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608 I Want to Restock!

After leaving the store, the two drove back to Jiuzhou Pavilion.

Ji Qingyan looked at Lin Yi with a scrutinizing gaze.

There was a faint smile on her face that carried a different kind of beauty.

“Why are you looking at me like that”

“Class Monitor Lin, it seems like you were a playboy when you were in school.

When they were eating, that long-haired girl was trying to woo you, right”

“Of course.

Do you think my face is just for show”

“Then, did you do anything bad” Ji Qingyan waved her small fists.

“How is that possible Im such a noble person.

How could I do such bad things”

“Are you sure Youre not lying to me”

“I have to be sure.

If I lie to you, Ill be struck by lightning.”

“Theres no need to say that.

Ill believe you if you say so.”

Seeing that Lin Yi had even swore, Ji Qingyan felt that there was no reason not to believe him.

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“Im going to take a shower.

You can take care of yourself.”

Delighted, she said, “Seeing how well-behaved you were when you were in university, Ill reward you with another kiss.”

With that, Ji Qingyan kissed Lin Yi on the cheek before heading to the bathroom on the second floor to take a shower.

Lin Yi touched his face and muttered to himself,

“It was all done by my little brother.

It really had nothing to do with me.”

Ji Qingyan went to take a shower while Lin Yi returned to the study and looked at the system page.

[The system quest is at (21,790/100,000)]

Lin Yi thought about it.

If he didnt close the shop early, there would definitely have been more customers.

According to todays customer flow, he would be able to complete the mission in about five days.

If Ji Qingyan hadnt stopped him and he had gone all out, he would have been able to shorten the time needed to complete the task to three days.

After thinking about these things, Lin Yi placed his hands behind his head and started thinking about the company.

Lingyun Groups mobile phone business was the most important thing now.

It could even be compared to the code of Chip 3.0.

Whether the lithography machine could be built in a short period of time depended on whether the mobile phone business could be successfully launched.

Thinking of this, Lin Yi called Qi Xianzhao again.

He only felt completely at ease after communicating with them about the details.

Not long after, Ji Qingyan walked in.

She was wearing a set of light blue pyjamas and a towel wrapped around her hair.

She was holding a notebook and a pen in her hand and was frowning.

She was making circles on her notebook, calculating something.

“What are you mumbling about” Lin Yi asked.

“Before I got off work, when I was busy in the kitchen, I counted the goods inside and felt that there wasnt much left.

Moreover, the remaining vegetables werent too fresh.

If we sell them to customers, it might affect the taste.”

“So, what are you trying to say”

She shrugged regretfully.

“I think we need to stock up.”

“Then lets stock up.

Its not a big deal.”

“But I did some calculations.

Our turnover over the past few days is about 21,000 yuan.

Our net profit is about 8,000 yuan.

The cost of electricity and water for the house after four days is about 2,400 yuan.

Theres so little leftover.”

Lin Yi smiled.

“This bit of money isnt even enough for you to buy a bag.”

“Its not just not enough to buy a bag.

I cant even afford a limited edition perfume.”

Ji Qingyan sat cross-legged on the carpet in the study.

“Also, do you know that weve overlooked a very important problem”

“What kind of problem”

“A house.”

“If we were renting a house, we would have to pay a fixed portion for the rent every month.

If we were to take out a loan to buy a house, we would have to repay the loan every month.

The amount of disposable income we would have would be even less.

Moreover, this is under the premise that we dont fall sick.

Even without children going to school, modern society is really unfriendly to budding entrepreneurs.”

“Therefore, my pretentious classmate was right about one thing.

In this society, academic qualifications are becoming increasingly important.”


Ji Qingyan straightened her back and became smug.

“Based on what youre saying, theres still a market for a PhD from Yanjing University, but not for an ordinary undergraduate like you.”

“Are you discriminating against me”

“As long as you know it.

I didnt say it out loud because I dont want to discourage you.”

“Im so handsome because I live off a woman, so you have to work harder to support me in the future.”

Ji Qingyan rested her chin on her hand as her eyes narrowed into crescents, revealing a row of white teeth.


“Then its settled.”

“Living off a woman isnt a problem, but we need to solve the problem of our stock.” Ji Qingyan waved the laptop in front of Lin Yi.

“Now, we have about 2,400 yuan at our disposal.

According to the standard of living of ordinary people, we need at least 1,000 yuan a day to survive.”

“Then well do as you say.

Leave 1,000 yuan behind and buy1,400 yuan worth of goods.” Lin Yi said.

“Coincidentally, theres a wholesale fruit and vegetable market near Zhengyang Street.

Lets go there and take a look.”

“Okay, whatever you say.

But do you know anything about this”

“Of course not, but its not a big problem.

Ill call Wang Tianlong over tomorrow and these problems will be solved.”

“Can we not look for Manager Wang”

“Do you have other ideas”

“I want the two of us to go together and experience this life through and through.

“You were constantly experiencing other jobs which I couldnt participate in, so I want to experience what it feels like this time.”

“Thats not a big problem.

Well go together tomorrow, but we have to wake up early.

Do you have a problem with that”

“Of course, but I wont have time to make you breakfast.”

“Look at all those people who go out to buy ingredients in the morning and still make breakfast at home.

They all have their life together.”

“In that case, Ill do the same.

I can get up at three in the morning.”

“Err… You dont have to be that early.” Ji Qingyans enthusiasm surprised Lin Yi.

It was obvious that she was from a rich family.

Otherwise, she would not be interested in such things.

“If we get up early, we can buy the freshest vegetables,” said Ji Qingyan.

“Moreover, our pink tricycle can be put to good use.”

“Hmm Why are you so excited”

“I want to ride it.”

Although Liang Ruoxu was also from a wealthy family, their attitudes were very different when it came to riding a tricycle.

Liang Ruoxu felt ashamed, but Ji Qingyan found it interesting.

This was the difference brought about by their childhood environment.

Ji Qingyans excitement did not diminish.

“You ride in front, and Ill cheer you on from behind.

Itll be fun to go shopping.”

“Why do I have to ride it”

“Arent I feeding and taking care of you You have to do some work.”

“People who are taken care of by women normally work at night.

How can they work during the day”

“Is that so When we set off, it will still only be dawn and not yet daytime.”

“Alright, then Ill work in the car.”

“Youre spouting nonsense again.” Ji Qingyan stood up and said, “Im going to bed.

Remember to wake up early tomorrow.”

This was because Ji Qingyan wanted to experience the joy of purchasing goods, so she had to sleep early.

Otherwise, it would be easy for her to not get up.

At four in the morning, there was a knock on Lin Yis door.

Lin Yi opened the door in a daze and saw that Ji Qingyan was already ready to leave.

She was wearing a beige windbreaker, blue jeans, black high heels, and a transparent carrier bag.

“What are you doing”

“Preparing to stock up”

“Who goes out to the market dressed like that Those who dont know might think that youre a fugitive.” Lin Yi said.

“Also, whats the bag in your hand for”

“I brought some fruit.

I cut it some time ago.

The two of us can eat on the way.”

Lin Yi, “…”

“Rich lady, are you going on an outing”

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