained the whole story.

Chu Xuan was surprised.

The dead Eight Extreme Daoyuan expert had such a powerful backer

A Freedom Daoyuan realm expert…

Chu Xuan was suddenly filled with anticipation.

If one of the Nine Extreme Daoyuan died, he would trigger another system reward, right

After all, he was the mastermind behind this chaos.

Not only was Yang looking forward to it, but Chu Xuan too.

What if one of them died

Perhaps the systems reward would exceed a 10,000-mile Dao path extension.

As Yang spoke, he walked around the nine zones in a good mood, admiring the scenery.


“Theres a bit of a situation, Ill be leaving first.”

Yangs wisp of consciousness disappeared from Yang Tians body.

What happened

Was he attacked

Chu Xuan speculated.

At this moment, the situation in the Ancient Chaos World had suddenly changed.

The Freedom Daoyuan realm expert suddenly exploded with power as he fought alone against four Nine Extreme Daoyuan realm experts.

“Today, Ill cut you all down to avenge my brother!”


The chaos trembled as a powerful Dao aura spread out.

The power of his Dao path, as if it was endless.

The power of a Dao path that had surpassed the Nine Extreme Daoyuan realm!


At this moment, the faces of those fighting him all changed.

The other three were only helping him, so they instantly used their trump cards and escaped from the battlefield.

Their own lives were more important!


The entire Ancient Chaos World trembled.

Under the horrified gazes of many cultivators, that powerful Nine Extreme Daoyuan realm experts physical body collapsed.

However, he would not die so easily.

After his physical body was destroyed, it rapidly recovered.

Then, it was destroyed again.

The shadow of a Dao path with nine stars shone and continued to restore his destroyed physical body.


In the chaos, the boundless power of the Freedom Daoyuan realm experts Dao path condensed and surged towards the other partys Dao path, destroying a star.


The power of their Dao paths collided again and again, the Nine Extreme Daoyuan realm experts Dao path finally collapsed, the stars scattering, and his divine soul dissipating.


A bloody gash appeared in the sky above the Ancient Chaos World, stretching across the entire chaos for millions of miles.

The nine stars exploded like bright fireworks, lighting up the dark chaos.

Nine Extreme flames!

After countless years, a Nine Extreme Daoyuan realm expert had finally fallen!

The entire Ancient Chaos World was silent.

Many Nine Extreme Daoyuan realm experts trembled.

Outside the Ancient Chaos World, Swordthorn transformed into his human form and looked at the Ancient Chaos World from afar.

He looked at the bloody gash that ran across the chaos and the nine stars that had exploded.

His face turned solemn.

Yang was in an extremely good mood.

Finally, a Nine Extreme Daoyuan realm expert from the Ancient Chaos World had died.

This was the beginning of chaos among the races.

For any powerful race, the death of a Nine Extreme Daoyuan realm expert was a huge loss.

Some races might even face the danger of being exterminated.

Now, the humans did not need to do anything.

They just needed to watch the races fight and kill each other.

If the opportunity presented itself, they could take advantage of the chaos to kill some of their strong enemies.

The Freedom Daoyuan realm expert was still boiling with killing intent.

After killing one person, he attacked again, wanting to kill the other three Nine Extreme Daoyuan realm experts who had fought him just now.

Would a second Freedom Daoyuan realm expert appear

Yang knew that the race of the expert who had been killed was not weak.

There was more than one Nine Extreme Daoyuan realm expert in that race.

However, were there any Freedom Daoyuan realm experts

He was not sure.


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