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I Only Wanted A Class In The Apocalypse Chapter 25 - Fighting Against All Odds

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I knew that my strength was enough to kill anything. But facing such an overwhelming number meant death for me. My stamina would never survive even to kill one quarter of them.

"Convert all the remaining coins into stat points," as things reached this far, I didn't need to hold back anymore.

I couldn't use the market now, but I could gather coins by killing all of them.

[You spent twenty thousand coins to obtain ten stat points to allocate at your profile] the system said and I didn't hesitate to add points first to my stamina.

I placed three more points there, making it a rich sixteen points. The next moment I felt more refreshed while starting to move my arms right and left.



The wolves were thrown in the air like they were bugs. My strength was enough to make them fear me after a few minutes of fighting. No matter how many they threw at me, none managed to even touch a single hair on my body.


However just as the animal instinct inside those monsters warned them of me, their alpha howled in obvious rage, forcing them to come again.



That was pathetic! They had great numbers but in the end that mounted up to nothing.

"Grrr…" the alpha was furious inside the shield but it couldn't do anything. After ten minutes of fighting, the wolves couldn't take a single step forward anymore.

In their eyes I looked like a demon, a monster and they were humans. I watched them for a few more seconds before I turned towards the shield.

The ball of protection was really amazing. During the past ten minutes those inside never stopped trying to smash the shield and break it.

However it seemed to me they didn't know how to crack it open. It wouldn't break no matter how many times you hit it. Either you got enough strength to smash it in one hit or you would never damage it.

The duration for the item would last for at least ten straight hours. I couldn't sit there and waste this time playing with the wolves. I raised my sword and hit the shield before watching it repelled back by the innate force of the ball of protection.

It was expected. After all, my strength stat was only eighteen. If I considered their defense stat to be the basic ten points, then I would need at least my strength to reach twenty.

But from what I knew about those traitors, I was sure their defense stat would be a bit higher.

"Let me rest for now," I didn't hurry to add points to my strength as I had another problem to solve here.

If I managed to crack open that shield, then I would be squeezed between two armies. That wasn't good for me. So I had to get rid of one army by forcing it to scatter.

Even the horn of leadership would never overcome the innate fear of any monster. This was the only way to make sure I would fight those inside with all my power.

I started to resume my fighting against the wolves whenever my stamina was replenished. My current stamina would allow me to constantly fight in ferventic way for ten minutes straight.

After this I had to rest for two minutes before resuming the fighting again.

The wolves seemed to be terrified of me. I had to run towards them and hunt them down. If not for the constant howling of their alpha from inside the shield, they would have long scattered by now.

"Anytime now," I felt their fear piling up to the point that they wouldn't listen to any order given to them, not even by their alpha. I was now resting beside the shield, waiting for my stamina to be refreshed.


I looked up and there they came. "They surely took their time," I anticipated the angels to summon the stupid hyenas to stop me.

After all hyenas didn't know fear like wolves. They weren't smart and only followed the orders blindly even if it led to their deaths.

But they were easier to handle. At least I wouldn't need to squeeze my power everytime I swung my sword.



As expected, they didn't make any challenge for me. They only bought some time for the wolves to recover from their fear and gave me more coins from their dead bodies.

"C'mon, send more f*cking monsters to me. I'll be a millionaire in one night thanks to you," I shouted in mockery while taunting my hidden enemies.

My words weren't just for show. I would really gather a considerable amount of coins if this continued. But I didn't really want this pointless fight to go on.

After all the more time I gave to those bastards the more variables appearing in my face. The best option here was to rapidly solve this problem and save Angelica before running back to the museum.

After that I would consider hunting these monsters or go towards my goal.

But one thing was for certain; I had to listen to what Angelica had to say.



The worst thing about these hyenas was their constant advancement towards me. Unlike wolves they have no leader or feel any fear. So even when I fought for twenty minutes straight, killing hundreds of them, they didn't stop coming at me.

"Convert half the coins into stat points," I had no other option here but to replenish my stamina with points. If this kept going, then my highest stat would be, ironically, my stamina.

[Thirty thousand coins are converted into fifteen stat points to allocate]

I added ten points to the stamina. Now my stamina was freakingly higher, reaching twenty-six points.

That was two and half times the basic stat I was given here.

The next moment I felt refreshed again while the speed of my stamina recovery increased by a good margin. I started to kill the hyenas while trying to watch out for any foolish attempts of the wolves.


Just after ten more minutes, the alpha finally decided it was time to open the gates of hell on me. I knew if the wolves were given time they would recover from their fear, but that wasn't a big of a problem to me.

After all, how could I get away from that siege of crazy hyenas all around Plus there was something the alpha even missed here.

No matter how the wolves tried to recover, I already installed fear deep down their souls.

It wasn't a surprise that after a few minutes of combined attack between the two races, the wolves couldn't handle it any longer.

The old fear towards me resurfaced again and they only ran, ran as far away from me as possible. And that just bought me some time to recover and catch my breaths here.

"Now the main bulk of your army is gone, only weak flies remain," I snorted while watching the few hundred hyenas getting in disarray under the brutal escape of the wolves.

And I didn't miss such a chance to walk calmly and kill anything that fell on the ground. Be it a wolf or a hyena, both were killed by the sharp edges of my swords.

Just before the hyenas would recover from this sudden twist in events, I killed almost a hundred of them on the ground without breaking a sweat.


They felt more anger when they saw me doing all this. "Come, come to papa," I taunted them while holding my ground. This time I was confident in killing all of them in this one round before finally getting freed to rescue Angelica.



I had to retreat slowly and steadily while killing anything coming at me. It wasn't a surprise that when I reached the shield, there were no more monsters around.

The only monsters remaining were now trapped inside. And it was time to crush that damn shield on their heads.

"How much is the defense stat of the one that used that item" I asked myself that before adding five points to strength. Now my strength has reached twenty-three, nothing like my stamina stat.

I could easily allocate all the points to strength. However I was experienced enough to know that strength wasn't everything. Speed and agility mattered as well.

If I was faced with someone having a higher speed stat than mine, then what was the value of strength if I couldn't get him and he could hit me back


Just as I hit the shield, my sword was repelled again. "So he has over eleven points there… Does he excel in defense or what"

I moved my eyes around while adding the remaining seven points to the strength. "Convert half of the coins into stat points," and I didn't forget to replenish my storage of stat points as well.

[Forty thousand coins are converted into twenty stat points to allocate]

"So I have forty thousand more… good," I muttered before I looked at my strength stat. Now it reached thirty points, enough to crush this shield if the user had up to fifteen points in defense.


However, unlike my expectations, my sword was repelled again. "What the f*ck!! Does he add more points to defense or what"

I already saw five of the fifty traitors inside holding shields. One of them must have these high defense stats. "If he has up to twenty points, then I have to add ten stat points again," I couldn't help but frown as I knew this would be my limit.

[Attention! You already reached the limit of the quest strength] I knew this message would pop in front of my face. After all, as long as I didn't get a class, many things wouldn't be allowed for me to do.

One of them would be to turn myself into a hercules like this. "I hope this will be enough," I prayed while feeling a bit helpless if I failed.



However as I hit the shield, it finally cracked open. Luckily that bastard didn't add more points than twenty to his defense.

"How dare you…" one of them screamed in rage while others turned to see me. All this time they had a long and boring one sided conversation with Angelica that could be summed in one sentence: Why did you betray us

And that one sentence was enough for me to realize the truth of everything about her. She was this special because she was a traitor, before she betrayed them and sided with us.

"Interesting," I evilly grinned before adding, "now it's time for me to kill you all."


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