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Hei Yue had her ways.

If she succeeded, the progress of the Heavenly Dao laws expansion into those seven regions would be greatly increased.

Looking at the Hei Yue, Chu Xuan could not help but think of Ji Dexin, the reincarnation of a half-saint of the celestial race.

In terms of identity, he was Hei Yues elder brother from a different mother.

Perhaps he should focus on nurturing Hei Yue so that she could compete with Ji Dexin.

Chu Xuan did not want Ji Dexin to monopolize the fate from the Great Daoyuan calamity.

Furthermore, Hei Yues plans would likely cause her to come into conflict with Ji Dexin.

Qian Ming was powerful, but compared to Ji Dexin, he was still lacking.

Furthermore, he lacked Hei Yues planning ability and foresight.

Among his disciples, perhaps only Qin Ying could compare to Hei Yue in terms of planning and schemes.

Hei Yue looked at the approaching Divine realm experts, who were about a mile away.

“Ill warn you again.

Dont let greed destroy you.

Dont seek your own death!”

Hei Yue warned again.

The Divine realm experts remained silent.

Who was she trying to scare

There were dozens of them, so what was there to fear

No matter what kind of trump card she had, it would be useless against their numbers.

“If thats the case, then die!”

Hei Yue raised her hand and waved it.

The sky turned purple, after which purple lightning bolts suddenly descended upon the Divine realm experts.


The expressions of the Divine realm experts changed, as they channeled their auras and spiritual power to resist the lightning bolts.

What kind of lightning was this

Lightning generated by the laws of Heaven and Earth

They all felt a strong sense of danger.

The lightning bolts seemed like heavenly punishment!

Hei Yue coldly uttered, “This is the punishment for your greed!”


Some Divine realm experts screamed as they were turned into ashes by the lightning bolts.

“Let me go, I was wrong!”

The remaining Divine realm experts started to beg for mercy.

They could not die.

They were the pillars of their races!

Hei Yue looked on in silence as they fell, one after another.

The deaths of these Divine realm experts seem to fuel the Heavenly Dao laws, as it expanded rapidly into the other seven regions.

With the deaths of the pillars of these smaller races, the fate of various smaller races were severed, and the laws of Heaven and Earth in those regions were thrown into chaos.

This gave the Heavenly Dao laws the opportunity they needed to quickly devour and replace the laws of Heaven and Earth there.

In front of Hei Yue, anguished cries for mercy kept echoing in the surroundings.

This heavenly punishment was simply impossible to resist!

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