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Chapter 3: Oil Doused Noodles!

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Xu Le picked up a few strands of noodles with his chopsticks and placed them in his mouth, sucking them vigorously.

The soft and tender noodles, along with the fragrance of the spicy oil, rushed into his mouth. He was caught off guard and choked on the spicy taste, causing him to cough a few times.

The spiciness did not make one feel uncomfortable.

The noodles used by Xu Le were made using flour mixed in a ratio of seven to three with the cone pepper and tabasco pepper.

Together with the strong smell of garlic and onions, they were all mixed together.

This experience was like layers of spiciness on top of one another.

The texture of the noodles was almost perfect. Due to the fact that it was blended, the noodles were soft, smooth, and refreshing.

After inhaling the noodles into his mouth, the first thing he felt was the spiciness and the fragrance of the oil, followed by the fragrance of scallions and garlic, then the fragrance of the condiments, followed by the chewy texture of the noodles, as well as the satisfaction brought by eating large mouthfuls of the noodles.

All of these tastes were combined together, but it was not strange at all.

On the contrary, it was teasing your taste buds wave after wave and in varying depth.

“Its so delicious!”

After swallowing the noodles into his stomach, Xu Le looked at the bowl of oil doused noodles in front of him, as though it was glowing!

It seemed that the [Strongest Master Chef System] was not lying.

Even a cooking novice like Xu Le, who had never cooked before, could make such delicious dishes after repeated practice according to the systems recipe.

Xu Le glanced at the time after successfully learning how to cook the noodles.

He realized that he had been here for more than three hours.

The most time-consuming step was actually recognizing the name of the spices and knowing the amount to use.

After all, it was quite difficult to accurately find three grams of cloves and three grams of aniseed among the hundreds of bottles in front of him.

The flow of time in the system space compared to the outside world was at a ratio of 1: 365.

In other words, while Xu Le had spent more than three hours here, it was only half a minute outside.

After exiting the system, Xu Le returned to his bedroom.

He glanced at the clock and saw that it was… 5:58 PM.

“Peppa Pig” would end at six oclock sharp. At that time, Xu Tian would definitely cry and ask for food.

Sure enough, when Xu Le walked into the living room, the cartoon has just ended.

Unwilling to give up, Xu Tian pressed the remote control buttons hard. After confirming that the cartoon was over, she pouted unhappily.

Only then did she realize that she was hungry.

“Brother, I want to eat!”

Xu Tian looked innocently at Xu Le with her big and pure-looking eyes.

“Dont worry, Ill go cook now.”

Xu Le patted his sisters head and said gently.

“Brother, what are we eating tonight”

“Eat…” Xu Le hesitated. “Eat… noodles”


Xu Tian pouted sadly upon hearing this.

“Brother, I dont like noodles!”

There was a thin layer of mist in her large eyes. She looked like she was about to cry.

Seeing that Xu Tian was about to cry, Xu Le patted her shoulder in panic.

After all, Xu Le had only transmigrated to this world a few days ago. As a university student in his previous life, how could he have any experience in raising children

If Xu Tian were to cry and throw a tantrum, Xu Le wouldnt be able to do anything.

“Tiantian, dont cry. You have never eaten the noodles that Big Brother is going to cook for you. Its delicious! Youll definitely like it!”


A childs temper was just this unpredictable.

When Xu Tian heard Xu Les words, she was instantly curious. She used her small hands to push Xu Les waist and said in anticipation, “Then quickly cook for me!”

After finally settling down Xu Tian.

Xu Le walked into the kitchen nervously.

Although he had been training hard in the system space for more than three hours.

But it still felt very different from cooking in real life.

Strictly speaking, this was his first time cooking, so it was quite memorable.

“Theres only one portion of handmade noodles at home.”

After Xu Le washed his hands, he took out all the noodles.

The portion of noodles was just enough for one meal for Xu Le and Xu Tian.

In other words, Xu Le could not make the same mistake in the system space.

He only had one chance.

This bowl of Oil Doused Noodles had to succeed in one shot and gain Xu Tians approval.

Otherwise… his mission would fail.

Xu Le took a deep breath and calmed himself down. He must not be nervous during the process of cooking.

“Just do like in the system space. Dont worry about it.”

Following the steps described in the recipe, he took out the cinnamon, aniseed, fennel, pepper, and other seasonings and ground them into powder.

Then he started to cook the noodles.

Xu Le stared at the water surface attentively.

His right hand kept stirring the noodles in the pot to prevent them from sticking to the pot, while his left hand adjusted the heat at any time.

Four minutes later, he added vegetables.

After another two minutes, he took all of them out.

Xu Le looked at the sparkling and translucent noodles in the bowl that were glistening with an alluring luster. He was instantly delighted.

This was… almost 90 percent cooked!

Xu Le was more familiar with the following steps.

He added various condiments, chili powder, scallions, and garlic and scooped up a spoonful of the slightly scalding vegetable seed oil to pour it evenly in the bowl.


At the same time, white smoke rose from the oil. The delicious taste of the oil doused noodles appeared along with the small bubbles that were forming.


Xu Le smiled in satisfaction.

The oil doused noodles he made this time was even better than the one he made in the system space.

He divided the noodles into one big and one small bowl.

Xu Le could not help but feel nervous and uneasy.

“I wonder if Xu Tian finds it delicious…”

Xu Le walked to the living room with two bowls and placed them on the dining table.

“Xu Tian, come and eat!”

Just as Xu Le finished speaking, Xu Les small figure had already skipped over.

“Brother, what did you make Why does it smell so good”

Xu Tian sniffed hard, her face filled with anticipation.

“Its called oil doused noodles.”

Xu Le explained as he picked up the bowl of noodles and placed it in front of Xu Tian.

“Hurry up and eat.”


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