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Chapter 21: Cai Lans Acknowledgement!

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This article had a total of around two to three thousand words.

In the later part, there was even the mention of the Golden Egg Fried Rice and acknowledgement towards Xu Les culinary skills.

After Xu Le finished reading the article.

He instantly was sure that this article was written by the chef, Zhang Tong, whom he had met the day before.

Xu Le blushed as he read the various praises in the article.

This article garnered more than 10,000 reposts on Weibo. Being recognized by the chefs of the Heavenly Restaurant was equivalent to affirming Xu Les culinary skills from a professional point of view.

Therefore, the business at his food stall was even better than the day before.

Xu Le, who had been busy the whole day, returned home and learnt a piece of heavy news.

Hong Kongs God of Food Cai Lan had actually reposted Zhang Tongs article!

One had to know what kind of great person Cai Lan was!

Cai Lan, Jin Yong, Ni Kuang, and Huang Ji were also known as the four great talents of Hong Kong and were also known as the Gods of Food from Hong Kong.

His food program was world-renowned.

Cai Lan wasnt just a fan of food. He had reached a high level of skill in eating, hed even made a name for himself, forming a belief in eating, and had even written countless books to pass down all the delicious food.

He had more than 20 million followers on Weibo and was a gourmet respected by the entire country.

If one were to ask who was the most authoritative figure in the Chinese food industry.

There would definitely be Cai Lan in the top 10.

And he had forwarded Zhang Tongs article.

This was undoubtedly a great recognition for Xu Le.

The reputation of Xu Les food store rose once again.

From the initial exposure by an internet celebrity, he had unexpectedly become popular online.

In just two days, Xu Le had first received the recognition of a professional chef from the Heavenly Restaurant, and then the recognition of Hong Kongs God of Food Cai Lan.

On Monday, Xu Les social media fans successfully surpassed four million.

And there was another piece of good news.

That was… his Sichuan pickled vegetables [Old Vinegar Radish] were completed.

Xu Le walked into the storeroom and took out the glass jars one by one.

The moment the lid was opened, the aroma of alcohol, all the flavours of saltyness, spicyness, sourness, and the sweet radish filled the entire room.

He picked out the radish and smashed it against a small box.

Xu Le picked up a piece and tasted it.

The first taste that entered his mouth was a pungent sour smell.

Xu Les little face instantly became wrinkled. However, after the sour taste passed, a spicy taste surged up his throat.

Among the spicy taste, there was the spiciness of the chili, as well as the spiciness of the radish itself. They were all mixed together.

Next was the third taste—the fragrance of the wine.

Xu Le chose the best sautéed white wine in China, Maotai. One bottle cost more than a thousand yuan, so the smell of alcohol in the old vinegar radish was especially fragrant.

After fermentation, the alcohol content had actually dissipated.

No matter how much one ate, they would not get drunk.

However, they could still feel the burning taste of white wine.


After eating a piece of old vinegar radish, Xu Le smiled with satisfaction.

This was simply the best choice for an appetizer.

With a small plate of radish and a bowl of white rice, one could eat their fill.

Xu Le quickly contacted the food delivery platform and placed the first takeaway product on the online food stall – the Old Vinegar Radish.

The price was 30 yuan for 200 grams.

The price was slightly expensive, but Xu Le felt that it was completely reasonable. After all, other than him, no one else would use Maotai to make their old vinegar radishes.

Xu Le uploaded the news of the product on his social media platform.

Instantly, the comments section was filled with cheers.

Many people who could not visit Xu Les food stall for various reasons could now taste the Old Vinegar Radish through delivery.

Xu Le even specially marked on the platform that this was the first batch of Sichuan pickled vegetables. There was a limit of 500 servings sold per day.

In less than ten minutes, the limited 500 portions of Old Vinegar Radish were all snatched away.

Looking at the screen that displayed the words “sold out”, countless people hit their chests and stomped their feet, blaming themselves for being so slow.

Unsurprisingly, a trend of people having old vinegar radishes in Shanghai was started.

The traditional pickled vegetables that originated from Sichuan Province were given a brand new appearance in Shanghai thousands of kilometers away.

September 6th, Tuesday.

After Xu Le sent Xu Tian to kindergarten, he went straight to Hongxing Food Street.

He was surprised to see a delivery man standing at the entrance of his shop at eight in the morning.

“Is that the Master Chef”

The delivery man was pleasantly surprised to see Xu Le.

“Ive already been waiting here for more than an hour!”

“Dont call me Master Chef, just call me Xu Le.”

Xu Le was a little ashamed when he heard this title.

It was still too early for him to be called Master Chef.

After some understanding.

It was only then that Xu Le realized that the delivery man had come from Nanjing, the neighboring province.

He received an order from a big client and came to Shanghai to buy a hundred boxes of the pickled vegetables.

He took the high-speed rail for about an hour and had arrived at Xu Les food stall at seven in the morning.

Xu Le was touched by his actions.

Xu Le was quite shocked to hear that someone had travelled across a province to buy his pickled vegetables.

Normally, each customer could only buy ten servings of pickled vegetables.

However, Xu Le decided to be lenient with the delivery man who had traveled hundreds of kilometers and sold him 100 portions.

Holding a hundred servings of pickled vegetables, the delivery man was so touched that he almost cried.

“Thank you, little Master Chef!”


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