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Chapter 13: Tomato Egg Soup!

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After mixing the starch, Xu Le slowly added it into the pot.

When he poured it in, he left behind a little in the bowl so that he could adjust the texture of the soup.

He would pour it in when he needed afterwards.

As the temperature in the pot rose, many bubbles appeared on the somewhat thick tomato soup.

Xu Le poured the twenty eggs that he had beaten into the bubbling water.

The bubbling indicated that the temperature there was the highest.

When mixed eggs were poured in, they would quickly solidify under the high temperature and become beautiful scattered egg.

At the same time, Xu Le used his chopsticks to gently stir the scattered egg.

The egg was like a string of cheese, turning into a thin and long string. As the chopsticks stirred, it spun continuously in the pot like an egg vortex. It was very beautiful.

He added a few spoonfuls of salt and white pepper powder.

Then, he added a few drops of sesame oil.

The condiments of this dish were just that simple. After all, it was a very light-tasting soup dish.

The chopped coriander was sprinkled inside.

Instantly, the entire pot of tomato egg soup emitted a smell.

The sweetness and sourness of the tomatoes, the fragrance of the eggs, and the spicy flavor of the white pepper were all perfect.

Due to the addition of starch, the soup was slightly thick, allowing the scattered, which was as thin as a cicadas wing, to float at the top to ensure that the eggs could be eaten with each mouthful of the soup.

Xu Le scooped out a bowl from the pot and took a sip.

From the boiling tomato egg soup, a delicious taste rushed straight to his heart.

“This is the right taste.” A satisfied smile appeared on Xu Les face.

The taste of home was exactly what he wanted to make.

In China, tomato egg soup was a common home-cooked dish.

Especially in rural areas, many people would grow tomatoes and raise chickens.

Sometimes, one would pick two tomatoes from the tree and collect two eggs from the chicken coop to make a pot of delicious tomato egg soup.

When the children at home returned home in the evening after playing outside and smelled the fragrance, their appetite was immediately boosted and they could drink two bowls in one go.

Therefore, to many people, this was really the taste of home.

At the same time, this was also what Xu Le wanted to make.

It did not need any high-end cooking techniques or exotic ingredients. All Xu Le wanted was to use simple tomatoes and eggs to make a bowl of soup that would make people reminisce.

This was the greatest culinary skill to Xu Le.

Of course, Xu Les bowl of tomato egg soup was not simple either.

Xu Le chose the best ingredients. He went to the market in the morning to pick fresh tomatoes. They were sweet enough and high moisture content.

He also used farm eggs, which were also three times more expensive than ordinary eggs, but the taste was more fragrant and rich, and the taste produced could be upgraded to a whole new level.

Although all these would increase the cost, Xu Le felt that it was worth it.

“The tomato egg soup is ready! Eight yuan for a bowl!”

Xu Le shouted. The customers who had been waiting for a long time immediately raised their hands and shouted for a bowl.

“Little Boss, give me a bowl!”

“It smells so good. Ill buy two bowls!”

“Ill buy a bowl and take it away!”

“Mommy, I want to drink Brothers soup. Can you buy it for me”

A little boy who looked two years younger than Xu Le hugged his mothers thigh and pleaded coquettishly.

“A bowl, then.”

His mother picked up his phone and scanned the QR code to pay. Then, she signaled Xu Le to bring her a bowl of tomato egg soup.

Xu Le picked up a big soup ladle and stirred the pot. He scooped the soup out and placed it in an empty bowl.

Not a drop was spilled. Not even a drop.

The bowl of tomato egg soup was handed to the little boys mother.

“The spoon is beside you. You can take it yourself.”

Everyone immediately focused their attention on the little boy.

No one knew if this bowl of tomato egg soup was good or not.

Although it did smell good, the chef was only an eight-year-old boy.

Could an eight-year-old make such delicious food

It was really hard to believe without tasting it personally…

Sitting down at a nearby table, the boy scooped up a spoonful of soup and blew on it gently before swallowing it.

It was like everyones innate talent. Before eating hot food, they would blow on it to cool it down.

Of course, there was another smoother way—sucking to cool down.

Due to the fact that it had just come out of the pot, it was still boiling hot even after blowing a few times.

After the little boy drank the tomato egg soup, his tongue kept moving in his mouth and he kept sucking in air to cool the food down.

During this process, the soup rolled around in his mouth. The taste of tomato egg soup was left on the tip, the end and bottom of his tongue.

After tasting the tomato egg soup, the boys eyes lit up.

Although the tomato egg soup was hot, the fragrance it contained made one feel refreshed.

“This is so delicious!”

The little boy cheered loudly and tugged at his mothers sleeve.

His mother leaned over suspiciously and scooped a spoonful of soup into her mouth.

The fresh sweetness of the tomatoes and the mellow taste of the eggs instantly spread between her lips, teeth, and tongue.

Although this bowl of tomato egg soup was light, it tasted extremely rich.

Especially since Xu Le chose all kinds of high-quality ingredients, he completely unleashed the original taste of the ingredients. Coupled with his superb culinary skills, the final taste of the soup was rich in layers.


The boys mother had the same reaction as the boy.

After tasting a mouthful, she was completely won over by the deliciousness of this bowl of tomato egg soup.

“Boss, please give me a bowl of tomato egg soup and a bowl of oil doused noodles!”

The boys mother shouted urgently, as if afraid that if she said it too late, the delicious taste would disappear.

“The tomato egg soup will be served to you first. You will have to wait for a while for the oil doused noodles.”

Xu Le was all smiles.

Perhaps it was every chefs dream to be able to produce food that could gain the approval of customers.

Looking at the tightly packed customers in front of the stall, Xu Le estimated that… his target of 5,000 yuan that day should not be a problem.


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