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[Congratulations, you have successfully checked in.

You have received a Divine Spirit Source as a reward.]

Routine check-in.

The divinity in the great Emperors palace was indeed strong.

Qin Chen had checked in here hundreds of times but still had not completely exhausted its divinity.

Even when he checked in now, he could get a Divine Spirit Source worth millions of spirit stones.

Of course, Divine Spirit Sources were no longer useful to him, but it was better than nothing.

“Ive checked in for so many years, but Ive only managed once to increase a few small realms in one go at the Heavenly Dragon Mountain.

Cant such a thing happen a second time”

Qin Chen sighed.

He yearned to just check in and level up to the Supreme Sage realm straight away.

At that time, he would be able to look down on the entire Canglan Continent and dominate the ten thousand ancient races as the Chaotic Supreme Sage.

Unfortunately, that was too difficult.

The further one cultivated, the slower ones progress became.

Even someone as talented as him had to go into secluded cultivation for hundreds of years before he could reach the Sage King realm.

Even so, if news of his cultivation speed were to spread, it would shock the world.

There were only a handful of people who could become Sage Kings after cultivating for less than two hundred years.

It was said that many ancient emperors had spent at least two to three hundred years reaching the Sage King realm.

Qin Chen continued to cultivate various Emperor-level supernormal knowledge in the great Emperors palace.

Over the years, he had been cultivating Emperor and quasi-Emperor levels supernormal knowledge such as the Heavenly Desolation Emperor Fist, Great Desolate Heaven-imprisoning Finger, Eight Desolation Strikes, and many others.

Especially in the hundred years back then when time accelerated, he had already cultivated much Emperor-level supernormal knowledge to the master stage.




Just as Qin Chen was cultivating the Heaven Destroying Imperial Dragon, an Emperor-grade supernormal knowledge, the 108 rays of Qin Shihuangs dragon qi all materialized.

They were like lifelike ancient true dragons that roamed around him, emitting world-shocking dragon qi.

The Heaven Destroying Imperial Dragon in the ultimate stage!

If the imperial clan of the Great Qin Dynasty saw this, they would be shocked.

For tens of thousands of years, no one from the imperial clan had managed to cultivate an Emperor-level supernormal knowledge to the ultimate stage.

Even in the primordial age, only the imperial clans Supreme Sages could improve their supernormal knowledge to the ultimate realm.

Even this usually took them a long time of tens of thousands of years.

But now, Qin Chen had reached this stage while just a Sage King and he had only cultivated for less than two hundred years.

Just as the Heaven Destroying Imperial Dragon reached the ultimate stage, there was a loud boom.

One of the 33 steles in the imperial hall, which was 10000 feet tall, suddenly released a majestic imperial light.

The ancient and mysterious runes on the stele seemed to have come to life.


With a majestic and domineering dragons roar, the stele standing in the center shook violently, and an imposing figure appeared.

The figure wore a heavenly crown and was dressed in a black dragon robe.

Around him were 108 Immemorial Dragons.

He looked down on the heavens and stood proudly throughout the ages.

Qin Chen looked at the Emperors figure in shock.

Who else could it be but Qin Shihuang, the Emperor of the ages

He sat in a carriage pulled by four Pegasi with horns.

They were clearly the legendary dragon horses, existences that were not weaker than the Immemorial Dragons.

Qin Shihuang sat on the four-dragon horse chariot, holding a battle sword in his hand, and soared into the sky.

Countless soldiers of the dynasty followed him.

Qin Chen was shocked as he watched the army led by Qin Shihuang charge out from the formation in the great emperors palace.

The huge formation had constructed an incomparably vast heavenly gate that pierced through time and space, leading to an indescribably vast great world.

In that world, Qin Chen could vaguely see countless cultivators in the air.

All of them were Sages, and some were even more terrifying than the three types of Jiutian Sages.

Qin Shihuang led an endless army and charged out of this world towards that mysterious great world.

Following this, all of a sudden, all the scenes disappeared.

In the great Emperors palace, only one voice slowly resounded, as if sighing, “One can see the end of the road…”

The long sigh seemed to pass through time.

The end of the road

Qin Chen was shocked.

What did Qin Shihuangs sigh mean


[Congratulations, host.

By cultivating Heaven Destroying Imperial Dragon to the ultimate stage, you have activated the Emperor mark on the Emperor of the Ages Qin Shihuangs stele.

You have triggered a side mission.]

[Side mission: Cultivate to the Shifang divine realm within a hundred years and head to the World Beyond Heavens.]

[If you complete the mission, you will receive the remaining clues of the Desolate Pagoda.]

[There are no punishments for mission failure.]

[Do you accept the mission]

In his mind, the systems usual cold prompt sounded.

Cultivate to the Shifang divine realm and head to the World Beyond Heavens

The Shifang divine realm was the realm after the three Jiutian Sages realm.

He naturally understood that.

But what kind of place was the World Beyond Heavens

At the very least, Qin Chen had read through the books collection in the Taiyi Holy Land and the Great Qin Dynasty, but he had never learned about a place called the World Beyond Heavens.

Could it be the vast great world that Qin Shihuang led his army to attack Or was it the whereabouts of the ancient and modern 33 Emperors who left behind the 33 steles

He did not know.

However, it was the first time Qin Chen had received a system mission after so many years.

If he succeeded, he would be rewarded with the remaining clues about the Desolate Pagoda.

If he failed, there would be no punishment either, so he naturally accepted it.

[Congratulations, you have successfully accepted the side mission.]

The systems notification appeared again.

Shaking his head, Qin Chen left the great Emperors palace.

Ever since he had successfully refined the Sage King supreme-grade bow and arrows, then killed Sage King Ming Ye of the ancient race, Qin Chens status as a refining master had spread far and wide.

For a time, his fame soared!

Although his killing of Sage King Ming Ye had caused a huge commotion, his status as a refining master had also moved countless forces.

Regardless of whether it was a refiner or an alchemist, such professionals had always been extremely respected since ancient times.

This was especially so since refining masters who could create Sage King supreme-grade weapons were very alluring to the ancient races, who were supposed to treat the human race as an enemy.

This was because they knew very well how powerful a refining master was.

Even during the primordial age, when all the ten thousand ancient races ruled, even if a refining master was born among the lowly human race, he would be respected by all the powerful races.

Even the most powerful ancient clans, such as the ancient imperial clans, would treat such a person as a distinguished guest.

Let alone a refining master in the current world.

In the past few days, many influential figures from various forces had come to visit the Taiyi Holy Land one after another, wanting to see Qin Chen.

Their goal was simple.

Firstly, they wanted to be on good terms with the Elder King.

Secondly, they wanted to ask the Elder King to refine some extraordinary weapons for them.

After all, a good weapon was a great buff for cultivators.

Supreme-grade weapons had even more shocking effects.

Of course, with Qin Chens current status, they could not meet him as and when they wanted to.

They were usually only able to meet Ling Ran and Lu Xuan.

Most of the time, it was even the grand elders and other disciples who greeted them.

When the big shots of the top forces saw that Ling Ran had become a Bahuang Venerable, they were also shocked and marveled at how formidable the future generation was.

At the same time, they also expressed their intention to pay a visit to the Elder King.

However, Ling Ran always took the initiative to remove Qin Chen from all the trouble.

Although these important figures were well aware of the excuses, they were not displeased at all.

After all, the Elder King had a very significant status/ Not only was he a refining master, but he was also the human races Sage King who had exterminated many powerful ancient races.

Who would dare to offend him

When Ling Ran once again sent away all the important people who came to visit, she sighed.

Just then, Qin Chen appeared.

He looked at her and chuckled, “Whats wrong Are you tired”

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