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Chapter 29: Reversal, Face-Smacking!

Translator: Lordbluefire

The night passed by very quickly.

Early the next morning, Shen Ruojing went back home.

She had just opened the door when she saw Jing Zhen walking out of the bedroom while limping. When he saw her, he couldnt help but ask, “Did you not come home the entire night Or did you just wake up”

Shen Ruojing didnt reply to his question but countered with another question. “Whats wrong with your leg”

“Im fine. I havent exercised for so long that when I tried doing some exercise last night, I pulled my muscle. Ive really gotten old~”

Jing Zhen said in a touching tone, “Jingjing, youre really concerned about Father. Yesterday, at the Lin Familys residence, you were really ruthless when you stood up for me. I will remember this.”


The corners of Shen Ruojings mouth twitched. She wanted to say that it had nothing to do with him and that she simply didnt like Lin Wanru. However, before she could speak, the sound of violent knocking on their door rang out.

The noise was too loud, and it alarmed Shen Qianhui, Chu Tianye, and Chu Xiaomeng.

Shen Qianhui quickly came downstairs. “Whos that Why are they knocking like this”

Chu Tianye and Chu Xiaomeng exchanged a glance. They then returned to their respective rooms to go back to sleep calmly.

Outside the door, Madam Lin and Lin Wanru stood together with a bunch of policemen.

Coincidentally, another car arrived. After Chu Cichen alighted with Matriarch Chu, Chu Cimo also came along.

Shen Ruojing first surveyed Chu Cichen. However, she saw that he was dressed neatly in a suit and leather shoes, not showing any signs of anxiety because of Chu Yus disappearance.

She had no idea if he was just cold-hearted or if he was feigning composure.

He stood next to the car and didnt say a word, showing no intention of coming over.

When Matriarch Chu saw the group of people at the door, she asked coldly, “Madam Lin, what is the meaning of this”

Madam Lin immediately said, “You guys have all come. Thats great. Police officers, I want to report a case!”

Matriarch Chu frowned impatiently. “Didnt we already say that the matter yesterday was just bickering between young girls Why did you come knocking on their door again”

When Lin Wanru heard such biased words, fury rose in her heart. She shouted, “Its fine for me to be hit, but is it alright when your grandson has been killed!”

Matriarch Chus pupils contracted. “What do you mean”

However, Lin Wanru looked toward Chu Cichen, only to see his body, which was leaning against the car slowly straightening and tensing up. He radiated a killing aura.

Lin Wanru was so scared that she retracted her gaze, not daring to speak.

Madam Lin said, “Early this morning, someone suddenly came to our house and told me that they saw Shen Ruojing killing Chu Yu and then throwing his corpse at the back mountains!”

Matriarch Chu cried out in astonishment, “Thats impossible!”

Madam Lin immediately looked at her. “I dont believe it either, so I ask you guys to bring Chu Yu over. If its a misunderstanding, then we can just clear things up. Where is Chu Yu”

Matriarch Chu looked at Chu Cichen. When Chu Cichen nodded after giving the matter some thought, Matriarch Chu said, “Chu Yu was kidnapped...”

Lin Wanru immediately pointed to Shen Ruojing and shouted, “It must be her! Its definitely her! I heard her telling Cichen that if it wasnt for Chu Yus existence, Cichen would marry her!”

Madam Lin also raged. “Shen Ruojing, youre really ruthless! Hes just a five-year-old child! You have children too! How could you bear to do something so vicious!”

Shen Ruojing watched as the mother and daughter duo put up a show. She found this somewhat satirizing as she replied in a cold and clear voice, “I didnt kill anyone.”

By now, Shen Qianhui had regained her senses and took a step forward. “Thats right, we didnt kill anyone. Madam Lin, dont be maligning people without any evidence!”

Madam Lin said furiously, “Someone saw it, so how could it be maligning Do you dare to let the police officers enter your house to conduct a search I believe that if a murder was committed, thered definitely be traces left behind!”

Shen Qianhui raged. “Why should we let you search our house!”

Madam Lin said, “You must be feeling guilty, right Police officers, she must be feeling guilty!”

One of the police officers who had rushed over after receiving the call immediately frowned. He then looked at Shen Qianhui. “This is a search warrant. Please move away. Were going to conduct a search.”

Shen Qianhui dared to stop Madam Lin but not the police. Hence, she had no choice but to move away from the door.

As it was amurder case, the number of police officers was quite high. They entered the house and started searching.

Not long later, a police officer let out a surprised cry and then walked out, frowning. He held a child-sized short-sleeved shirt that was dyed in blood. It was what Chu Yu was wearing when he was kidnapped!

Matriarch Chu staggered and almost couldnt stand steadily

She looked at Shen Ruojing in disbelief.

However, Shen Ruojing only raised her brows.

It was no wonder only one kidnapper had gone to get rid of the body last night. The other kidnappers must have done other work. They had even planted this thing in their house.

Madam Lin tugged at Lin Wanru, and the latter instantly understood. She cried and said, “Why Why did you kill my son! Its one thing that youre stepping in between Cichen and me. I can make way for you. But why are you so cruel! Return my son to me! Pay me back my son!”

She cried in a devastating manner.

Chu Cimos expression drastically changed. He then glared at Shen Ruojing and said, “Shen Ruojing! How dare you kill my nephew! Youre too vicious! Big Bro, we mustnt let this woman off!”

Madam Lin also looked at Chu Cichen, questioning him, “Mr. Chu, I have seen a piece of news before where a womans ex-husband joined hands with his new girlfriend to kill his two children. Such a man is worse than pigs and dogs. Of course, given how much Mr. Chu loves Little Yu, youre definitely not a father like that. You must also hate the murderer so much that you want to skin them and pull out their tendons, right”

Chu Cichen was expressionless, and his eyes were terrifyingly black. “Of course.”

These two words let Madam Lin heave a sigh of relief.

She was afraid that Chu Cichen would cover up for the Shen Family…

Madam Lin looked at the police officers and said, “Police officers, what are you guys still hesitating for Hurry up and arrest the murderer!”

Shen Qianhui explained while panicking, “We didnt! We didnt kill anyone!”

Madam Lin asked, “Then how do you explain this clothing! How do you explain the blood traces on it!”

Shen Qianhui shook her head. “I dont know how this clothing appeared in our house. I...”

Madam Lin said, “There are both evidence and witnesses, yet youre still denying it. Police officers, please arrest their entire family! I suspect that they committed this crime as a group!”

However, the police officer went by the book. “We have to first verify that the blood on the clothing belongs to the victim before we can execute an arrest...”

Lin Wanru then said anxiously, “Whats there to verify You can just go to the back mountains to look for the corpse!”

Upon hearing this, Chu Cimos gaze also darkened. He looked at his brother and then at the pale Matriarch Chu. Chu Cimo said, “Ill go with you guys!”

His pitiful nephew... He was still so young...

Shen Ruojing suddenly said, “Theres no need to go there.”

Chu Cimo jumped up. “Why not Are you afraid that the corpse will be found and youll be incriminated Or do you want to let my nephews body be left in the wilderness You...”

However, Shen Ruojing looked into the far distance, and her lips curled up lightly. “Hes already here.”

As she finished this sentence, a light green BMW stopped at the door. The window of the hind passenger seat rolled down slowly, revealing Chu Yus face


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