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Chapter 30: Bounty Hunter

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“In at most four days, Ill be able to complete the eighth cycle of the Red Tiger Technique!” Xiao Shi made a judgment and picked up the Comprehension Pill. “If this Comprehension Pill can increase my comprehension, perhaps the time will be shortened!”

He knew very well that the key to the cultivation of the Red Tiger Technique was aptitude. However, comprehension was also an important factor that could speed up cultivation.

Thinking of this, Xiao Shi decisively swallowed the Comprehension Pill in his hand.

As the pill dissolved in his body, Xiao Shi could clearly feel his mind becoming clearer and his thoughts becoming more flexible. His understanding of the Red Tiger Technique instantly rose to another level.

At the same time, he felt that he had taken many detours in the cultivation of the Red Tiger Technique, including the Night Tiger.

Originally, it would take four days to complete the eighth cycle of the Red Tiger Technique. Now, he only needed three days to do it.

This feeling made him very excited.

“This Comprehension Pill of mine is only of rare quality. Just the rare quality alone can make me feel enlightened. If its of peerless quality, Im afraid I wont even need four days to immediately achieve the eighth cycle of the Red Tiger Technique!”

At this moment, Xiao Shis desire for various items was incomparably intense. Whether it was natural treasures or items for combat, including pills that could increase cultivation speed, he wanted them all.

If not for his lack of strength, he could not wait to destroy the many bandit strongholds of the Glazed Moon Mountain. He believed that destroying such a force would definitely have many gains.

During the day, Xiao Shi mainly cultivated the Red Tiger Technique. At night, he began to cultivate the Night Tiger. Now, he had already cultivated Night Tiger to the second level.

During this mission, the various improvements brought about by Night Tiger played a greater role. If he could cultivate Night Tiger to the third level, then his strength at night would be twice as strong as during the day.

However, Night Tigers cultivation was too difficult.

Even though Xiao Shis comprehension had improved, his cultivation speed did not increase much.

This also made him realize that the key to Night Tigers cultivation was not his aptitude and comprehension. There might be other factors.

After some investigation, Xiao Shi realized that this was indeed the case. If he wanted to accelerate Night Tigers cultivation speed, he often needed the help of a type of dew from Night Frost Dew.

It was said that this dew was extremely difficult to collect. It could be extremely helpful to Night Tigers cultivation. It could be exchanged directly in the Night Patrol Division. It was just that it was more expensive.

A bottle of Night Frost Dew cost 300 contribution points.

Xiao Shi thought for a moment and was not in a hurry to exchange for it. He planned to wait until the mission was settled before deciding if he should exchange for it based on the contribution points he had.

Just like that, he cultivated for two days.

The mission results were finally out.

Usually, the contribution points after completing a level two mission would be between 500 to 700. Based on Xiao Shis mission this time, he obtained the highest 700 contribution points.

Although the mission had been completed, Xiao Shi still had doubts about the chiefs actions of fishing and killing the night patrollers. Even though he could obtain all of the night patrollers belongings after killing them, Xiao Shi felt that the gains and risks were not proportional.

After all, not every night patroller was very rich. The benefits after killing them might not be very high.

As for hunting the night patrollers, it was very risky.

After all, there were also ninth-stage Martial Entry-Level powerhouses among the night patrollers. Once such an expert was attracted, even if that woman attacked, it would be very difficult to succeed.

Xiao Shi felt that there must be a reason why the chief was willing to take such a risk to hunt down the night patrollers.

In response, he went straight to the prison to drink with Yang Zhen and Wang Changhuan and asked them about it.

Yang Zhen and Wang Changhuan were very happy to see Xiao Shi had completed the mission safely. They had been a little worried about Xiao Shi. After all, the death rate of newcomers on their first mission was extremely high.

Now that they saw Xiao Shi return safely, they heaved a sigh of relief.

“After the first mission, the rest of the missions can be received at the same time as the other night patrollers. When the time comes, if you receive missions that you cant complete, you can find other night patrollers to exchange.” Wang Changhuan said with a smile.

Xiao Shi nodded.

Usually, the night patrollers would carry out a mission every ten days. Most of the missions had a time limit of ten days. If he completed the mission early, he would have more time to rest and adjust to prepare for the next mission.

This time, Xiao Shi completed his mission earlier. There were still a few days until the next mission.

After chatting for a while, Xiao Shi asked the two of them his doubts.

Yang Zhen said after taking a sip of wine. “Thats normal. They can get a lot of bounty rewards from the corpses of the night patrollers. In this Seven Star Continent, there are many people who have designs on us.”

“Bounty rewards” Xiao Shi was stunned.

Wang Changhuan explained. “In the Seven Star Province, other than the factions led by the Feiyuan Palace, there are also some factions that are hostile to the Feiyuan Palace. Senluo is a huge organization that is hostile to the Feiyuan Palace.

“This organization is quite mysterious, and its whereabouts are unpredictable. Its difficult to eliminate.

“They are active in all parts of the Seven Stars Continent and have many hidden strongholds. In addition to assassinating martial artists under the influence of Feiyuan Palace, they have also set up a bounty list.

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“Not only are there experts and geniuses from the Feiyuan Palace on the list, but anyone who kills those belonging to the Feiyuan Palace can also collect the bounty from them after killing them.

“As a subsidiary sect of the Feiyuan Palace, our Red Tiger Sect is naturally included in this group. As long as one kills our night patrollers, they can collect the bounty with the corpses of our night patrollers.”

Xiao Shi suddenly understood.

No wonder the chief of the Gale Stockade was willing to take the risk to hunt down the night patrollers. So what he was plotting was not the belongings of the night patrollers. Instead, it was the bounty that could be obtained from the corpses of the night patrollers.

“A bandit force like the Glazed Moon Mountain doesnt dare to come and attack us openly. At most, they will find an opportunity to secretly kill us like your mission this time. However, there is one type of person that we need to be wary of. That is the bounty hunters in the Senluo Organization who specialize in assassinations!”

Yang Zhens expression turned serious. “These bounty hunters have many tricks up their sleeves. They are elusive and powerful. They often target people on the bounty list.

“There was once a bounty hunter who infiltrated our Golden Cloud City to assassinate the night patroller on the rankings. After the assassination was successful, he successfully escaped from the Golden Cloud City.”



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