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Endearingly Pitiful

A Goddess System

[Host: Level 0 Rookie yet to debut]

[Hosts Energy Level detected to be insufficient to achieve Level 1, Basic Mode turned on.]

[Task 1: Wipe wet hair.]

[Task Reward: Learning Demeanor – Endearing Pitifulness.]

Xia Bohe was stunned.

What she needed right now were some skills to escape!

Before she could finish complaining as she was standing up, she felt a metal scratched her on the left arm.

Lowering her head to take a look, her heart lurched instantly.

A bracelet key!

Mi Min did not remove the locker key from the original host!

Could she have decided to not remove the locker key on purpose so she could fabricate her hooking up with the school hunk, instead of being trapped to do so

Perhaps it did not even cross Mi Mins mind that she might wake up in advance

Xia Bohe hurriedly tightened the wool blanket around her and huddled into the innermost corner to get a clear view of the bracelet keys locker number.


She quickly raised her head and scanned through the row of lockers. Her eyes finally lit up.

She rushed over as fast as she could.


Mi Min, who was lingering at the door of the changing room, finally managed to await the arrival of the Dean of the Performing Arts Faculty, who was walking toward the performance hall.

Her eyes lit up as she reached over to grasp the handle of the changing rooms door. “Dean Zheng,” she greeted.

The Dean of the Performing Arts Faculty was a no-nonsense person and would always stick to her words. She hated the dirty and unspoken rules of the entertainment industry.

If she caught any students fooling around promiscuously, they would be subjected to strict punishment.

Mi Min smiled slightly. She had met the Dean by coincidence. With a witness and evidence, she could catch them both red-handed!

“Has the rehearsal ended” Zheng Qingshan said, nodding at her.

Mi Min smiled and replied, “Not yet. I left my script inside so I came to take it.”

As she spoke, she turned the handle of the door open.

Zheng Qingshan grunted an acknowledgment, turned around, and was about to walk away.

Before she could take a step, Mi Min pulled her arm and exclaimed, “D...Dean... It seems like there is a boy in the...changing room!”

Upon opening the door and sticking her head in slightly, Mi Min caught a glimpse of the school hunks male outfit by the side of the locker.

She was beyond overjoyed. Looking at Dean Zheng, who had a solemn look on her face, she chose an appropriate timing to let out an exclamation about seeing a boy in the changing room.

Just as she was about to scream, a gentle female voice yelled out from behind the last row of the lockers. Her voice was tinged with innocence and shock.

“Ahhh!” She shrieked.

“Senior, why are y...you here”

Her voice trembled and shook. It sounded like she was in extreme fear as if she had just discovered that a boy had barged inside.

Mi Mins shock turned into a frenzy of joy, but she managed to hold herself back quickly.

“Xiaxia” she asked.

Did Xia Bohe just wake up

Did that mean that she just caught her red-handed for being together in a room alone with a boy

She left the Dean behind excitedly and ran over. She could not wait to be the first witness of thescandal.

However, Mi Mins excited gaze dimmed as soon as she walked past Liu Qichen.

At the bench behind the row of lockers, Xia Bohe was dressed in a sweet-looking sailors uniform, unlike wrapped in a mere towel like what she had imagined her to be.

How was there a scandal now!

The white and blue stripes of the sailors uniform accentuated the delicate and ruddy complexion on her small face. She appeared all the more exquisite with her long black hair splayed neatly across her back.

Her clear, glistening dark doe eyes were now full of pitiful and dazed innocence. Those who landed their sight on her would feel pity for her.

The hint of a smile on Mi Mins lips froze abruptly.

Did Xia Bohe wake up earlier than expected

Nevertheless, Mi Min reacted quickly. “Xiaxia...why are you...you alone in the female changing room with Senior” She gasped out loud,shocked beyond measure.

Even if she was fully dressed now, who could say that her bare body was not completely exposed with a boy having barged into the changing room

If news of this spread, her reputation would be ruined!

Even if she debuted in the industry in the future, a scandal such as this would be uncovered and she would be eternally doomed.

A hateful glint could be seen in Mi Mins eyes.

Upon hearing what she said, Xia Bohes head drooped weakly.

She took a deep breath, trying her best to suppress the urge to roll her eyes.

According to the storys plot, she would have just woken up naked now and pushed onto the bench by Liu Qichen and caught red-handed by Mi Min and Dean Zheng. She would never be able to clear her name.


However, the situation was different now.

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She evened out her breathing, looking at the translucent window before her.

[Endearingly Pitiful: Level 1.]

[Able to evoke pity from those above 50 years of age.]

This was what she had achieved after opening the locker and mussed up her hair using the wool blanket according to the [Wipe Hair] Task that appeared just now.

According to her original hosts memory, Dean Zheng Qingshan was 53 years old this year.

Xia Bohe gritted her teeth and raised her pitiful little face. Upon speaking out, her voice sounded so gentle and delicate that she was shocked herself.

“Lil Min, I dont know… I changed into my plays outfit and sat down to read the script when I dozed off. I saw Senior Liu when your yell woke me up just now. W...what is going on” She asked.

Her watery eyes glimmered slightly as she talked, making it seem as if she was shocked.

Nevertheless, she still tried her best to remain calm. She clutched her chest and slowly pushed the strands of hair that fell across her shoulder to the back of her ear to reveal her bright and delicate right side profile. She looked rather pitiful.

However, she inadvertently revealed a light red, round mark on the side of her face. It stood out starkly on the snowy white skin of her fair and delicate face.


Mi Mins sharp eyes caught sight of it and felt an uneasiness in her heart.

Turning around again, she saw the expression of realization on Zheng Qingshans face and felt even less reassured.



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