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Chapter 11: Delicious Food Cures Anorexia

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When Teacher Li saw Peng Yan finish the entire bowl of oil doused noodles, a surprised and gratified smile appeared on her face.

Peng Yan was suffering from anorexia, which brought great pressure to their family.

Long-term anorexia has caused his extreme weight loss, weak health, and even symptoms of anxiety and depression. It had also affected his normal life and work.

Teacher Li saw this and felt pain in her heart, but she could not help.

The death rate of anorexia sufferers was as high as 10%. It is a disorder that was difficult to treat.

Surgery treatment would not work either. The country stipulated that the patients medical history of anorexia had to be longer than three years before surgery could be carried out.

Yet Xu Les cooking actually allowed Peng Yan to eat in big mouthfuls.

To Li Jing, this was a miracle.

“How is it”

Li Jing asked with concern when she saw Peng Yan finish the Oil Doused Noodles.


Peng Yan patted his stomach in satisfaction and gave Xu Le a thumbs up.

“Its so delicious! At such a young age, his cooking skills have already reached such a high level!”

“These two Sichuan dishes are very authentic. They are similar to the ones I ate when my mother cooked for me when I was young.”

Peng Yan said happily as he recalled these memories.


The taste of good food alone could hardly ease his underlying psychological barriers.

The main reason why he was cured of anorexia.

It was these two authentic Sichuan cuisines that made him recall the taste of home.

For every Chinese, the best food always came from their hometown. Specifically, it was the taste of their mothers cooking.

That was because it was the first experience of a persons taste buds when they were young. It was engraved in the deepest part of their DNA and memories, and it was also the best memory.

It was this kind of yearning that made Peng Yan put down his his resistance and break through his psychological barrier, allowing him to eat the entire bowl of Oil Doused Noodles.

A psychological illness.

It still had to rely on mental satisfaction to heal.

“Thank you, Xu Le!”

Peng Yan walked over and hugged Xu Le tightly as he spun around.

One could feel the joy in his heart from his expression.

An excellent dish should not be limited to filling ones stomach. It should be able to satisfy and heal ones soul.

All of a sudden, Xu Le heard a mechanical system notification.

[Mission: The stall cannot only have staple food!]

[Congratulations, host. Kung Pao Chicken has earned the customers satisfaction. You are rewarded with “Tomato Egg Soup Recipe”!]

[Reward has been issued!]

In his mind, information about cooking tomato egg soup instantly filled him.

In other words, the dishes that Xu Le could cook included one staple food, one main dish, and one soup.

“Xu Le, youre too awesome!”

Peng Yan placed Xu Le on the bench and praised him continuously.

At the side, Li Jing patted his shoulder and said softly, “You are not allowed to curse in front of children!”

Peng Yan was in a good mood and nodded with a smile.

His anorexia was like a dark cloud that covered his heart. It had finally dissipated that day.

After the knot in his heart was resolved, coupled with medication, his anorexia should be relieved or even cured within a week.

“Xu Le, your Sichuan dish is really good. It tastes very good!”

“Ive eaten a lot of Sichuan dishes in restaurants, but none of them are as good as yours. In fact, theyre far worse.”

“Of course!”

Xu Le put his hands on his hips and said proudly.

What a joke! These recipes were all obtained from the system. How could ordinary restaurants compare to them

Li Jing added, “Xu Le has been setting up a stall outside our school this morning. The queue was really long.”

“Set up a stall”

Peng Yan was slightly stunned when he heard that.

At such a young age, it was indeed rare for him to set up a stall.

Then, Peng Yan seemed to have recalled something important.

He turned to Xu Le and asked seriously,

“Xu Le, are you setting up a stall because… youre short of money”

Although he did not know why the other party asked this question, Xu Le still nodded honestly.

“Then I might really be able to help you…” Peng Yan muttered.

“Our company recently built a food street and its not far from here. Its just opened now and theres a lot of human traffic.”

“If youd like, I can help you apply for a simple booth.”

Xu Les face lit up with joy when he heard the news.

This was a timely help!

Actually, he had the same thought before.

However, without special channels, it was too troublesome to apply for a stall in a place like a food street.

There were all sorts of procedures, and various layers of approval he needed to get, not to mention the high cost.

At least it was not possible to be complete within a month.

The matter that Peng Yan suddenly brought this up was exactly what Xu Le wanted.

After all, he could not always set up a stall at the entrance of the kindergarten. He would definitely seek greater development in the future.

Like opening a restaurant.

Perhaps this stall at the food street was his first step to opening a shop.

“I can help you apply for a simple stall. The stall fee is 200 yuan a day. Is that okay” Peng Yan asked.

Xu Le was about to agree.

The systems voice sounded again.

[Ding! Host has triggered a random mission!]

[Mission Details: Set up a food stall in the food street. Earn a daily revenue exceeding 5,000 yuan.]

[Mission Reward: Gourmet Points*100]

When he saw the system mission panel, especially the 100 gourmet points as the mission reward, Xu Le was pleasantly surprised.

The difficulty of obtaining Gourmet Points was exceptionally high. It could only be obtained from system missions.

The few missions that Xu Le had completed previously did not award any Gourmet points.

This was the first time they were rewarded for this stall mission.

“100 Gourmet points!”

Xu Les heart was filled with passion. These 100 points could be exchanged for many good things in the System Shop, such as recipes, kitchenware, rare ingredients…


Xu Les eyes lit up as he agreed.

Even without the system mission, he would have agreed. After all, this was a good opportunity to earn money.

Setting up a stall at the entrance of the kindergarten was not a long-term solution.

The kindergarten did not have a lot of customers, and the stall could only be opened in the morning and evening. He could only earn a few hundred yuan a day at most, which was not enough to satisfy Xu Les expectations.

But the newly opened Hongxing Food Street was different.

Xu Le had only seen it on the local news last night. On the day the food street opened for business, it had attracted 185,000 daily customers.

Xu Le had absolute confidence that with his superb culinary skills, he would definitely make a fortune on this street!


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