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There was a story about Lee Jun-woo on the TV news.


“Lee Jun-woo, the Master of the Aegis Guild, led the guild members into the Songpa Gate today.

The number of attendants is estimated to be at least 80, and the reason for leading so many people is probably to counter the Dark Star’s attack.”


Upon hearing the news, Su-Jeong Shim, a woman in her 40s, rolled her eyes.


Her occupation was a rare level miner and a woman working as a tomb robber.


“It’s your chance, honey.”


My husband, Seongpan Kim, who was watching TV together, asked as if wondering.


“What chance”


“Everyone went through the gate.

Why would Darkstar have a Lewis watch”


Kim Seong-pan asked with a worried face.


“You’re not talking about robbing the underground workshop under the Aegis building, are you”




Kim Seong-pan quickly raised his back and shook his head.



It’s a crime; even if we don’t do that, it’s good enough for us to make a living.”


“I don’t have any work these days, so I’m just having a blast.

Who knows”


“Honey, don’t do that… … .”


“Two billion, two billion.

Two billion watches”


“No, no.

The watch that Darkstar circulated is worth 150 million.

Even if there are, there will be only a few of them.”


“There will be anything.

It’s not digging at the gate.

Can you finish it and get out in an instant”


“Please… … .”


“Are you alone”


Kim Seong-pan sighed and followed her.


They were a couple of rare miners.


There were times when they worked as robbers and broke through the gates, but their results were mediocre.


They hurriedly got a room near the Aegis Guild building and started digging a hole.


The miner dug well thanks to his affinity for soil skill.


They proceeded towards the Aegis building, containing the dug-in sandbags, installing supports, and using webs to stop mana spills.


Jeong So-Hyun, assigned a room on the 4th floor of the Aegis Guild building, felt more curious about her smartphone in bed.




Jeong So-Hyun, who got up from the bed with the smartphone off, hurriedly left the room and went down to the first floor.


“Huh Huh… … .”


Obviously, two people were approaching this place from the basement.


Jeong So-Hyeon hurriedly informed the guards of this, and the guards hastily called high-ranking guild members.


About twenty people, including Jiho Choi, a construction wizard who became a member of the Aegis Guild, and Deokcheol Kim, level 74, gathered inside the building.


Jeong So-Hyun said while pointing to the basement.


“Coming over there, now.”


Choi Ji-ho asked.


“How deep”


“About 30m”


Choi Ji-ho put down the shovel and pickaxe from the item window.


“Everyone, please help.”


People grabbed shovels.


Then Jiho Choi lifted the soil and stones.


Then people ran into it and dug up the ground, breaking hard stones with pickaxes and shovels.


Choi Ji-ho hurriedly scooped up the broken stones and dirt.


At that moment, Seongpan Kim, working below, widened his eyes.




“Why Huh”


“I told you I didn’t!”


“How did you know Did you use the web too”


“Is that important now Run away! Quickly.”


The couple hurriedly bowed their backs and ran back the way they had come.


But when they came out, there were people with silver shields, the mark of the Aegis Guild, standing there.


Shim Soo-Jung, who was covered in dirt, smiled awkwardly.


“Ahaha… What’s going on in our house… … .”


Kim Seong-pan hurried to his knees.


“Sorry… … .”


The two were taken away by Aegis guild members.


* * *


After dinner, when they each had their own time, Jun-woo covered the door’s entrance with a black bomb.


It was a time when I didn’t want anyone to disturb me.


Jun-woo opened an essential book in the dark.


[Do you want to use it]


The book shattered into powder of light and seeped into Jun-woo’s forehead.


As a result, related knowledge accumulated in Jun-woo’s head.


The peculiar thing is that there were many overlapping parts with the knowledge of the alchemist that Jun-woo knew.


However, the engineering techniques from which the magic crystal is the source were previously unknown to Jun-woo.


It seemed like the knowledge that was the basis of the inventions made by Ethiopia.


Jun-woo, who had been dazedly organizing his knowledge for about two hours, came to his senses at the phrase in front of him.


[Intellect increased by 1 by the attribute.]


[The Seeker]


-Class: Unique


-Talent: Permanently increases Intellect throughout life.

Intellect increases up to a maximum of 50, and the trait evolves when an Intellect of 50 is increased by a trait.



It was a characteristic obtained from a hidden dungeon that steadily increased Jun-woo’s intelligence.


Jun-woo moved to the desk, placed the Magic light bulb, and took out the paper.


Jun-woo, thinking about what to make, drew a firearm like a cannon.


Then, as if no, I put the paper into the road item window and drew something else.


What Jun-woo started designing was a vehicle, a means of transportation.


Oddly enough, it was a wheelless car.


The next day, as soon as the sun was shining, the Aegis guild members ran to return to Earth.


After a full day, they could return to the gate they entered.


The first hunt had no danger from the outside, and the desired quests were all completed, so it was satisfactory.


In addition, the fact that Leon and Eumeria each obtained a recipe was a harvest of their own.


Jun-woo, who came out of the gate, checked the number of people when entering and paid the gate fee.


The gate manager of Poongrim approached Jun-woo and held out a paper.


“This is the personal number of Deputy Master Oh Jeong-soo.

He told me to give it to you when you come out.”


“Thank you.”


“Then you can go and see.”


“take care.”


The Aegis guild members once moved to the guild building.


The guild building had 4 floors, and it was going up like a mixed-use apartment building above it.


It was a welfare building where guild members and their staff could stay.


Before entering the building, Jun-woo stopped and said.


“Everyone worked hard.

As promised, I will buy all the ingredients.”


Jun-woo made a deal one by one and bought the ingredients by raising the price by 10%.


“Sunkyung, you did a great job.”


“Master did a great job too.”


“Everyone worked really hard.

Then everyone goes back and rests.”


Late at night, they dispersed one by one.


Many guild members entered the building.


The 4th floor could be used as a living space, so the assigned people went up to the 4th floor.


Leon, Eumeria, Lee Mina, Murata, Yoshimura, Sakaguchi, and five other people were using the 4th floor.


Jun-woo entered the master room on the first floor.


In the room next to the master room, there was a space for Jun-woo to stay.


After a shower, Hyeyeon Jeong waited for Jun-woo in the master room.


“What happened Hyeyeon.”


“Sorry for being late.

Walker left the Fabregas commissioned item.”


When receiving the request, he had to pay a security deposit.

Still, Jun-woo did not remember giving it to Jeong Hye-Yeon.


“The collateral is… … .”


“You didn’t get it.”


“Ah yes… Please give me all of them.”


It was 9 Epic recipes.


“Just let me rest.”


“Yes, the representative worked hard too.”


When Jeong Hye-Yeon left the master room, Jun-woo immediately took the production book and changed the location to the underground workshop.


The sitting robots got up and approached Jun-woo.


“Did you rest a lot There will be no rest for a while.”


“All right.”


“I know.”


Jun-woo laid down all the recipes and materials on the workbench.


“Okay, then, make one.”


The robot’s hand movements that take the material have become faster.


Jun-woo climbed up and sat down in front of the desk.


I finished writing the car I was designing yesterday.


It was an unusual car that had no wheels and floated back even if overturned.


[Magic Actuator Blueprint][Bound]


-Class: Unique


-Category: means of transportation


-Materials: 100 adamantium, 40 titanium, 100 crystal……


-Estimated stats at the time of production


-Movement speed: 205 Defense: 185 Health: 6,000


-Value of blueprint: 5,750,000,000


-Value of item at design time: 28,212,000,000


The maximum movement speed was reduced compared to the previous car made by Jun-woo.

Still, instead, it was a five-seater car that could float from 50cm to 3m above the ground.


He was able to ride anywhere, anytime, and had the advantage of being able to achieve maximum speed quickly.


Jun-woo, who made the blueprint, immediately lay down on the bed.


The next day, Jun-woo called Jeong Hye-Yeon.


“For the time being, in the morning, I would like to ask you to make a deal on my behalf.

Please take the training only in the afternoon.”


“Yes, I will, sir.”


“When you leave the building, always go with Sujin.”


Sujin was the Epic bodyguard that Jun-woo gave to Jeong Hyeyeon.


“Yes, I am.”


“And… Take Eumeria with you and tell her about your work during the day.

In the future, I want Eumeria to do business for safety.”


“Oh, I know what you mean.”


“Then I’ll ask you a favor.”


“Yes, leave it to me.

Do you have anything else to say”


“No, do you have anything to say”


Jeong Hye-Yeon told what happened while Jun-woo was away.


“that… While we were away, some people were aiming for the underground workshop and approach.”


The underground workshop was no different from before, so Jun-woo asked as if wondering.


“How did it go”


“Sohyun figured it out and called the guild members and caught them.

It has been handed over to the police and held in a detention center.

We are looking for an agreement now.”


“Which guild do you belong to”


“It’s not a guild.

It’s a couple who worked as miners.

How do we deal with it”


“Please don’t look at the agreement and deal with it according to the law.”


“I will do that.

I’ll leave if you don’t have anything else to do.”


When Jeong Hye-Yeon left, Jun-woo called Oh Jung-soo.


“Hello, this is Jun-woo Lee.”


“Ah, yes.

Are you still interested in pillars”


“Of course.”


“Haha, okay, I’ll send one guild member.

He knows it well.”


“Thank you.

I will pay you back next time.”


“You’re welcome.”


Poongrim’s 40-year-old guild member sent by Oh Jeong-soo came into the Master’s room with thick papers.


“Hello, I’m Baek Jin-Seong of Poongrim.”


“Nice to meet you.

This is Jun-woo Lee.”


Baek Jin-Seong sat down, took out the papers contained in the documents, and unfolded them.


“It’s all in the paperwork.

If you have any questions, you can ask them now.”


“Ah, thanks.

I’ll take a look and ask if you have any questions.”



This is my personal number.

Please feel free to contact us if you need it.”


“Thank you for coming.”


Baek Jin-Seong put down his business card and stood up.


Jun-woo looked at the documents one by one.


In 1996, the column was first discovered.


One more Pillar was discovered a year later.

Another pillar was found in the pile of stones destroyed while catching the boss 7 years later.


Three pillars were found, and mysterious stones were placed in three places, but nothing changed.


Many mysterious stones were consumed because the three patterns seemed to be the same, but it was useless.


I tried putting 3 stones through the magic crystal ball simultaneously, but this was also a failure.


The three locations formed an equilateral triangle on the map.


Purim also set the expected location, thinking there might be undiscovered pillars.


If there were four, it was the center of the triangle and the end of the rhombus.


There were only two of the rhombus ends, so only one remained.


If it was 5, it would be a rhombus and the center.


For an exact location, experts stuck together, calculated the distance, and surveyed to determine the remaining expected area but could not dig into the room.


There was a vast stone mountain, and the expected location had to dig down about 300m.


But the stone there was so hard and hard that even miners could not penetrate it.


The Earth did not move even when the earth wizards who could change the Earth cast their Magic.


The number of broken pickaxes exceeded 30, eventually giving up the work after digging about 14m in the common area.


After that, work and investigations on the pillars seemed to have stopped altogether.


Jun-woo looked at two places where the pillars were expected to be.


There was a picture of the place in the document as if it was taken with a camera.


Jun-woo had four clues, and if he dug up two places, there was a possibility that he would find a pillar.


The question was how to get through it.


* * *


Baek Jin-Seong, who delivered the documents, looked up at the Aegis building once.


Then, with a sneering smile, he picked up his cell phone and dialed it somewhere.


“I think I will work on pillars in Aegis.”


“really Can’t you get through it”


“That’s something a competent legend will do for you, so let’s go to the Plaza of the Earth and do some observation while hunting.

It’s not worth losing to a tough guy.”



But are you really planning on stealing it”


“It’s just a little glare if you get the chance.”


“I wish I had a chance.”


“Are the miners contacted then”




“Is there anyone worth buying”


“There is, there is.”


“Let’s roll our heads slowly.

cut off.”


Baek Jin-Seong hung up the phone and contacted Oh Jung-soo.


It was a hoarse voice, unlike before.


“Yes, brother.

It’s a good way to deliver.”


“Good job, Jinseong-ah.

Help a lot.

We lost our hands, but if anyone can find it, that’s good, right”


Baek Jin-Seong replied with a timid smile.


“Okay then, brother.

I hope Lewis finds it.”



What about lunch”


“Now we have to eat.”


“Will you come here”


“I have an appointment.

Let’s eat next time, brother.”


“Yes, I ate well and worked hard.”


“Then enjoy your lunch, brother.”


Baek Jin-Seong hung up the phone and walked away with a happy face.


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