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C373 – Unlucky Immortal Clan



All the experts of God Clan looked at Chong Qing in disbelief.

Although Chong Qing ignited his bloodline, Shen Wushang was able to become the patriarch of God Clan, and he was an expert on the same level as Chong Qing.

If Shen Wushang wanted to escape, how could Chong Qing kill him

Furthermore, when Shen Wushang saw Chong Qing ignited his bloodline, he wasn’t stupid.

Why would he stay behind and fight with Chong Qing to the death

Who was the one attacking him in secret

The experts of God Clan never expected such a scene to occur.

All of them were dumbfounded.


All of a sudden, as if they made an agreement beforehand, all of them suddenly attacked the experts of God Clan.

“Bastard, you…”

“How dare you attack my God Clan, you bastards!”

The other small families were stunned for a short time, then they understood what was going on.

The god and devil races were the two most powerful races in the universe.

Now, the Devil Clan was completely done, and the God Clan would be in charge of all worlds in the future.

Even if Shen Wushang wasn’t dead, they would still find an opportunity to weaken the God Clan.

Now that Shen Wushang was dead, Chong Qing was going to die as well.

This was the best time.

If the God Clan and Devil Clan were destroyed, they would get more resources.

After killing Shen Wushang, Chong Qing was stunned for a while.

Then, he burst into laughter, and in front of everyone’s dumbfounded eyes, he joined in the battle between Hao Tian and Ye Su.

“Chong Qing, are you trying to…”

“Pull Hao Tian and die together!”


The experts of Immortal Clan, Netherworld, and Dragon Clan once again attacked Hao Tian at the same time.

“You’re courting death!”

Hao Tian roared furiously.

At this moment, Ye Su’s aura already weakened to the extreme.

It looked like he would be able to kill Ye Su soon.

He didn’t expect these people would actually intervene and want to take the opportunity to kill him.

The old man’s heart was filled with raging flames of fury, and his imposing aura was unleashed.

He suddenly charged towards the experts of Immortal Clan and Netherworld who were rushing towards him.

Those people wanted to take advantage of him.

When they saw Hao Tian abandoned the greatest enemies, Chong Qing and Ye Su, they were dumbfounded, especially the experts of Immortal Clan, Dragon Clan, and Netherworld.

They hurriedly retreated.

“Old man, are you crazy Ye Su is your biggest enemy!”

The patriarch of Immortal Clan roared in exasperation.

Hao Tian laughed angrily.

“Ye Su, I will kill him, but now, I hate clowns who cause trouble the most!”


If you didn’t come to cause trouble, Ye Su would be killed just now.

These guys came here to cause trouble and wanted to kill him.

But now, he wanted to kill them instead.

These people were actually blaming him for not killing Ye Su and Chong Qing.

If it wasn’t for the fact that he met them personally, the old man wouldn’t believe there was such an idiot in this world.


With a flash of light, Hao Tian arrived in front of the patriarch of Immortal Clan.

The patriarch’s expression changed immediately.

“Hao Tian, what are you doing Aren’t you afraid the Immortal Clan will continue to attack the Human Clan”


Hao Tian struck the patriarch’s chest with his palm, sending him flying away.

“You’re saying it like if I don’t kill you, your Immortal Clan won’t attack the Human Clan!”

Hao Tian raised his leg and kicked the patriarch’s face, pressing him to the ground and rubbing him.

After that, he roared at the experts of Human Clan.

“Hand over the Devil Clan and God Clan to the other races.

The Human Clan will use all their strength to kill the Immortal Clan.

Damn it, let them be the troublemakers!”

“Hahaha, good, kill them all!”

Everyone in the Myriad Heavens Clan was the enemy of Human Clan.

The Human Clan wouldn’t choose their opponent!

In any case, they were going to kill whoever they wanted!

The Dragon Clan, Netherworld, Soul World, and a few other major races who attacked the Human Clan together saw they were attacking the Immortal Clan without any regard for their own lives.

They were stunned for a while, then they secretly rejoiced.

They attacked the Human Clan just now, but the Patriarch of Immortal Clan was the fastest.

They didn’t expect the Human Clan would abandon Ye Su and turn their spearhead to the Immortal Clan.

“Hahaha, you want to take advantage of us Kill! Chong Qing threw the injured Ye Su into the group of Devil Clan.”

The Great Elder of Devil Clan received Ye Su with a complicated expression.

In fact, he hated Ye Su very much.

The current state of Devil Clan was caused by him, but the patriarch used his own life to exchange for the life of him.

The Great Elder grabbed Ye Su, gritted his teeth, and glared at Ye Su.

He shouted with unwillingness, “Devil Clan, follow me and kill our way out!”

After Chong Qing threw Ye Su away, he turned around and faced the experts of various races who wanted to chase after him.

A ferocious expression emerged on his face.

These people still wanted to kill him at this moment.

They were the sworn enemies of Devil Clan, and they wanted to completely destroy the Devil Clan.

There was nothing much to say to these people.


Chong Qing roared and charged forward.

“Haotian, you…”

“Don’t talk, just wait for your death quietly.

Today, you will die! Whoever stops me will die for you!”

Hao Tian interrupted the patriarch of Immortal Clan with his palm.

The patriarch’s expression changed when he heard Hao Tian’s words.

With Hao Tian’s words, who would dare to help him

At this moment, Hao Tian looked as if his eyes turned red from killing.

Who would be willing to provoke him

Did he not want to live anymore

Hao Tian’s power was obvious to all.

Who could be Hao Tian’s match

In the past, everyone followed their inner feelings.

Although they didn’t work together, they would at least attack the Human Clan together.

But now, they knew there was something fishy going on here.

Many experts of different races were unwilling to attack the Human Clan.

The patriarch of Immortal Clan felt like a dog in his heart.

This was f * cking dirtied with sh * t.

He looked at the experts of Netherworld and Dragon Clan, growled, “Are you going to watch the Human Clan destroy the Immortal Clan and kill all of you one by one”

“Fellow Daoist Haotian isn’t blind.

We wanted to kill Ye Su just now, but you are different.

You are going after Fellow Daoist Haotian! Xian Wuqing, don’t think that the others are fools!”

As the experts of various families were tempted by his words, the patriarch of Dragon Clan said with a cold smile.

Xian Wuqing was stupefied, and so were the others.

Are you sure you just went to help

Do you think Hao Tian was blind

However, they indeed charged in the direction of Hao Tian and Ye Su just now.

It was very difficult to determine whether their target was Hao Tian or Ye Su without making a move.


However, all of this gave them a reason.

The resources left behind by the God and Devil Clan were the most important.

The other resources weren’t as important anymore, especially since those small families already started to take action.

If Hao Tian could destroy the Immortal Clan, then they would be able to divide more resources.

This would be the end of world for the three families, but for the other races, it would be a lucky day.

“Goddess, Spirit Immortal Clan, and Human Immortal Clan are the territories of Human Clan.

I hope you all have no objections!”

Hao Tian sent the patriarch of Immortal Clan flying with a palm strike and asked indifferently.

Hearing Hao Tian’s question, the experts of other races weren’t angry.

Instead, they were happy.

As long as the Human Clan agreed on the terms, it would be fine.

What they feared the most was this was a delaying tactic, just like the patriarch of Immortal Clan said.

Since the Human Clan obtained these three worlds, they would need to be more wary of them.

If they attacked them again, they wouldn’t be so unscrupulous.

Thinking of this, everyone burst into laughter.


The patriarch of Immortal Clan’s expression became ugly.


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