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She Is Rather Smart

[Exchange Mall]

[1. Strength Pills: 300 Experience Points.]

[2. Robust Physique Pill: 300 Experience Points.]

[3. Acting Skills (Bright and Brave Female) Level 1: 300 Experience Points.]

[4. Acting Skills (Martial Arts Foundation) Level 1: 300 Experience Points.]

Xia Bohe looked over the contents, almost drooling over it instantly.

This system was really useful.

There seemed to be many options just to solve her current crisis.

Nevertheless, she did not want to waste her resources on resolving these b*tches oppression and lowly tricks on her.

Just like the painkiller pill from just now, which was considered a Consumable, was worth 300 Goddess Experience Points. It was not only expensive but also only had a one-off effect.

It would be gone after being used, so it would be a complete waste of resources. If she wanted to exchange her points for these, she could always leave it up for future auditions or acting. They would all be of greater use then.

Also, upgrading of acting skills was considered an Ability and was not a one-off thing.

However, she only had 300 Experience Points left right now, and could only carry out one exchange.

Summer auditions would begin soon. If she were to seek opportunities at production houses or ask the filming crews, who knew what good character she might encounter

Different character roles would require different acting styles.

She could exchange for a Martial Arts Foundation now, but if there were no suitable combat role for her, she would not be able to utilize the skill for the time being.

It might be better to wait for an audition, and exchange for skills based on the requirements and relevancy and not waste her limited Experience Points unnecessarily.

As such, she should not rely on the system now!

Xia Bohe gritted her teeth, her mind turning quickly.

She bent over to pick up a mop that had been thrown on the floor.

In the past, she had been one of the extras in the filming crew before. Having been a migrant worker, she had had jobs that were of the lowest level. However, that was all in the past.

She was bullied and taken advantage of because she had nothing. She did not have much of a beauty, nor did she have an illustrious background.

But now her husband...was the school director!

Xia Bohe blinked.

Hah, those girls who were waiting for her to suffer were destined to be disappointed.

She could compromise, but she was not a masochist.

With an illustrious background, who would stand for this!

She held up a broom and grinned while holding up her phone. She then posted a selfie on her WeChat..

Less than two minutes, You Xinji and the other girls, who had just made their way to the hallway outside, laughed out scoffingly.

“Heh, Xia Bohe just posted on social media.”

“She took photos of herself cleaning up like us Hehe, too late!”

Between a single photo and a bunch of photos, was it still a question of who the teacher would believe

Xia Bohe had a strained relationship with the girls in the faculty, whereas the boys had all gone back to clean up their dormitory. Hence, they were not here and could not stand as witnesses for her.

“What good will come from imitating others She is just dumb and stupid. She does not even know how to come up with something new...” the girl with heavy makeup on You Xinjis left scoffed.

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However, her sentence was left hanging as she was left stupefied.

The others loud laughs also stopped abruptly.

Someone then shouted out loud suddenly, “Oh my God! Xia Bohe is so sly!”

You Xinjis delighted expression froze immediately.

She had not been looking at her phone and only took her phone out from her bag upon hearing what they said.

After checking her social media network, she grasped her phone so hard that her finger almost went through the phone case.

[Lil Bohe: My period came. Thanks to the love of everyone for taking on the cleaning duties for me (Heart)]

There were three photos below the caption.

The first photo was a selfie of Xia Bohe holding a hot patch and a thermal flask of brown sugar ginger drink. Her face looked slightly pale.

The last two photos consisted of You Xinji and the others cleaning up.

From the photos, they appeared to have made her a brown sugar ginger drink and helped her out with her cleaning duties. It looked like everyone was helping her out zealously.

However, it was obvious that the truth was not so.

This social media post was putting them all on trial after a round of praise!

“Where did she get these photos from…” A girl exclaimed in shock, and very quickly shut up.

The question was too dumb. Xia Bohe obviouslyborrowed the photos from their social media posts.

“Wh...what shall we do now Do we go back and help her clean up” Someone asked quietly.

You Xinjis expression darkened.

Can they not help her clean up

If they did not help her clean up, they would be waiting for Chen Jianbang to arrive and check the venue after seeing her social media post.


Since the performance hall was not cleaned up, would he find those who posted the photos of themselves cleaning up or the one who took her leave at the start as she was not feeling well at fault

It was way too obvious who would be at fault.

“She seems to be smart…” Someone commented quietly.

You Xinji gripped onto her phone so tight that her fingers seemed to turn white.

This Xia Bohe trampled over their intelligence like that and put her into a harsh checkmate!

She was reluctant to give her the acting role, but she succeeded in taking it.

She had wanted her to clean up, but she escaped from it unscathed.

“Sigh, who came up with that idea just now If I knew earlier, I would have just cleaned up obediently. At least Xia Bohe would be helping to do so as well.” Someone from the group complained quietly.

“This idea is such a bad one.”

You Xinjis body trembled!




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