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I Only Wanted A Class In The Apocalypse Chapter 17 - Playing With The Guides

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I had to admit, this move from the angels wasn't expected. However I returned the smirk with another, before turning my back to the three angels.

They couldn't touch me, even if they wanted they wouldn't. That was the only protection humans had against those sneaky bastards.

However I couldn't let my guard down either. The number of humans coming was so big that it was easy to handle. Plus I was sure most of them were just innocent humans led by those snakes; the traitors.

Isabella moved in calmness and relayed my message to my team. The biggest threat we would have would be by getting separated from each other.

"Will we fight the monsters the same way as before" John asked while he seemed to be slightly nervous.

"It won't work," I knew we already blew on the generator but there were still few fields around us we could use. But when considering the incoming humans, this method wouldn't work again.

We didn't need that for now. We had the night vision skill that would serve us best. In my eyes, I saw those incoming humans as cannon fodders, people we had to sacrifice to get unscathed from the upcoming challenge.

And that challenge would be greater and much riskier than the previous one.

"They smell like Arnold," Sara moved to stand by my side while her chest was covered with a plain chestplate armor. It was thin and looked light, but it was strong enough to protect her from a direct clash from those hyenas we met before.

I didn't answer her remark except with a wink. This girl managed to read the situation faster than others. Her comment put the light over this issue, and the next second I noticed the dark faces of all.

"Be ready for my mark, and notify others as well," I whispered to her before turning to everyone around. "Don't be this dejected," I said with a smile, "let me welcome those people first."

The field was still burning till now, but its intensity diminished by the time. However it helped in setting a lighthouse for other humans to come here.

I still held some hope in finding good people there, but I didn't hope for too much actually. I was sure if there was a single person worthy here, he or she would have been killed already by the traitors.

"Wow! This place looked much better than the one we were in!"

"What's the cause of this fire"

"Look at that! All of them are holding cold age weapons!"

As I walked outside the broken field, I heard these scattered and seemingly excited comments from many directions. We were having around ten groups joining us, each with around twenty to fifty people.

"Welcome," I warmly said in fake hospitality, "I'm glad there are more survivors here."

I was holding my sword and raising it slightly in the air. It was a symbol of preparing for a fight if things went crazy here.

"Wow, you have a nice looking sword!"

""Dude, did you find it in the field or got it from killing monsters"

"Look there, many monsters are piled here. Wow, we just struggled to kill ten monsters and they seem to kill hundreds!"

I moved my gaze slowly and carefully around those people. They started to gather in front of me while their comments became repetitive.

I didn't come to greet them, I came here to filter out a few traitors before things heated up.

"What the hell do you think by letting all these fire here" Just as I thought I wouldn't get any, one male suddenly shouted in anger while waving his arms in a theatrical move.

"Yeah, fire will attract monsters! That's stupid!"

"Just see how many monsters you brought to yourselves by doing that"

"That's right, we didn't face more than ten monsters in the past quest!"

"Let's put this fire down guys, we don't want to get killed by some fools…"

Before the last one ended his words to instigate others, I started to move.

My stats aren't any different than all of them. Even if some had stats higher than me thanks to their attributes, I could counter that with my experience.

Plus no one here would expect me to attack them especially when they held the upper hand in numbers like that.



I didn't speak at all and let my sword do all the talking. Luckily for me, most of the people who spoke up in such a way were in the frontlines.

I killed four of them before the rest woke up from the shock and yelled:

"What are you standing idle here for This is some crazy dude who wants to kill all of us…"


My sword was faster than his words and the next instant his head was sent flying in the air. He wasn't the only one who had this fate, but everyone who spoke ended up in such a way.

Even the two who thought of running deeply inside the large group of people were caught in a matter of seconds. In less than one minute, I killed ten traitors and cleared some filth off my path.

"What's the meaning of this" Another dirty one had the courage to challenge me. Without giving him any chance to speak, my sword raced up to his neck and sent his head rolling on the ground.


As his body fell on the ground, everyone retreated fast. The look of fear was clear on their faces as if they were eyeing a monster.

"This place has one simple rule," I started talking since I started killing, "follow me and you'll have to obey my words. Don't want to listen to me then get the hell out of here."

"This…" many faces paled while others started to look around. I knew this was one of the most dangerous moments in any group.

Humans tend to follow the lead of others at times of confusion and fear. Such negative feelings would lead many to their deaths in the apocalypse.

One of the most important lessons I learnt in it was to take my decisions solo. Leaning on others to make my decision was the biggest mistake anyone would make.

"Make up your mind now," I waved my sword in the air and let the blood on it fly even on a few faces at the front. If those bastards were thinking about using this moment to their advantage, then I would infuse more fear in the humans in front of me.

This was the only way to solve this situation, making them fear me to the degree of deciding to follow my lead. Of course I would then filter them with time and only support those worthy, but at least I would do my part in helping them.

And now I waited for their move.

"We won't leave here," one strong looking man in late twenties moved in steady steps. His face told me he wasn't fazed with all I did, like he didn't care about my threat at all.

"Shall I kill you then" I calmly asked as if I was asking him for dinner.

"Humph, you don't own this place," he didn't care about me as he turned to face the frightened faces in front of him, "we were given instructions to come here for the next quest. Don't let that maniac force you to leave. The angels tried to help us with their powers and made our numbers increase. We won't drop such benefits because of one crazy man holding a sword."

He then turned and took out a sword as he added, "if he thinks himself special, then I'll beg to differ."

Just as he said those words, a group of twenty people stepped to the front. Strangely enough, they were all looking as strong built as that man and they all held swords.

"If you think you have good strength thanks to the stats you unlocked, then let me show you the power of numbers," he said in such a vicious tone and his words made his identity clearer in my eyes.

No one, and I mean no one, in the early hours of the apocalypse would use the terms of the system in his speech at all! People didn't get to know the value of stats or even how to open the market to purchase weapons.

So they weren't just normal people, they were traitors. And from a simple look at them, I knew they weren't easy to handle.

"Kick his ass!"

"Yeah, we also have strong people with us!"

"Let's all kill him together!"

Unlike what that man expected, I didn't give him any heed and kept focusing on those who were instigating others to join.

If a normal human was in such a situation, he would rather prefer to stay on the side and remain neutral.

Those trying to move the masses were, without any doubt, traitors as well.

"It's a mistake to not pay attention to me," that man's face was quite unpleasant by my actions. He expected me to grow nervous, focus my attention solely on him and the group of traitors behind.

"Sorry to bring you this piece of bad news, but…" I suddenly raised my sword high in the air while adding, "I'm also not alone."

"What…!!" The shock over his face vanished under the thick clouds of dust that suddenly came from the skill Sara used.

"Just in time," the skill she used seemed to bring out fire in a limited scale of ten meters. I knew this skill, it was one of the basic skills for magicians.

"Fire festival level 1 Such a good choice," I commended before moving towards those who weren't hit by the fire.

The fire festival skill would create fire for one minute. The fire would burn even if it hit solid rocks and the surface of the water.

Beyond that, if there were things suitable the fire would start eating at them. However, my delight about this skill was the fact that we didn't need to use any more light sources again.

We could create our own fire. Yeah, we would have our own Prometheus in the group now.

"S… Stay away…"

"M… Monster…"

The traitor surviving the skill retreated while trying to regroup. After all, Sara used her skill beautifully in the center of the group, hitting that dirty leader of theirs first.

However, unlike what they all expected, I didn't stop or turn to face them. I kept walking steadily towards the all shocked faces of the large group behind.



Two more explosions rang violently and reaped the remaining lives of the traitors. They mistook my group to have one mage, but we actually have four.

'It's good to keep one in hiding for now,' I thought to myself before rapidly picking up the pace and landing just in front of those who spoke earlier.



I didn't need to use any skill on them. Actually I didn't have any for now. I refrained from learning that useless dash skill of the hyenas as they were useless to me.

In less than one minute, I killed seven traitors from the group and the initial twenty with their leader were gone by fire. The scene of me standing in front of them while my sword drenched in blood and fire burning behind me was really traumatic for most of the people here.

But few still kept their composure as if they weren't that much threatened by my actions.

"Human Hye, explain yourself now!" one of the three angels shouted in rage as if he never expected me to kill all these traitors even before monsters arrived.

"I won't say it again," I raised my voice as if I was answering him, but in fact I wasn't. "Anyone wants to stay here can follow me, or else f*ck off!"

My bold declaration made the place all dead silent. Even those standing with good composure had their faces darken for the first time since coming here.

I already crushed any plans they had for this group on me and my group. And now I was about to gain more followers, those who would totally believe and fear me without any room of doubt.

As for any traitors coming, I wasn't afraid of that anymore. I cleansed the group from much dirt and only a few would be remaining behind.

If they dared to come to my group, they should be better prepared for the worse.

"I say we all join your group," one of those who weren't moved by my threats suddenly opened his mouth and said, "despite us coming from democratic world, we have to do anything now to survive. Even following such a tyrant to do so."

'A tyrant Nice touch man,' I couldn't help but inwardly sneer while watching the gleam in that man's eyes. 'Let's see how you'll survive my sword with that smile of yours.'

However, before I could move a finger, something popped up in front of me.

[Quest update: under any circumstances no human shall kill another during this quest or else that human will be considered failing it]

'Wow! They really moved faster than I thought,' I turned my gaze to see the evil smirk over the face of the central angle.

He was the one behind this deadly move against me. Now there was no reason for anyone to be scared of me, a checkmate for everything I did so far.

'Do you think I didn't see that coming' instead of showing the depressed and disappointed look over my face as that bastard expected, I grinned while turning around.

"This place is all yours, we are leaving," my voice was so loud to be heard from miles away while I walked in steady steps away from that field.

From the first moment I didn't plan on staying here for the second part of the quest. I just wanted to increase my odds by removing such hidden pieces of the enemy so close to me.

As for this quest, I didn't select the central park for nothing. There was something hidden here and I was now going to find it.

As for this field, humph… They could have it all and enjoy it for the short remaining period of their lives.

'C'mon... Take the bait.... It's so delicious to let it down like this!' I thought to myself while counting the steps I was taking.


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