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C298 – Chop Firewood

The soul was always what many living beings wanted to understand the most, because all living beings unanimously believed the soul was related to eternal life.

However, the more one understood the soul, the less one understood the soul, and the more one felt the vastness of soul.

Incomplete souls, in the eyes of others, was simply an unsolvable problem.

However, it was still easily solved by Mr.


Everyone looked at Zhang Xuan with admiration.

It was hard to imagine what in this world couldn’t be solved by him.

I’ll go and brew some medicine for him.

When he wakes up tomorrow, I’ll give him a medicinal bath.

Zhang Xuan said and went to the kitchen, but found there was no firewood.

Coincidentally, at this moment, the system issued a task of chopping firewood.

Zhang Xuan was stunned, then his eyebrows immediately lit up.

The missions issued by system during this time were all rather difficult.

The task of chopping firewood like this wasn’t issued for a long time.

Putting the axe on his waist, Zhang Xuan went to the back mountain.

What puzzled him was there were actually a lot of people in the back mountain today.

Did the fight just now come from here

The fluctuation produced by the exchange was so terrifying, it almost shook the entire Immortal Domain!

I wonder if it’s those two seniors who are exchanging blows! I really want to take a look.

Chi, a group of idiots, those terrifying fluctuations.

I’m afraid only Immortal Sovereign experts would fight like that.

Now, Wu Dingyang and the patriarch of Tang family are hiding in a corner.

It must be some senior of Supreme Immortal Sect who is fighting someone here!

Among the crowd, there was a group of people who were very special.

They had proud and aloof faces, and they wore extraordinary clothes, giving off an oppressive air of nobility.

They stood there, and a large empty area around them.

I know you all want to look around and see if there are any advantages to be taken.

However, we advise you all to put away those unrealistic thoughts.

The surrounding people pretended not to hear.

Ever since Bai Xiaosheng’s prophecy was spread, the respect they had for the four Celestial Sect was no longer the same as before.

Furthermore, when they looked at the Supreme Immortal Sect, there was a hint of ridicule in their eyes.

What right did a bunch of trash who were on the verge of death have to put on airs in front of them

Perhaps, in two years’ time, everyone would be the same.

Even the Supreme Immortal Sect would become history.

What was there to be proud of

Everyone, look, that’s…

A scream startled everyone.

They looked towards the source of sound and saw a person pointing at a forest with his mouth agape.

Everyone couldn’t help but look over.

When they saw what that patch of forest was, they were instantly dumbfounded.

Nine Mystic Wood!

Saint Level material Nine Mystic Wood!

This was a precious item that only existed in legends!

They never thought they would encounter such a huge amount here!

We’re rich!

The large group of people’s eyes were red, and their breathing became hurried.

They hurriedly ran over, and then took out their weapons and fiercely chopped down.


A crisp sound rang out, and in a second, the weapons in the hands of those people were shattered into pieces.

F * ck!

Those people looked at it with a pained expression, their eyes full of love.

This was a divine weapon that they spent a lot of materials to forge, but it broke the moment it touched the Nine Mystic Wood

They watched anxiously as they went deep into the treasure mountain, yet they could only sigh and return


These people put away their broken weapons, then they unwillingly held onto a Nine Mystic Wood with both hands.

Prove ownership to the others, then forcefully break it, and use their teeth to bite.

The Nine Mystic Wood steadily stood there without any injuries at all.

When Zhang Xuan saw this scene, he was puzzled!

What were these people doing

Were they all dumbfounded

Wasn’t it a tree

It was as if he never saw a tree for hundreds of years.

He held a tree in his arms, as if he was afraid someone would snatch it away.

Moreover, when chopping firewood, they naturally had to use axes.

This group of people seemed to have a hole in their brains.

They were chopping with swords and sabers.

Zhang Xuan even saw two people sawing with knives.

Was this group of people an actor

However, he still had to go back and brew the medicine.

He didn’t have time to watch these people perform here.

The medicine used for bathing needed to be refined for 24 hours.

He arrived in front of a tree and took out his axe to chop the tree.

We’re stupid.

This is a Saint Level material, and its quality is even tougher than Holy Weapon.

Our weapons aren’t even divine weapon, so how can we chop it

But, this Nine Mystic Wood is mine.

As long as I cut it down and bring it back, I’ll be able to refine a Holy Weapon!

Holy Weapon In the entire Immortal Domain, there were less than ten people in Saint-level Refiner’s group.

Furthermore, refining a Nine Mystic Wood required a specific cultivation technique.

If there were less than three people who had such a cultivation technique, who would we find to refine it

Furthermore, this Nine Mystic Wood is intelligent.

Its reaction speed is relatively slow.

Hurry up and get out of the way.

If you don’t get out of the way, you’ll be counterattacked.

After saying, the man suddenly backed up.

When his friend heard this, he didn’t hesitate at all and immediately retreated.

Pfft, you want to monopolize it Do you think others are idiots

That’s right, your technique isn’t brilliant.

This Nine Mystic Wood is mine.

No one can snatch it away from me!

Get out, all of you.

This forest belongs to my Supreme Immortal Sect.

Those who don’t get out of my way will be my Supreme Immortal Sect’s enemies!

The people of Supreme Immortal Sect were more overbearing.

They wanted to monopolize this forest.

The Supreme Immortal Sect is a declining sect.

What are you showing off Didn’t you hear Bai Xiaosheng’s prophecy

What you should do now is to expel yourselves from your sect.

This way, you might be able to keep your lives.

Besides, you didn’t take a closer look at the scene.

There were only a few people from the Supreme Immortal Sect present.

Our number is several times greater than yours.

Are you f * cking showing off I’ll join hands and kill you all!

This was a Saint Level material!

Money could move people’s hearts.

At this moment, the reputation of Supreme Immortal Sect could no longer scare everyone.

Furthermore, with so many people clamoring, everyone’s eyes turned red when they saw the Nine Mystic Wood.

Anyone who dared to say they wanted to rob it would immediately start a war.




A wave of violent Qi suddenly erupted.

Many people didn’t have any defenses at all.

They were sent flying.

Before they landed on the ground, they spurted out a mouthful of blood.

This time, no one held onto the Nine Mystic Wood and didn’t let go.

All of them looked at the Nine Mystic Wood as if it was a prehistoric beast.

Even those who had long dodged looked at the Nine Mystic Wood with incomparable shock.

The Taoist Charm and Qi that the Nine Mystic Wood emitted were more terrifying than they imagined.

No wonder the rumors said that Saint-level Refiner was at least the one who wanted to touch the Nine Mystic Wood.

If it wasn’t Saint-level Refiner, he wouldn’t have the corresponding cultivation technique to resist the terrifying Qi that came out from Nine Mystic Wood.

Even a Great Luo Golden Immortal who comprehended a thousand Great Dao wouldn’t be able to resist it.

Among those who were injured, one of them was a genius disciple of Supreme Immortal Sect who comprehended more than a thousand and two hundred Great Dao.

However, in front of this terrifying Qi, he was nothing.

Furthermore, this was because of the warning.

Although they disdained it, they had long been alerted.

If they weren’t alerted, perhaps this wave of fluctuation would kill many of them!

Being in a treasure mountain, they could only watch on and sigh.

Everyone was unwilling.

But facing the violent Qi, they could only retreat.

Otherwise, they would really die.


Right at this time, a person present suddenly pointed at Zhang Xuan and shouted.


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