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C209 – A Great Luo Golden Immortal Was Instantly Killed!

Before he finished speaking, everyone felt their hair stand on end.

Turning around, they saw a dog carrying a pink baby on top of the Divine Ship.

The little girl was carved from jade and had a wooden sword by her waist.

She was wearing a pink pleated skirt and her big eyes were blinking as she looked at everyone.

She looked very cute.

Beside the dog, there was a pure colored White Fox.

That fox had nine tails!

Nine-tailed Skyfox!

The people of Heavenly Demon Hall exclaimed and looked at the White Fox in disbelief.

The people of the Heavenly Demon Hall worshipped the Beast God.

After they ascended, they would ascend to the territory of the Divine Beast Clan.

Naturally, they knew the Nine-tailed Heavenly Fox.

When they saw the appearance of a Nine-tailed Heavenly Fox in the Lower Realm, their eyes were burning with greed.

If they could sign a spirit beast contract with this Nine-tailed Heavenly Fox, their status would naturally be incomparable to the others once they ascended to the Divine Beast Clan.

However, they didn’t notice the moment Guan Shengwu saw the dog, he froze on the spot, and his face turned pale.

Su Jinjiang stepped out from the crowd, and impatiently cupped his hands towards Lyu Ying, “Heavenly Demon Hall’s Su Jinjiang greets Senior White Fox.”

After saying that, a gentle force spread towards Lyu Ying.

The surrounding people of Heavenly Demon Hall were filled with envy, but they didn’t dare to say anything.

Senior Brother Su was going to sign a soul contract with the Nine-tailed Heavenly Fox.

Lyu Ying looked at Su Jinjiang, her big eyes filled with doubt.

Su Jinjiang was overjoyed.

That force became gentler.

Zhang Shaohua looked at it nervously, afraid that something else would happen.

Master Spiritual Vulture looked at Su Jinjiang enviously.

He was also a strong Familiar.

Unfortunately, the young man went ahead first.

He could only wait.

No one wanted to give up on such a spirit beast.

Su Jinjiang slowly walked towards the White Fox.

Although Master Spiritual Vulture didn’t want Su Jinjiang to succeed, he had to admit Su Jinjiang was indeed the most talented disciple of Heavenly Demon Hall.

Master Spiritual Vulture narrowed his eyes, but he had already clenched his fist.

He could let Su Jinjiang try first, but when Su Jinjiang showed signs of success, he was about to make his move.

An invisible force was unleashed from his body.

Senior, please give my Heavenly Demon Hall some face.

My Heavenly Demon Hall will never be able to thank you enough!

Zhang Shaohua walked out and cupped his fists at Master Spiritual Vulture.

As soon as his voice faded, a powerful force burst out from his body.

So powerful!

The disciples of Heavenly Demon Hall were stunned!

Senior Brother Zhang’s strength was really formidable.

This was the first time they saw him display such a powerful strength.

No wonder Guan Shengwu didn’t pay any attention to senior disciple Su just now.

He wanted to challenge senior disciple Zhang.

No wonder senior disciple Su revealed such heaven defying talent.

The elders in the sect were still optimistic about senior disciple Zhang.

They thought senior disciple Zhang was popular, but it turned out that senior disciple Zhang’s strength was higher than senior disciple Su’s.

Guan Shengwu also looked at Zhang Shaohua, his eyes filled with fear.

However, he didn’t move.

Instead, he looked at the dog that Nannan was riding on with more fear.

The scene at that time was still in front of him, and he would never forget it for the rest of his life.

At this moment, a claw suddenly struck out.


A powerful force poured out like a flood and exploded on Su Jinjiang’s body.

A crisp sound was heard from Su Jinjiang’s body.

After that, an object fell out of his chest.

My divine weapon of Supreme Grade!

Su Jinjiang shouted in shock.

The supreme-grade divine weapon was shattered by the nine-tailed celestial fox’s claw!

How was this possible

A supreme-grade divine weapon could withstand a strike from a Great Luo Golden Immortal!

Could it be that this fox in front of him was a Great Luo Golden Immortal

Fortunately, the White Fox didn’t continue attacking.

Instead, it looked at Su Jinjiang with a mocking expression.

This sudden turn of events caused the floor to be filled with eyeballs.

Everyone was petrified.

And Master Spiritual Vulture was also stunned!

He was more shocked in his heart!

It was absolutely a Great Luo Golden Immortal!

Otherwise, it would be impossible for her to shatter a top grade divine weapon.

Master Spiritual Vulture was shocked in his heart, but he didn’t hesitate at all.

He clenched his fists tightly and threw a punch at the White Fox.

On his fists, the power of a peak Primordial Immortal exploded.

When he attacked, he had hidden his true strength in order to catch Zhang Xuan off guard and kill him.

However, now it was a critical moment of life and death, he had no time to hide his strength anymore.

However, when his fist struck out, something shocking and despairing happened.

His indestructible strength was easily destroyed by a claw.

In the blink of an eye, the famous Master Spiritual Vulture was sent flying.

His chest caved in.

Master Spiritual Vulture kept screaming in pain.

After that, he took the opportunity to fly away.

The other people from Imperial Mountain already attacked the moment Master Spiritual Vulture attacked, but the dog that they didn’t even put in their eyes also attacked at the same time.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Dozens of people turned into a mist of blood!

These were dozens of Goddess and Golden Immortal warriors!

They were instantly killed!

The people of Heavenly Demon Hall were shocked by what they saw.

Zhang Shaohua protected all the disciples and retreated to Guan Shengwu’s side.

Brother Shengwu, you and I will work together, otherwise, everyone will die!

Zhang Shaohua could only work together with Guan Shengwu, who had yet to attack.

This dog and White Fox were too powerful.

They were so powerful that it made people despair!

How could there be such a powerful Demonic Beast in this world

When Master Spiritual Vulture erupted, Zhang Shaohua was still happy for a moment, but before he could be happy, Master Spiritual Vulture was defeated!

He didn’t have the ability to fight back!

Who knew Guan Shengwu would take a step forward and appear on the other side He respectfully cupped his fist towards the dog and said, “Senior Dog, I am here to challenge brother Zhou Mingjun, it has nothing to do with this matter!”

Guan Shengwu was also helpless, and only then did he bring out Zhou Mingjun.

That day, Zhou Mingjun was together with this dog.

Their relationship should be pretty good.

He could only hope the dog would let him off on Zhou Mingjun’s account.

The dog looked at Guan Shengwu and really didn’t make a move.

The White Fox stretched out its claw and the Void shattered.

When it retracted its claw, Master Spiritual Vulture’s face was full of grief as he was smashed to the ground.

Don’t kill me.

Daoist Huang Ming has already broken through to the Great Luo Golden Immortal.

If you dare to attack again, it will bring you great enemies…

Master Spiritual Vulture threatened.

However, his voice stopped abruptly because the White Fox raised its claw and placed it above his head.

As long as the opponent’s claw landed on him, his soul would be sent flying to the western paradise.

Great enemy Just based on your Imperial Mountain

A voice suddenly sounded.

As the voice faded, a young man appeared on the Divine Ship.

This man was carrying an axe in his hand.

After he appeared, without saying another word, he swung the axe at the young man.


A bloody head flew out!

Guan Shengwu’s nervous heart relaxed when he saw who he was.


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