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Give Me Your Clothes

[Task Accomplished, Pain Experience Pill obtained.]

[Duration: 30 minutes.]

[Function: You will experience ten times the pain of your body. When acting in certain scenes, you will truly feel a level of pain that will cause you to turn pale, sweat, and even faint on the spot.]

[PS: Use with caution.]

Xia Bohe swallowed. It sounded super impressive.

While waiting for the final scene to begin, she gritted her teeth and selected the function in her mind while the people around her were not paying attention.

[Counting down to infliction of pain…]

[10, 9…]

“Hey, Xia Bohe doesnt look too good. Could it be that she has forgotten her lines for the final scene”

“I heard that she did very well just now and got praised by the professors.”

“Is that for real”

A group of people was whispering at the side of the stage.

They all stood far away from Xia Bohe as if hinting that they were not in the same clique as her.

Meanwhile, in the crew assembly area, Mi Lan was always ready with pressed powder in her hand to touch up the makeup of actors that had got off the stage. When she heard these hushed discussions, she almost lost control of her expression.

Xia Bohe even got complimented

She looked toward Xia Bohe, and her eyes instantly became bloodshot.

Her sickly makeup definitely made her uglier and reduced her beauty to a great extent.

However, when she wore this hospital gown, her figure, which was already more graceful and slender than others, appeared even frailer.

Moreover, at this moment, her face was extremely small and pale. Only her pair of big eyes could be seen from a distance, seeming as if they could speak and standing out all the more.

Mi Lan thought of the reason at once.

Just now, in the makeup room, this girl did not look up at her and pretended to be shy and ashamed, which stopped her from noticing this pair of endearingly pitiful, shimmering eyes.

Mi Lan gritted her teeth and immediately took a step forward. “Student Xia, Ill touch up your makeup for you.”

She absolutely could not let this girl, who had snagged Mi Mins role, shine in the last scene!

Startled, Xia Bohe turned around and as she did, a trail of sweat rolled down her face. The hair on her forehead was already wet with sweat caused by her pain.

When Mi Lan saw this, she was even more sure that this young lady was so calculating, she even wetted her hair before the performance to attract attention!

“Come here quickly. What have you done, all your makeup is smudged!”

Xia Bohe could only feel a burning pain in her lower abdomen. She gritted her teeth as her mind went blank.

This Pain Experience Pill was making it almost impossible for her to think, but there just had to be some petty person bothering her relentlessly.

Just as she was preparing to resist by pretending not to hear and turning her head away, the directors low roar suddenly echoed backstage.

“Are all the actors for the last scene here”

“Lil Xia, get on the hospital bed and dont make any noise.”

Mi Lans expression changed and she quickly stepped forward, trying to stop Xia Bohe. “Itll only take ten seconds to touch up your makeup!”

However, like a cicada casting off its skin, she feinted a move and dodged!

With unsteady steps, Xia Bohe staggered on stage and almost fell onto the hospital bed.

Panting heavily, she finally adjusted her expression before the curtains opened.

Mi Lan could only clench her fists offstage.

When the stage curtains opened, Xia Bohe, who was covered with a thin blanket, felt a rush of heat in her lower abdomen.

The familiar pain which made her felt like bending over was almost suffocating her.

However, in a second, she realized what kind of pain the Pain Experience Pill had enhanced ten times...Her period had come!

All of a sudden, her pallor and sweaty face became abnormally flushed with a tinge of rose-like redness.

Downstage, those in the VIP section who understood acting were startled. The director and assistant director standing next to them were stunned as well.

On the stage, You Xinji, who was acting alongside Xia Bohe, was also taken aback.

Xia Bohe actually managed to convey the ironic feeling of going through terminal lucidity, the last scene before her death, and dying at the most beautiful age!

Such acting was not at all like a junior from an ordinary drama school, but like a mature female artist who had already won a Golden Horse Award! (TN: The Golden Horse Awards ceremony is Taiwans equivalent to the Oscars.)


Ten minutes later, the entire crew took a curtain call.

There was thunderous applause from the audience.

On stage, there were expressions of bitterness, sourness, joy, and excitement.

Standing next to You Xinji, Xia Bohe could sense her turbulent hostility directed at her. She felt bouts of weakness in her legs, and the dizziness and nausea caused by pain all came washing over her.

When the supporting cast left the stage and the main cast stayed for photos, without waiting for a second longer, she bent over, covering her mouth, and dashed out from the backstage door.

She ran all the way to the corridor and held onto the wall, her fingers almost digging into it from the pain.

In that instant, a cool scent of rain-showered grass that refreshed her and suppressed the turbidity in her chest came wafting into her nose.

The next second, her almost limp body was lifted by a hot arm and easily pulled into the emergency stairwell.

“I will give you ten minutes to change your clothes. The car is parked at the schools back entrance.”


The mans low and husky voice was like a spring of ice.

It sounded very cold and emotionless, but at this moment, it made her sweat-drenched body felt a lot more comfortable.

However, in an instant, she felt a rush of heat and her body suddenly stiffened.

When the man turned away, she tugged at his suit jacket.

“Give me…”

The mans figure froze. The expression on his handsome face sank, and a coldness radiated all over him from his hair to his pores.

“What did you say”

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“Give me…take off...your clothes…”

“Xia Bohe!”

“Nghh…” As she was under the dual effects of the Endearingly Pitiful halo and the pain, Xia Bohes voice was a soft mess. “I have blood on my clothes… My period has come…”

The mans temple throbbed all of a sudden!




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