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C207 – Someone from the Heavenly Demon Hall


Hearing what his master said, all of Wang Chuan’s disciples were stunned.

Looking at the disciples, Wang Chuan smiled and said, “Do you know why there are only so few Holy Weapons in Martial Celestial Realm”

All of the disciples thought for a moment.

If their master didn’t remind them, they really wouldn’t consider this problem.

Although there’s only a few of Saint-level Refiners in Martial Celestial Realm, it still has the number of palm strikes.

However, the number of Holy Weapons didn’t increase by much.

I am known as the Great Master.

But most of the time, the divine weapon I refine is also a supreme-grade divine weapon.

Holy Weapon, that shoulder pole is the second one that I refined after breaking through to Saint-level Refiner.

Do you know why

Seeing that the disciples were unable to answer, Wang Chuan smiled and continued, “That’s because all the Holy Weapon refinement techniques were passed down from the Pangu Sect, including the ingredients to refine the Holy Weapon.”

But after the Pangu Sect was destroyed, only a portion of the ingredients to refine the Holy Weapon were obtained by us.

The rest… were all gone!

The ingredients used to refine the Holy Weapon in the Immortal Domain could be said to leave behind by the Pangu Sect in the past, and the origin of those Saint Level ingredients was always a mystery.

Many people speculated the Pangu Sect might be in control of a complete small world.

The reason why the four Celestial Sect was hunting the disciples of the Pangu Sect is because they want to obtain the secrets of the small world from them.

The disciples’ mouths turned into an ‘O’ shape.

This was the first time they heard of this secret.

Now, it seems like the source of the materials of Pangu Sect became clear.

I guess it’s because of Senior Zhang’s gift.

Master, will the people of the four Celestial Sect harass Senior Zhang after learning about this

A disciple asked worriedly.

Wang Chuan smiled at the disciple, “That’s because they are courting death, although I don’t know about the destruction of Pangu Sect.

However, given Senior Zhang’s strength… It’s too easy to destroy the four Celestial Sect.”

A disciple asked curiously,” Master, is Senior Zhang really an Immortal Emperor “

Wang Chuan still had a smile on his face.

“Senior Zhang can refine Imperial Weapon, but it doesn’t mean he is an Immortal Emperor…”

Before Wang Chuan could finish his words, the disciple smiled and said, “I knew it.

The Great Dao in Martial Celestial Realm is incomplete.

How could there be an Immortal Emperor in Martial Celestial Realm”

Hearing this, Wang Chuan smiled and shut his mouth.

He didn’t explain anything.

Of course, Senior Zhang couldn’t be an Immortal Emperor, because even an Immortal Emperor wouldn’t have the qualifications to refine an Imperial Weapon.

In order to refine an Imperial Weapon, not only did one need the strength of an Immortal Emperor or above, one also needed to master the three thousand Great Dao and fuse the Great Dao.

Furthermore, an Immortal Emperor couldn’t dispel the Weapon Tribulation with a single sentence.

Until now, when he recalled the scene back then, Wang Chuan felt his blood boiling.

So it turned out that Refiner could do it to such an extent!

Even the heavenly tribulation was afraid!

What realm was the expert that could do this

In any case, Wang Chuan never saw such a spectacle in his entire life!

Not even the previous Three Sovereigns of Pangu could do it.

However, Senior Zhang did it so easily.

What did this mean

Pangu Village.

It was probably the most peculiar village in Blue Star.

When people started farming, not only would the Demonic Beast not destroy the heaven and earth, it would instead help the farmers fertilize them.

However, Loong Linshuang was a little miserable.

The little girl grabbed her and played with her every day.

Now, when Loong Linshuang saw the little girl, she was so scared that she immediately ran away.

Only the dog and the White Fox would bring Nannan around the village every day, causing the little girl to laugh out loud.

Today, a group of people came to Misty Forest.

Senior brother, it is rumored that there is a peerless expert hiding here.

Do you really want to challenge that senior

A little girl looked at her senior brother in admiration and asked.

The one called senior brother was a youth who was seventeen or eighteen years old.

He wore black clothes, and when he heard this, his face revealed a proud expression as he spoke.

That is only natural.

This world is a great world after merging, and there is no lack of people fishing for fame.

I have an obligation to tear off these people’s disguises!

The young man’s name was Su Jinjiang, and he was the young master of the Heavenly Demon Hall, a Primordial Immortal.

Last time, when the Heavenly Demon Hall came here, he accidentally entered a secret realm, so he didn’t have the chance to follow them.

However, he also benefited from misfortune.

He obtained the inheritance of a Great Luo Golden Immortal, and his strength broke through to the Primordial Immortal.

When he heard about what happened here, he immediately came here without saying another word.

Junior Sister Fangfang, what are you worried about Senior Brother isn’t an ordinary Martial Cultivator.

You saw it too.

The Mid Tai Yi expert from Imperial Mountain was standing in front of her senior brother.

He couldn’t withstand a hundred strikes.

The younger generation of this world… Senior brother is definitely the undisputed number one person.

One of Su Jinjiang’s underlings flattered.

I wonder how senior brother is compared to Guan Shengwu

When he heard Guan Shengwu’s name, a rare serious expression emerged on Su Jinjiang’s face.

Guan Shengwu is indeed a good opponent! However, if one lives in this world without a good opponent, wouldn’t that be rather boring

Senior brother, are the top ten Soul Suppressing Monument and the Ten Yama Vicious Beasts also not worthy of your attention

One of the younger brothers asked curiously.

Them Their strength is about the same as our Heaven Fey Ranking, right Do you think the nine people behind Senior Brother Su can be a match for him if they join forces

Let’s not talk about anything else.

Number one on the Underworld Imperial Ranking can’t withstand ten of Senior Brother’s palms.

Why would Senior Brother place those trash in his eyes

Su Jinjiang let the people around him speak freely.

His face was full of pride.

This time, senior brother Su is going to use his actions to let the world know our Heavenly Demon Hall is the strongest power in this new world, and senior brother is the number one genius of the younger generation!

I heard Guan Shengwu officially issued a challenge to the so-called Senior Zhang’s eldest disciple, Zhou Mingjun, and he can make Guan Shengwu take the initiative to issue the challenge.

That Zhou Mingjun isn’t an ordinary person either.

Junior disciple Su, it’s better to be careful!

There were also some who were still conscious and reminded him kindly.

Su Jinjiang nodded when he heard this.

Senior Zhang, you are too cautious.

The elders are all looking forward to seeing you act wildly when you are young! Even the Sect Master said if you can change your character, your future achievements will be unparalleled!

That’s right.

Senior Brother Zhang, do you want me to keep you at home tonight You are also young and frivolous once

The girls winked at Senior Zhang, causing the surrounding people to laugh out loud.

Senior Brother Zhang was Eldest Senior Brother of Heavenly Demon Hall.

He was slightly older than Su Jinjiang, and he was also a person that all disciples of Heavenly Demon Hall admired.

Even Su Jinjiang had to treat him seriously when he heard what he said.

Zhang Shaohua didn’t get angry when he was teased by his junior brothers and sisters.

He smiled faintly.

At this moment, the sound of footsteps could be heard from behind them.


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