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Hitting Up The Big Leagues with a Tea Personality Chapter 10

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I… Cant Stand Up

Quit school

Xia Bohe was so shocked, she broke out in a cold sweat.

In her past life, she was at a disadvantage as she was not a formally trained actress and was thus scorned by insiders. Now that she had woken up as a junior in the Performing Arts Faculty, she was secretly gleeful. There was no way that she would destroy her own path to success.

“No, no, no…”

Xia Bohe struggled for a while, but the mans grip on her was deathly tight to the point that her waist felt like breaking.

His steps were steady and strong while walking, but his heaving broad shoulders dug into her stomach, sending her insides into a frenzy.

The scent of grass wafting near the tip of her nose seemed to have a hint of rosemary and was rather cold, but now it became her life-saving straw.

Burying her small reddened face in his chest, she took a deep breath, finally suppressing the urge to vomit.

“I, I was wrong... Ill go home…”

Her face was ashen.

The man stopped in his tracks.

Because of his sudden halt, Xia Bohes body almost got thrown out due to inertia. She exclaimed again in shock, her small hand hurriedly grabbing the tie at the mans neck.

The man lowered his gaze, his thin lips pressed together tightly. When he saw her lush white fingers, a trace of disgust flashed in his dark eyes.

“Let go.”

Xia Bohe shuddered, feeling the mans muscles tense. She cursed the wretched system a hundred times inwardly before releasing her fingers, her face pale.

“Sorry… ah!”

In an instant, her body seemed to be free-falling headfirst!

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However, just when she had closed her eyes tightly and prepared herself for a broken head, her slender waist was gripped by the man again. After a while of weightlessness, her jelly-like legs landed smoothly on the ground...

The man squinted at the hair whorl on her head until the white shoes on her feet finally gained a firm hold on the ground.

“Think properly with your brain before you speak next time.”

Xia Bohes cheeks were flushed.

If not for her task, she would not be digging her own grave. She knew that provoking the other person was a dumb move.

But before the man could turn away coldly, her small face turned pallor again, and her upper body fell forward uncontrollably... causing her hands to press onto his developed chest muscles hidden under his suit.

Xia Bohe felt like crying.

“My...my legs are too weak... I cant stand up…”

The mans body stiffened.

[Ding! Task Over Accomplished!]

[Man provoked again; rewarded with another 300 Goddess Experience.]

Xia Bohe, “...”


After sending her emotionless secret husband to the Presidents office, Xia Bohe finally heaved a sigh of relief, feeling the back of her sailor costume wet from cold sweat.

This man indeed radiated a rare aura, and his figure was more masculine in comparison to other fresh-faced young men nowadays.

However, he was also really intimidating.

Xia Bohe patted her chest, trying to calm down, and followed her memory in search of the performance hall to attend the final rehearsal.

She wanted to seize every performance opportunity that the original host did not cherish.

She wanted to strive to appear on the big screen and get more recognition in this life!

Xia Bohe took a deep breath and tried to keep her chin up.

However, as soon as she stepped through the door, a discordant sarcastic voice rang out.

“Yo, our extra has finally arrived. The performance is going to start soon, how punctual of you.”

Taken aback, Xia Bohe looked in that direction and saw a tall girl in a red dress with exquisite makeup.

It was You Xinji, one of the three starlets in the Performing Arts Faculty who had taken on small roles in several productions. She possessed striking good looks and an amazing figure, and coming from a well-off family, she had nothing to worry about resources. She was always arrogant and unreasonable in school, and Mi Min also used to love following her around.

With just one sentence, she had set up Xia Bohe, who was late, as a public target.



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