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Chapter 14: Internet Celebrity Qin Yun!

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“Hello, everyone. This is the newly-opened Hongxing food street. It is in the business center of Jingan District in Shanghai.”

“Today, Ill lead everyone to see what delicious and fun things there are here!”

A pretty girl with a hot body was walking along the food street with a selfie stick.

The passers-by all looked at her in surprise.

Every few steps she took, someone would come up to take a photo with her. Some people would take out their phones and record a video of her.

Her name was Qin Yun. She was a very popular social media influencer with more than 15 million fans.

Usually, half of the time, she would broadcast her game live-stream. The other half of the time, she would leave her house and live-stream outdoors.

At the same time, Qin Yun was also a foodie.

Hence, she would often film some video clips of visiting food stalls.

“This is also the first time I am here. I wonder what delicacies there are.”

“But based on my years of hunting for food… stores with long queues usually taste good.”

Qin Yun smiled and revealed her small canine teeth, which was very cute.

After walking for more than a hundred meters, a small store by the road attracted Qin Yuns attention.

It was surrounded by a crowd, so one could barely see the signboard.

“Taste of China”

This name immediately aroused Qin Yuns curiosity.

After all, this was a food street, not a high-end mall.

Other shops had names such as “Li Ji Roasted Pork Trotters” and “Chongqing Mixed Noodles”. But this small shop had actually come up with such an abstract name and there were so many people queuing

There were at least dozens of people queuing up, and smoke drifted out from the crowded crowd.

“Lets go and see what delicious food this store has.”

Qin Yun took her phone and walked over excitedly.

She squeezed through the crowd and came to the front.

Qin Yun was dumbfounded.

The stall owner was actually an eight-year-old child

Were there no adults at all

Qin Yun looked around and only saw Xu Tian, Xu Les younger sister. She was even younger and was sitting on a small stool seriously playing with toys.

“Little kid, are you the stall owner here” Qin Yun asked curiously.


Xu Le looked up and saw a pretty big sister doing a live-stream on her phone.

He took a closer look and realized that she looked familiar. He seemed to have seen her before when he was watching videos.

“Could she be a popular live-streamer” Xu Le muttered to himself.

At the same time, the number of comments on the live-stream also increased.

When the audience saw that the stall owner was an eight-year-old child, their curiosity was piqued.

“Can an eight-year-old cook delicious food”

“Host, give it a try. Tell us if it tastes good.”

“I think it should taste pretty good. Otherwise, why are there so many people queuing up here”

“That might not be the case. Maybe its just a publicity stunt. An eight-year-old chef is a perfect gimmick.”

At this moment, an argument had already started in the broadcast room.

Many audience members were urging Qin Yun to have a taste.

Qin Yun also saw the comments, but she still wanted to learn more about the situation from Xu Le.

“Little kid, how old are you” Qin Yun tried to make herself appear more approachable when she asked this question.

Xu Le almost rolled his eyes.

Why was everyone asking him this question He had already been asked for at least ten times that day.

Were these adults that curious about the age of children

However, seeing that the other party was a broadcaster and his food stall needed publicity, Xu Le still answered her.

“Im… eight years old today!”

“You are already out setting up a stall at the age of eight years old.” Qin Yun was obviously surprised.

Normally speaking, an eight-year-old child should have just started elementary school and should be watching cartoons and doing homework at home.

Meanwhile, Xu Le, who was in front of her, had already started doing business at a young age.

“Little kid, why did you come out to set up a stall”

Qin Yun continued to ask.

After hearing this question, Xu Le was like a deflated ball as he sighed helplessly.

“Its all because of life. Theres no other way to repay the mortgage.”

Xu Le sighed while he spoke, as though he was burdened by life.

If this was said by a middle-aged man who was down and out, perhaps it would make everyone feel a little pitiful, making people sigh at the hardships of life.

The effect was completely different when it came from an eight-year-old.

When they heard Xu Le say that he was forced by life and wanted to earn money to repay the loan, the surrounding customers all laughed.

Qin Yun was no exception. Of course, she did not believe Xu Les words.

However, she felt that this child was quite interesting.

At such a young age, he probably didnt even know a few Chinese characters. Yet, he was able to put on an attitude as if he had seen through life. This strong contrast made people feel that he was very adorable.

Xu Le sighed again and looked at Qin Yun with bitter eyes.

He knew what these people were laughing about.

These people must think that a child like him was trying to speak like an adult.

However, Xu Le was telling the truth.

Xu Le really had over a million yuan worth of mortgage to repay!

There was also a younger sister who needed to be raised!

He was not lying!!!

On the other hand, when the customers and audience saw Xu Les resentful gaze, they laughed even more happily, treating Xu Le like a cute child.

The popularity of the live stream also soared.

After all, it was very rare to see such a cute child who had set up a stall to earn money at such a young age.

“This little boy is too cute. Hahahaha.”

“You look like youve seen through the realities of life at such a young age. How adorable.”

“Even my grandfather cant say such words.”

“Host, quickly have a taste. Does the childs cooking taste good”

Seeing that the audience in the live-stream was urging her, Qin Yun did not keep them in suspense anymore.

She was also looking forward to Xu Les cooking.

Most importantly, as she stood there, she could smell the fragrance coming from the snack stall. She was already salivating.

“Little friend, please give me a serving of Oil Doused Noodles, Kung Pao Chicken and tomato egg soup!”


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