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“Human Elder King, I didnt expect you to be the successor of the Chaotic Heavenly Emperor.

One of my ancestors had no choice but to appear back in that era because his divine source was shattered.

He has some ties with the Chaotic Heavenly Emperor,” Prince Zhan chuckled and gave Qin Chen a friendly look.

He respected the Chaotic Heavenly Emperor from the bottom of his heart.

Everyone was surprised to see this.

They didnt expect the Chaotic Heavenly Emperor and the battle sage ape to have such ties.

However, what made them even more shocked was that the human races Elder King was actually the inheritor of an ancient great emperor.

Not only that, but the ancient great emperor was a heavenly emperor.

Heavenly emperors were unparalleled existences that could suppress the ancient times and stand shoulder to shoulder with the primordial heavenly sovereigns!

Qin Chen did not deny his identity.

After all, the human race needed a great emperors successor to give them confidence.

Moreover, he had the Chaotic Holy Body and cultivated the Chaotic Imperial Scripture.

It was not an exaggeration to call him the successor of the Chaotic Heavenly Emperor.

“The human race and the battle sage ape race have always been on good terms.

We, the human race, will naturally not forget such ties,” Qin Chen cupped his hands at Prince Zhan and replied politely.

“Hmph, the Bodhi ancient tree is an immortal divine medicine.

Is this chair something you can sit on” The giant races Supreme Sage was filled with greed as he extended his hand towards the great path chair.

However, just as his hand was about to reach it, the chair was immediately stimulated, and a wave of emperors might struck.

With that, an arm of the giant races Supreme Sage was severed.

“Ah!” The giant races Supreme Sage cried out in pain.

“Hmph!” Prince Zhan snorted coldly, “This is an item forged by the Chaotic Heavenly Emperor.

Do you think you can touch it If it wasnt for the fact that the great path chair hasnt fully recovered, how could you still be alive”

Just as Prince Zhan said, although the great path chair wasnt an extreme emperor weapon, it wasnt something that ordinary people could touch.

If anyone dared to snatch it, even a Supreme Sage would die on the spot.

However, to Qin Chens disappointment, the great path chair could only be revived itself and could not be driven by spiritual energy.

Otherwise, it would definitely become a great killing weapon for him.

The elder from the primordial sage race also frowned and looked at the great path chair.

He exclaimed, “The human race has produced some impressive powerhouses.”

“The Myriad Races Gathering will continue.

However, Im warning everyone here.

If anyone makes a move again, dont blame me for being impolite!” The primordial sage race elder snorted.

Everyone sat down and continued with the gathering.

Supreme Sage Peng Kong did not give up and continued, “The conditions of the roc imperial clan will not change.

As long as you hand over the human races Elder King, the roc imperial clan can live in peace with the human race.”

“Not only does the giant race want the Southern Desolate Land, but we also want the life of the human Elder King,” The giant said with anger.

Seeing that two far ancient imperial clans didnt change their minds, the skyfall spoke up as well, “The skyfall races condition remains the same.

The human race must provide us with a million people every month.

Your human race has so many members, but the skyfall race only wants one million every month.

Thats already very kind of us.”

Other than the three of them, the other members of the ancient imperial clans did not express their opinions.

After all, they had never considered the human race a threat.

Whether the human race lived or died had nothing to do with them.

The reason why they had come to the Myriad Race Gathering was to announce to the world that their race had been revived.

Prince Zhan suddenly spoke, “The three of them can only represent their respective races.

I represent the battle sage ape and all the other races that follow my race.

I only have one condition.

As long as the human race doesnt invade our territory, we can live in peace with you.

Of course, we wont invade the human territory either.”

Supreme Sage Peng Kong and the other two were quite displeased when they heard what Prince Zhan said.

However, due to the latters power and status, they did not dare to say anything.

Qin Chen and the seven humans all smiled.

Although the ten thousand ancient races respected all ancient imperial clans, the only ancient imperial clans that had followers from the ten thousand ancient races were the primordial sage race, the demon god race, the battle sage ape race, and the divine silkworm race.

Now that Prince Zhan had spoken, the human race would have fewer enemies.

“Dont worry, Prince Zhan.

We will definitely restrain all human forces.

If anyone dares to offend you, I will personally kill them!” Supreme Sage Qin Tian patted his chest and promised.

“Senior of the divine silkworm race, what do you think” Supreme Sage Peng Kong looked at the eight-shedding divine silkworm.

As long as it was on the same side as him, the human race would have no way out even without the support of the battle sage apes.

The eight-shedding divine silkworm touched its chin and giggled like a child while saying, “To be honest, I quite like the human race, so I wont be participating in this matter.

By the way, I have a sister in the human race who is the princess of the North Castles Wind Imperial Dynasty.

All ten thousand ancient races, listen up.

If anyone dares to hurt her, I will exterminate them even if they are an ancient imperial clan.”

The sound of the great path resounded in the sky, causing everyone from the ten thousand ancient races to shiver.

The elders all warned their juniors not to provoke the North Castles Wind Imperial Dynasty, and if they saw the princess, they had to stay far away.

On the other hand, the humans were all curious.

Many of them hadnt heard of the Wind Imperial Dynasty, but from the name, it should be a small country in the North Castle.

All of them remembered the name and prepared to pay a visit when they had the time.

“Fellow Daoist, youre getting weirder and weirder the longer you live! I remember that your race doesnt like humans, right” The primordial sage races elder laughed loudly.

The eight-shedding divine silkworm didnt get angry.

It simply replied with a smile, “Every time we morph, we sever our past life.

In this life, I have fate with the human race.

I dont care about others, but I will protect this person and this country.”

The Supreme Sage elder retracted his gaze and looked at the evil divine dragon race, the primordial phoenix race, the demon god race, and the ancient shaman race.

He asked, “What about you guys Do you have any objections”

The ancient shaman race, who had never taken the initiative to stand out, was shockingly the first to speak.

He smiled at Qin Chen and the others, “Im Wu Tian of the ancient shaman clan.

Im willing to be on good terms with the human race.

Were good at sorcery and alchemy.

I heard that the Elder King of the human race is a genius in alchemy.

I hope you can come to the ancient shaman race and give us some pointers.”

Everyone frowned when they heard Supreme Sage Wu Tians words.

It was said that the ancient shaman race could predict who would be Heavens favorite in the current generation.

Since the ancient shaman race was so friendly, could the Elder King of the human race be the current generations Heavens favorite

The evil divine dragon race and the primordial phoenix spoke at almost the same time, expressing their willingness to live in peace with the human race.

The latter even expressed a trace of goodwill towards the human Elder King.

As for the demon god race, they withheld their opinion.

It was as if they were waiting for the primordial sage race to make a decision.

The primordial sage race elder looked at Qin Chen with killing intent, causing Qin Chen to feel great pressure.

He narrowed his eyes and said in a deep voice, “The primordial sage race can co-exist with the human race and live in peace.

However, Ive promised to help the roc imperial clan settle the score.

Therefore, the human race must hand over the human Elder King.”

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