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C208 – Master Spiritual Vulture Is Here too

Before the footsteps got close, a sharp sword intent already made everyone’s faces changed.

What a sharp sword intent!

Who is this person

His strength is probably not much lower than Senior Brother Su’s.

The people of Heavenly Demon Hall looked in the direction of the sword intent.

Su Jinjiang and Zhang Shaohua looked at each other.

They thought of a certain possibility and nodded at each other.


All of a sudden, a Divine Ship appeared in the sky.

A surprised sound came from the Divine Ship, and the Divine Ship stopped.

May I ask if Guan Shengwu and the Young Demon Lord Su Jinjiang from the Saint Martial Mountain are below

An old voice was heard from the Divine Ship.

It seems to be the Master Spiritual Vulture from the Imperial Mountain!

I heard his daughter and disciples were killed by that disciple surnamed Zhang.

He might be here for revenge!

Master Spiritual Vulture is a veteran Primordial Immortal.

I’m afraid that man surnamed Zhang is going to suffer a calamity!

That Senior Zhang was able to teach Zhou Mingjun and Chen Ming, how could his own strength be weak

The disciples of Heavenly Demon Hall were discussing amongst themselves.

They weren’t worried about Master Spiritual Vulture because of the Divine Ship.

Zhang Shaohua shook his head slightly when he saw this.

During this period of time, junior disciple Su Jinjiang was competing with others.

This caused the pride in these people’s hearts to reach its peak.

It was a good thing to have the fighting spirit to win, but without a matching strength, that was the way to seek death.

What made Zhang Shaohua feel fortunate was that Master Spiritual Vulture had no intention of arguing with them.

It seemed that the sharp sword intent was unleashed from Guan Shengwu’s body.

Su Jinjiang exchanged a glance with him.

The two of them stepped into the sky and appeared on the Divine Ship in Imperial Mountain.

Indeed, it was Master Spiritual Vulture who stood there and looked at them with a smile.

Greetings, senior!

Both of them bowed respectfully.

So the Demon Gentleman Zhang Shaohua is here as well.

Master Spiritual Vulture’s face was full of smiles, and there was no sadness on his face.

As he spoke, the sharp sword intent from before suddenly appeared on the Divine Ship.

A middle-aged man with two swords on his back was Guan Shengwu.

Guan Shengwu looked at Master Spiritual Vulture indifferently, then fixed his eyes on Zhang Shaohua.

“You are the Virtuous Demon Zhang Shaohua I want to challenge you!”

Zhang Shaohua didn’t expect Guan Shengwu to say this directly.

He was slightly startled.

Su Jinjiang frowned, took a step forward, and cupped his fists.

“I am Su Jinjiang!”

His tone didn’t hide his pride at all.

Guan Shengwu looked at Su Jinjiang indifferently and nodded.

He continued to look at Zhang Shaohua.

Su Jinjiang saw Guan Shengwu didn’t care about him, and his heart was filled with anger.

He couldn’t help but ask, “What’s wrong Guan Shengwu, did you also learn to pick the soft persimmon to pinch He clearly knew Senior Brother Zhang’s strength wasn’t as good as yours, so he didn’t challenge me.

Challenging Senior Brother Zhang first Guan Shengwu, if you want to challenge senior disciple Zhang, you have to pass me first.

Su Jinjiang’s words offended both of them.

However, Guan Shengwu and Zhang Shaohua weren’t calculative people, so no one cared about what he said.

When Guan Shengwu heard what Su Jinjiang said, he was obviously stunned.

Then, he looked at Zhang Shaohua doubtfully, and finally shifted his gaze back to Su Jinjiang.

Your strength is not bad, but compared to the Demon Gentleman, you are much weaker.

Why do you say you are stronger than him

Upon hearing this, Zhang Shaohua was stunned.

Rumors had it that Guan Shengwu was a sword fanatic.

Now, he finally witnessed it.

This Guan Shengwu was somewhat similar to Junior Brother Su.

Both of them were obsessed with martial arts.

However, Guan Shengwu was too obsessed with martial arts and didn’t understand the ways of the world.

As for Junior Brother Su, due to his extraordinary talent, it was inevitable that he would feel proud.

Su Jinjiang was furious.

Guan Shengwu actually looked down on him, and even said Senior Brother Zhang’s strength was above his.

He respected senior brother Zhang, but that was because senior brother Zhang’s character was indeed extraordinary.

There were some disciples who dared to provoke the deacon in the hall, but they didn’t dare to provoke senior brother Zhang at all.

But this was the charm of one’s personality, and it had nothing to do with one’s strength.

It seemed like this Guan Shengwu wasn’t that great, at least he didn’t have good eyesight.

Brother Guan, how about we fight first Su Jinjiang said coldly.

Everything was fake.

Only a battle could prove himself.

Guan Shengwu looked at Su Jinjiang in a daze and nodded his head.

He said, “Your strength isn’t bad.

You have the right to fight me.”

As soon as his voice faded, a sword intent soared into the sky.


A loud explosion was heard.

It was Su Jinjiang, who fell to the ground with one of his feet.

He shot out like a sharp sword from its sheath, and rushed towards Guan Shengwu.

Guan Shengwu was startled for a moment.

Then, he thrust out his sword and shattered the Void.

Su Jinjiang’s facial expression changed slightly.

He waved his palm and a strong palm energy was sent out.


A muffled sound was heard.

Su Jinjiang’s facial expression changed once again, and he took a dozen steps back.

Guan Shengwu looked at Su Jinjiang with a much friendlier look.

In an instant, the sword intent in his body became active.

Su Jinjiang clenched his fists tightly.

His reputation was well deserved.

This Guan Shengwu was indeed worthy of being called the number one Golden Immortal.

His power had long surpassed that of an ordinary Primordial Immortal!

However, he wasn’t willing to give up.

He was the one who was at a slight disadvantage in the fight just now.

This was something that he didn’t allow.

He wanted to be the number one person in the younger generation, and absolutely couldn’t lose to anyone.



They looked at each other, and the fighting spirit in their eyes continued to rise.

Little friends, why are you doing this Can you give me some face and stop for the time being

As the two of them were about to continue, a force appeared between them and separated them.

So strong!

A Primordial Seventh Layer!

Guan Shengwu and Su Jinjiang looked at each other, and instantly made a judgment on Master Spiritual Vulture’s strength.

Although they didn’t say anything, they stopped what they were doing.

Master Spiritual Vulture looked at Guan Shengwu and Su Jinjiang with fiery eyes.

A genius like this, ten of them wanted to take him under their tutelage, but he knew his own limitations.

He wasn’t strong enough to be their master.

With these two, perhaps only intermediate Great Luo Golden Immortal and above could be their master.

Master Spiritual Vulture sighed lightly.

It was a pity that these two were good seedlings.

If these two men were born in Immortal Domain, their current achievements would definitely not be limited to this.

Both of you are young geniuses.

Why do you need to fight and kill

We are competing!

We are competing!

Both of them said almost at the same time.

Both of you know why I am here.

Master Spiritual Vulture looked at Guan Shengwu and said, “Little friend, you experienced that battle.

If you were to compete with that Zhou Mingjun…”

Guan Shengwu knew what Master Spiritual Vulture meant.

He thought for a while and replied, “If he doesn’t use the Holy Weapon, I will fight him fifty-fifty.”

His words were full of praise for Zhou Mingjun!

When Su Jinjiang heard this, the arrogance on his face lessened slightly and became much more serious.

Zhang Shaohua saw this and lightly nodded his head.

If Junior Brother Su came here to have a clear understanding of him, then this trip wouldn’t be in vain.

Ah, the ship can actually fly.

Uncle Dog, Auntie Bai, I want to go up and take a look!

At this moment, a tender voice sounded.


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