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Rieta, with a little haste, arrived in front of the staff break room.

She thought the tag was finally done, so she rejoiced and pushed the doorknob.

But the door did not open.

The cause was simple.

A hand, which suddenly came out from behind, was holding Rieta and the doorknob.


Rieta held the doorknob, and sighed for a moment.

She could tell who was stopping her without even looking back.

As expected, did she have to run even if it might stand out a little.

“…what are you doing”

Rieta answered by pushing the doorknob again to the question that came from behind her back .

“Stu, students are prohibited from entering here.”

“That’s if it’s inside the door.”

That was right that Rieta couldn’t say anything.

She turned her body around without a second thought.

With one hand she still gripped the doorknob as if it was her lifeline.


Worried that Rieta would run away again, he stood at a tiptoe.

With a ferocious look.

His gaze was a little terrifying.

It’s probably because she’s guilty.

That’s why people should live a good life.

Rieta turned her gaze slightly and conveyed a small wish.

“Can’t you just pretend… that you don’t know”

An astonished breath was heard.

Yes, of course he would.

But she has nothing else to say.

Rieta looked up at him again slightly with a desperate look.

“Just once, please”

“…How many more times are you going to do this”

She didn’t mean it that way.

Without a second thought, Rieta had to keep her lips closed.


“Really, I’m….”

Noel opened his mouth again after a while.

Rieta closed her eyes tightly as she stood on the execution table.

“Is there any problem”

However, an angel’s voice came from nearby, Rieta opened her eyes and turned her head.

It was the staff that continued to help Rieta.

“What is a student doing here”

The staff took turns looking at Noel and Rieta.

With a worried face that something might have happened.

“This is a room that students are not allowed to enter.

She needs a break.”

Rieta gently nodded her head in response to those sensible words.

Say it if you have anything to argue with, Noel Mayer!

“Because she is from our house.”

Uh, um… Noel seems surprisingly smart.

He quickly found something to refute.

It is also an answer that the staff will never be able to resist.

At his answer, the staff’s eyes turned to the badges on Rieta’s clothes.

A symbol of the Duchy, it was given only to those who worked in the mansion.

And the owner of the mansion had some rights over them.

Perhaps Noel pointed that out.

“I, I see.”

The staff immediately took a few steps back.

With a very sorry face.

Rieta looked up at Noel.

In a word, he had a very unpleasant expression even after letting the staff back away.


Rieta tried to call him ‘Noel’ as usual, but she quickly came to her senses and closed her mouth.

She came here now as a maid of the Duchy, and so she can’t just call his name carelessly.

“Young Master”

When she corrected it, Noel’s shoulders twitched slightly.


She looked up to see why he was doing that, and he sighed and lowered his head.

“That’s enough.”

After saying that with a grunt, he took a few steps.

“Aren’t you coming”

In response to the question he gave her, Rieta followed him without hesitation.

If she stays here longer, the staff may think it strange.

After she nodded her head slightly towards the staff, she soon began following Noel.

Noel looked behind every three steps to make sure Rieta was following him properly.

For some reason, it felt like something really bad would happen if she ran away this time, so Rieta decided to cooperate with him for now.

When they came out of the library, the still raining spring rain dropped in front of the two.

Soon Noel turned around and held out his hand.

He was asking for Rieta’s umbrella.

Because he didn’t have an umbrella.

“Oh, here.”

Rieta quickly opened the umbrella and placed it over Noel’s head.

Usually, when there is only one umbrella, it is normal for the employee to hold the umbrella.

“You’re doing all sorts of things.”

However, it seems that Noel didn’t like Rieta’s behavior at all.

He took the umbrella at once and started striding down the stairs.

Rieta quickly followed the umbrella, but she was caught in the rain.

Luckily she wasn’t very wet.

“Follow me quickly.

Do you want to advertise that you are here”

Noel gave her a scolding, but he walked a little slowly.

In that respect, she was a little relieved because it was the same usual Noel.

After she had made it all the way down the stairs, they started going in a direction that Rieta had never seen before.

She’ll never see Darrell again if she wanders around like this, but what should she do

Rieta was anxious and she looked around from time to time.

Then she suddenly looked at Noel, who was standing next to her.

‘Come to think of it.’


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